Volume 10, Number 24, June 21, 1983



Gerd Niemeyer

A board member of the Club of Life in West Germany describes his Third World economic development proposals, based on years of experience in northeast Brazil.

José Barrioneuvo

by Anno Hellenbroich, Elisabeth Hellenbroich, and Katherine Kanter

Spain’s Interior Minister discusses the threat that terrorism poses to the nation’s security and democratic institutions

Joaquín Ledesma

by Anno Hellenbroich, Elisabeth Hellenbroich, and Katherine Kanter

The Spanish Justice Minister asserts that current legislation is sufficient to combat terrorism.


Africa Report

by Douglas DeGroot

The global stakes in southern Africa.

Report from New Delhi

by Paul Zykofsky

Congress Party’s electoral gain.

China Watch

by Gregory F. Buhyoff

A shift in US. policy.

Report from Paris

by Sophie Tanapura

France under the Andropov gun.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Part II: Genscher, Reagan’s adversary.

Congressional Closeup

by Ronald Kokinda and Susan Kokinda


There ain’t no Commies in Russia.


Debt Issue Erupts at UNCTAD Meeting

by Hartmut Cramer and Edith Vitali

During the first week of the Belgrade conference, India’s Prime Minister, along with the Presidents of Egypt and Colombia, and the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, posed specific directions for reversing the destruction of the world economy.

Documentation: Excerpts from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s speech in Belgrade.

Rising U.S. Interest Rates Belie the Economic Recovery Myth

by Richard Freeman

Japan’s JAPIC Public Works Programs Build Infrastructure for Future Growth

by Daniel Sneider

The steel and construction industries’ Japan Project-Industry Council cooperates with the government to plan and build longterm projects.

‘Into the Financial Maelstrom’

by Stanley Ezrol

A report on David Rockefeller’s Council of the Americas Conference.

Currency Rates

The World War II Manhattan Project: Precedent for Beam-Weapons Development

by Richard Freeman


by Cynthia Parsons

Farm policy and the debt crisis.

Business Briefs

Special Report

Who Will Pay For the June Debt Crisis?

by David Goldman

The Ibero-Americans’ commitment to their national interests, and the refusal of the Swiss to cooperate in papering over the debt, have incapacitated the IMF and the creditor banks.

Ibero-America: Storm Center for the IMF’s Supporters as Brazil Eludes Their Control

by Susan Johnson

Documentation: Excerpts from the “Quito Document” written for Ecuadoran President Osvaldo Hurtado.

Swiss Bankers Prepare To Corner the U.S. and Britain in the Second Round

by George Gregory

U.S. Administration Begins To Look at New Options for Meeting Debt Crisis

by David Goldman


Swiss Nazis Behind the Mutiny in the PLO

by Mark Burdman

An urgent case study in the emerging collaboration between Swiss strategists and what they perceive as the strongest world power, Moscow.

Who Wants To Make Carli Premier of Italy?

by Umberto Pascali

The Jesuit ‘New Reformation’ Conspiracy Is Targeting Reagan and the Pope

by Luba George

The recent conference of schismatics in Tübingen, West Germany cited Central America and Chicago as bases for undermining the Catholic Church and the stability of the Reagan Administration.

Terrorism and Drugs Pose the Greatest Threat to Spain’s National Security

by Mary Goldstein

The second part of a series resulting from EIR’s activities this April.

The PAN Party Is the State’s Department’s Best Asset for Promoting Separatism in Mexico

by Timothy Rush

Part I of an exposé already shaping Mexican politics.

International Intelligence


Why Yuri Andropov Is Laughing These Days

by Richard Cohen

A “bipartisan compromise” is under way to undercut the President’s military policy.

George Shultz’s 1984 Campaign Plan for Pushing Reagan into the ‘Back Channel’

by Richard Cohen

Part II of a background briefing on the effort to put Reagan into a Kissingerian policy mode.

State Department Attempts Sabotage of Administration Entente with Japan

by Richard Katz

Will the House Mount Opposition to the IMF?

by Ronald Kokinda

After the “fifth column” in the Senate opposition to the quota increase did its work, the House may cave in, too.

AFL-CIO Program: Barely Disguised Corporatism

by Carol White

Kissinger Watch

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Dr. K. on the brink.

National News