Volume 9, Number 1, January 5, 1982



Reaganomics, Volcker, and the Traps of 1981

by Richard Cohen

A blow-by-blow description of the “fiscal conservatism” setup against the President, and an assessment of why the Malthusians still consider him an obstacle to their zero-growth program.

Senate Sidesteps Fight with Fed

by Susan Kokinda

House Democrats in Divisive Bind

by Ronald Kokinda

Two retrospective analyses.

The Eurodollar Era Comes To an End: Banking Crises Out Of Control?

by David Goldman

David Goldman on the intended “third phase” after Bretton Woods and the rise of offshore lending.

How the Bank of England Plans To Exploit the Polish Debt Issue

by David Goldman

Documentation: An interview with U.S. Federal Reserve Governor Henry Wallich.

Special Report

What the World Needs To Survive in the 1980s

by Criton Zoakos

Editor-in-Chief Criton Zoakos comments on how the human species made it through 1981’s hazards, and on the moral fitness required beyond ad hoc responses to strategic dangers.

Depopulation Policy: Counteroffensive by Vatican, LaRouche

by Paul Gallagher

Against the policies and movements spawned so openly during 1981 by the Malthusian instigators of deliberate genocide.

U.S. Malthusians: Global 2000 Shifts Rhetorical Gears

by Lonnie Wolfe

The population slashers revised their marketing approach, and made notable gains in Washington, D.C.

The Year in Review


1981: The Year of the Global Assassins

by Linda de Hoyos

John Paul II Declares Political War on Enemies Within and Without the Church

by Vivian Zoakos

Socialist Mitterrand’s Victory Reverses Giscard’s Policy

by Philip Golub

Chancellor Schmidt Faces Threat to War-Avoidance Policy

by Michael Liebig

Post-Carter Challenge: The Future of Israel and Iran

by Robert Dreyfuss

The Soviet Leadership Question and the Trials of Leonid Brezhnev

by Rachel Douglas

Fresh start in U.S.-Mexico Relations as LaRouche Mounts a Policy Initiative

by Robyn Quijano

Central America: ‘Population Warfare’ Takes Bloody Toll At Behest of Haig, Socialist International

by Dennis Small

India Under Cloud of Pakistan War Danger

by Daniel Sneider

China: Deng’s Chickens Come Home To Roost

by Gregory F. Buhyoff

Tokyo Emerges from the Strategic Shadow of the United States

by Daniel Sneider


The legacy of Civiletti Still Hangs over Justice

by Warren J. Hamerman

The capabilities for terrorism, assassination, and frame-up of legislators and the executive branch were consolidated under Carter’s DOJ—and remain very much in place, while the “white-collar crime” crusaders let the narcotics cartel run loose, documents National Democratic Policy Committee Chairman Warren Hamerman.

Will Budget-Cutting Mania Make the U.S. Second-Rate in Science?

by Marsha Freeman

The damage inflicted in 1981 on advanced nuclear programs, the space effort, and associated R&D, is assessed by Marsha Freeman, along with resistance from Congress, scientific personnel, and Administration elements.

Failure To Revive U.S. Nuclear Power Means Crisis for Industrial Growth

by William Engdahl

Where we stand, despite Reagan’s pro-nuclear pledge, is appalling in terms of nuclear-energy capacity and the utilities’ situation overall.