Volume 6, Number 41, October 23, 1979


This Week

A No-Win Foreign Policy

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


Volcker’s Depression

by David Goldman

Volcker Must Be Impeached

Will the Fed’s Volcker Pull the Trigger?

Britain: United States Goes Monetarist, Too

by Marla Minnicino

Gold: When in Doubt–Bluff

by Alice Roth

Riemannian Analysis Predicts Industrial Shutdown

U.S. Report

The Kennedy Landslide ... Downhill All The Way

by Konstantin George

Detroit Anti-Drug Fighter Beats UAW

Boston Voters Turn Away ‘Liberal’ Mob

Cleveland Machine Can’t Get Out Votes

Connecticut Launches Anti-Kennedy Backlash

‘Small Is Beautiful’ Unpopular in Wisconsin


Castro’s Challenge for Development

Cuba’s President speaks for the Nonaligned at the United Nations.

Two proponents of a new economic order

First Reactions to a Call for Cooperation


Ethiopia Builds a Nation

by Daniel Sneider and Douglas DeGroot

An exclusive interview with Foreign Affairs Minister Feleke Gedle-Giorgis

Carrington Blows Up Rhodesia Talks


Congressional Calendar

Joint Economic Committee Reviews Great Depression – Senators Attack Israeli Bombing of Lebanon – Exim Funds Found at World Bank – Windfall-Profits Tax Moving – McCormack Wins Appropriations for Fusion.

World Trade Review