Volume 6, Number 44, November 13, 1979


This Week

Cleveland’s Message to Kennedy

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


The Economy Is Facing a Swift Collapse

by Lydia Schulman

Transportation: Looking to Employees for the Bailout

by Steve Parsons

Volcker’s ‘Controlled Disintegration’ Begins

by David Goldman

Triffin Forecasting New Reserve Currencies – Guido Carli: Dollar Is On the Way Out.

Is the Dollar Eliminated as a Reserve Currency?

by David Goldman

The LDCs Dependent on Imports Are Facing Starvation

by Richard Schulman and Alain Lemal

Iran Crisis Severs Gold-Oil Price Link

by Alice Roth

New Hampshire Paper Company About To Fall

by Richard Freeman

Britain: Tory Budgeting: All Is Cut Except NATO

by Marla Minnicino

Middle East

The Secret Behind the Ayatollah Khomeini

by Robert Dreyfuss and Judith Wyer

How Khomeini Destroyed the Government

by Judith Wyer

The World Has Been Apprised

Eyewitness Report: ‘Iran Is Living Hell’

Khomeini’s Secret SAVAMA Is the Shah’s SAVAK

Khomeini Regime: A NATO Puppet

by Robert Dreyfuss

PLO Role in Iran Questioned

Iran’s Breakup: The Trigger for Persian Gulf Chaos


Behind the Boulin ‘Suicide’: An Effort To Topple France’s Giscard

by Dana Sloan and Garance Phau

What Is Jacques Soustelle?

Europe Faces Growth of Dope, Inc.

‘Society Cannot Compete with Drugs’

by Dr. Gabriel Nahas

America vs. Britain over the Drug Trade

by Jacques Houbart


The Facts of Carter’s Windfall Profits Tax

by William Engdahl

A deliberate game of making profits and not producing oil.

Gov. Edwards: ‘Abolish the Department of Energy’

Third World

An Epidemic of Coups Sweeps Third World

by Dennis Small and Carol White

Africa: ‘Delinking’ of a Continent

North Africa: War and a Return to Feudalism

by Douglas DeGroot

Latin Coups Compete with Cuban Influence

U.S. Presses for Latin American NATO

Did the ‘China Card’ Kill Korea’s Park?

A Coup in Thailand May Trigger New War

Latin America

Grenada Government Charges: NATO Involved in Coup d’État Plot

by Gretchen Small

‘Breaking 350 years of British exploitation’

An exclusive interview with Grenada’s Ambassador Radix.

U.S. Report

Presidency 1980: LaRouche Addresses the National Economists Club

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Bill against Volcker: It’s Going National

Rep. Bullock Interviewed: ‘Everyone Supports It’

Carter-Kennedy Battle Threatening Party

by Kathy Murphy


Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Reuss, Proxmire Steering Fed Membership Steamroller – Chrysler Aid Tied to Big MAC Blackmail – GOP Filibusters To Stall PAC Legislation – Kennedy Support from World Bank Chief Denounced – Committee Readies Kennedy’s Anti-Oil Merger Bill – Senate Debates Synthetic Fuels Program – Energy Dictatorship Handed to Carter.

Facts Behind Terrorism: Greensboro and a Man Named Rosenburg

by Scott Thompson

Energy Extra

Study Shows U.S. Can Produce Oil at $8 a barrel – Making Fusion a Priority.

World Trade Review