Volume 6, Number 36, September 18, 1979


This Week

Crazy for Kennedy?

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


Autumn Showdown over New Gold-Based Credit System

by Alice Roth

Foreign Exchange: Behind the October Crisis Forecasts

by Renée Sigerson

‘The IMF Can’t Impose Conditionalities’

by Richard Freeman

Will History Repeat Itself? Fed Plans Another Depression

by Lydia Schulman

Kreps and Forrestal Scuttle $30 Billion in U.S.-Soviet Trade

by Richard Schulman

Rock Island Strike Cripples Grain Traffic

by Steve Parsons

British Auto Giant Put on ‘Slimming Program’

by Marla Minnicino

Corporate Strategy: The Pennsylvania Phoenix

by Leif Johnson


Why the Third World Listens to Fidel Castro

by Daniel Sneider

An eyewitness report on the Sixth Nonaligned Summit.

Summit Calls on West To Join in New World Monetary System

by Dennis Small

The Economic Declaration – Restructuring Nicaragua’s Debt.

Camp David Accords Denounced

by Dennis Small

Nonaligned Expels Pol Pot from the World Community

by Daniel Sneider

Exclusive interview with Vietnam’s Foreign Minister: Genocide Is The Issue in Kampuchea.

The Key Speeches of the Summit

Fidel Castro: “No Revolutionary Has the Right To Be a Coward” – Jamaica’s Manley: “Nonalignment Is Not Neutrality” – Tito: Nonaligned Must Maintain Equidistance – Singapore’s Foreign Minister Calls for a Second Cold War – Zambia’s Kaunda: We Need Western Capital To Develop.

U.S. Report

Presidency 1980: Who’s Running Ronald Reagan

by Kathleen Murphy

Is the Zionist Lobby Writing Reagan’s Lines?

Reagan’s Brain Trust

Sears: Electing Presidents Is ‘Peculiar’


What Happened at Three Mile Island

by Jon Gilbertson

NRC report contradicts own findings to discount nuclear plant sabotage.


The Direction of French Policy

‘New Right’ Cult: Not New–And Not Right for France

by Laurent Murawiec


Chicago’s Gangs-Who Benefits?

The conclusion of reporter Roy Harvey’s award-winning series.


Congressional Calendar

Energy Extra: Saudis Back López Portillo Energy Plan

by Mary Goldstein and Judith Wyer

Facts Behind Terrorism: Eyewitness Report: Environmentalists Plan Violence on Oct. 6

World Trade Review