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Volume 8, Number 4, January 27, 1981

Cover of EIR Volume 8, Number 4, January 27, 1981

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A legacy of treachery.

Science & Technology  

by Dr. John Schoonover

Voyager data offer new concept of how Saturn was formed.

Dateline Mexico  

by Josefina Menendez

Red bishop, and black bishop.

Energy Insider  

by William Engdahl

The Carolina minerals battle goes into federal court.

Facts Behind Terror  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Yellow alert on U.S. terrorism.


Blackmail Against the New Administration  

by David Goldman

David Goldman’s update on the pressures to make Reagan follow a monetarist policy, and the dangers of doing so.

Documentation: Interviews with Lewis Lehrman, Norman Ture, and Benjamin Rowland.

International Credit  

by Renée Sigerson

Heritage calls for U.S. autarchy.

Foreign Exchange  

by David Goldman

Saudis back up the German mark.

Domestic Credit  

by Richard Freeman

Permanent or temporary?

Currency Rates  


by Susan B. Cohen

David Stockman needs an education.

Argentina at the Brink  

by Mark Sonnenblick

An economic survey.

Martínez de Hoz: A British Operative  

by Dolia Pettingell

A profile of the economics minister.

World Trade  

by Mark Sonnenblick

Business Briefs  

Special Report

Moscow Faction Fight: The Stakes for the West  

by Rachel Douglas

Rachel Douglas on the upcoming party congress and the no-growth Bukharinists’ upsurge against the Brezhnev “production” faction.

Middle East Policy at Eye of Storm  

Will the U.S.S.R. support fundamentalist radicalism, left revolutionaries, or a stabilizing diplomacy?

Eastern Europe: Flank for Deindustrialization  

The Polish economic program has its partisans in the Kremlin, too.


Italy’s Crisis and the American Potential  

by Muriel Mirak

Milan bureau chief Muriel Mirak’s analysis of the domestic situation after the D’Urso release, and how Italian-Americans can help end the destabilization.

Time Bomb for Washington  

by Cynthia Rush

The scenario to draw the Reagan Administration into “a new Vietnam.”

Documentation: An interview with Roy Prosterman, who deploys Americans on the scene.

U.S. Radicals Prepare for a ‘New Vietnam’  

Dope, Incorporated Runs Arms to Both Sides in Central America  

by Paul Goldstein

The Middle East: An Arc of Crisis or a Zone of Stability?  

by Robert Dreyfuss

Robert Dreyfuss on the policy choices facing the White House.

Israeli Elections: New Regional Strategy?  

by Mark Burdman

The Options for Iran after Khomeini  

by Judith Wyer

Libya Declares War on France  

by Douglas DeGroot

Qaddafi on Adolf Hitler  

International Intelligence  


Who’s Who in the New U.S. Cabinet  

by Graham Lowry

Profiles of the Reagan choices for State, Energy, Interior, and Labor.

Senator Tower on Military Policy  

An exclusive interview with the new chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, a Texas Republican.

The Libel Verdict Against the IHT  

The text of the damages award to EIR Contributing Editor Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. in the International Herald Tribune case.

Right Meets Left in Support of Post-Industrial Policy  

by Lonnie Wolfe

The Fabian Society, Heritage Foundation, and like-minded advisers to the Reagan transition converge in support of the Carter commission on the 1980s recommendations for phasing out industrially based cities.

Documentation: an interview with Rutgers urbanologist George Sternlieb.

National News  

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