Volume 6, Number 35, September 11, 1979


This Week

Haig Stumps—and Stumbles—in Europe

The Week in Brief


Fight Resurges Over New Monetary Order

by Susan Johnson

World Bank Mandates Enforced Backwardness

by Susan Cohen

World Bank Tries To Sell GATT to Third World

by Richard Schulman

Fed Investigates Midwest Air Charter

Corporate Strategy: Itel: Back to the Beginning

by Leif Johnson

Gold: Remonetization Heats Up; Bears Burned Again

by Alice Roth

Britain: Bringing Hong Kong Back Home

by Marla Minnicino

Domestic Credit: Record Rates Feeding, Not Fighting Inflation

by Lydia Schulman

Banking: EIR To Market Special Report on Dirty Money

by David Goldman


Kennedy Plans a Long, Hot Autumn

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Planning for Race Riots

by Rick McGraw

What Is the National Black United Fund

Target Cities: How It Will Happen

by Scott Thompson

The Environmentalist Side

by Ian Levit and D. Levit

A Dirty Civiletti Disarms Police


The Mountbatten Affair: Britain Tries To Put Screws on Ireland

by Marla Minnicino

Closing In on Italy’s Socialist Godfathers

by Vivian Zoakos

Italy Now Leads New Drug, Terrorist Crackdown – Italian Communists Blast Dope, Inc.

Middle East

Camp David with a Balkan Face?

by Judith Wyer

Romania’s Middle East peace drive.

Britain Attacks Begin

Corralling Syria

Turk Calls for ‘Islamic NATO’

Nahum Goldmann Tells of His PLO Ties

Latin America

New Crisis in U.S.-Mexico relations

by Elsa Ennis

U.S. demand for Ixtoc damages casts pall on September summit.

President José López Portillo Talks About Ixtoc I

U.S. Makes Ixtoc Damage Claim ... and Mexico Replies.


Chicago’s Gangs–Who Benefits?

Port 4 of reporter Roy Harvey’s award-winning series.


Department of Transportation Spends Tax Money To Finance PROD ‘Dissidents’

by L. Wolfe

Special Report

The U.S. Must Have Nuclear Energy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche presents blueprint for American economic boom at Chicago conference.


Labor Periscope

AFL-CIO To Dump Carter for Kennedy? – McBride Knuckles Under to U.S. Steel Jobs Elimination Plan – Chavez Gets Quick Fix from United Brands.

Facts Behind Terrorism

Terror Wave Set for Persian Gulf Oil Lanes? | Judith Wyer

World Trade Review