Volume 7, Number 20, May 27, 1980



From the Editor

by Robyn Quijano


Rethinking national goals.

Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menendez

Battle at the interparliamentary meeting.

Middle East Report

by Robert Dreyfuss

“Death of a princess.”

Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Campaign 1980

by Kathleen Murphy


Mass Unemployment Is the National Policy

by David Goldman

At least through April, all the nasty features of the present “recession” were a product of Carter administration policies to create those features, and if unemployment hit 9 percent in 1974-75, it’s sure to hit 12 percent this time. But from now on, even the “controlled disintegration” crowd in the White House can’t plan on controlling matters.


by Alice Roth

Will France Put Gold on the Venice Agenda?

Domestic Credit

by Lydia Schulman

Foreign aid for Chrysler.


by Susan B. Cohen

Get a horse!

International Credit

by Peter Rush

Germany seeks an “island of stability.”

Foreign Exchange

Trade Review

Science & Technology

by Marsha Freeman

MHD: efficient power production.

Business Briefs

Special Report

The Education Gap: Soviets Leave America Far Behind

by Vin Berg

The Malthusian program of America’s ruling circles has degraded the nation’s young and virtually wiped out quality education. But in the Soviet Union, the momentum of the 1960s space-exploration period was never lost. As “Aquarian” kookery sweeps American youth, the Russians are turning out mathematicians and scientists by the millions. Here are the facts suppressed by the U.S. government.

The Wirszup Report: ‘Soviet Education: So Far Ahead Comparison Is Meaningless’

Novosibirsk Tames Siberia With Science

Can We Restore West Point’s Tradition?

Math vs. ‘New Math’: How It Should Be Taught

by Dr. Steven Bardwell


Brown and Muskie Put the Screws on Europe

by Susan Welsh

The Americans came into the Brussels NATO meeting threatening and armtwisting, telling the continent’s leaders that detente is finished. The Europeans, for their part, tried to stall the issue, while the Kremlin issued warnings about “whole nations burning up.”

Documentation: The official communiqué, plus statements by Harold Brown, General Luns, Hans Apel, Klaus Boelling.

West Germany: A Vote in the Ruhr for Schmidt and Peace

by Rainier Apel

Italy: Will Cossiga Survive the New Terror Scandal?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Middle East: Iraq Leads the Arabs Against ‘Islamic Pact’

by Judith Wyer

Iran: President Bani-Sadr versus the Mullahs

by Nancy Coker

Asia: Soviets Warn Ohira on ‘China Card’

by Richard Katz

EIR’s Frankfurt Conference: Realizing Nehru’s Dream

The speech of Raghunath Reddy.

Greetings from Indira Gandhi

International Intelligence


Carter and Brzezinski’s Mad Drive Toward War

by Konstantin George

The recent speeches of President Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski have committed the nation to confrontation with the Soviet Union-that is, to strategic humiliation, or holocaust. Neither American interests nor anybody else’s are involved. The only question is the pervasive insanity in the White House.

The Heroin Epidemic and Brzezinski’s ‘Islamic Friends’

by Chris Curtis

A Bad Day for Peccei and the Club of Rome

by Mark Burdman

‘We Created the Ecology Movement’

An exclusive interview of Maurice Guernier.

UNITAR speaks: ‘How We’ll Regionalize the World’

National News