Volume 9, Number 3, January 19, 1982



Energy Insider

by William Engdahl

Nuclear program unravels further.


by Mark Burdman

John Erickson of the University of Edinburgh and Dr. Z. Kavan of the University of Sussex.

Africa Report

by Douglas DeGroot

Ghana coup opens door for IMF.

Middle East Report

by Robert Dreyfuss

A Soviet shift in the Gulf?

Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

When is a casino not a casino?

Eye on Washington

by Stanley Ezrol


A New Battle over the Federal Reserve’s Policy

by David Goldman

Currency Rates

‘We Were Right and They Were Wrong’

by Richard Freeman

The Motor of Interest Rates

by Richard Freeman

Siberian Pipeline: Model for Growth

by Renée Sigerson

Japan’s $500 Billion Plan To Finance Global Development

by Richard Katz

Offshore Banking Comes to Mexico: Will Alemán Faction Re-Emerge?

by Timothy Rush

The Assault on U.S. Farming

by Susan B. Cohen


by Kathy Burdman

Portrait of Preston Martin, Ph.D.

World Trade

by Mark Sonnenblick

Business Briefs

Special Report

Why the New York Times Went Berserk

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The possibility that the East bloc military and associated factions will stabilize and strengthen the Warsaw Pact nations.

From the New York Times Editorial

Poland Before and Since December 13

by Irene Beaudry

The Soviet Nationalist Mobilization that Belies Malthusian Gameplans

by Rachel Douglas

Soviet Aid and the Future of Poland

by Renée Sigerson

Haig Confrontationists versus Schmidt Realists: Which Option Will Reagan Take?

by Susan Welsh


Red Brigades Probe Confirms Haig Link to P-2

by Umberto Pascali

And other important connections.

Is Mubarak Shutting Down Egypt’s Dope, Inc. Network?

by Thierry Lalevée

The evidence is affirmative.

New Reagan-Begin Clash in the Works

by Judith Wyer

The “breakaway ally” potential.

‘The U.S. Must Bow Lower,’ Says Peking

by Gregory F. Buhyoff

The Taiwan arms decision and its aftermath.

ETA: A Case Study in the Jesuit Control of Terrorism

by Richard Schulman

The second and final part brings the chronicle up to the present.

Paris Court Victory Against Drug Sponsor

by Katherine Kanter

The European Labor Party in France wins a libel suit against Dr. Claude Olievenstein.

International Intelligence


A Two-Sided Paralysis in America’s Foreign Policy

by Lonnie Wolfe

Haig’s delusions and the President’s lack of a positive conception.

‘Won’t You Please Let Your Grandchildren Have a Drink of Fresh Water?’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A selection from Lyndon LaRouche’s statement on the North American Water and Power Alliance Plan.

The Lineup on the NAWAPA Plan

Civiletti and the Mandel Frameup

by Lawrence Freeman

Background on Joseph Tydings, Benjamin Civiletti, and their wrecking job against Maryland politicians.

National News