Volume 11, Number 2, January 17, 1984



Cot. Marc Geneste

The “father of the French neutron bomb” discusses Europe’s vulnerability and the fallacies of MAD.

Rev. Lester Mondale

The brother of the Presidential candidate prefers surrender to nuclear war-fighting, he says.


Report from New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

The Arkhipov visit.

Africa Report

by Douglas DeGroot

Another superpower confrontation site?

Andes Report

by Valerie Rush

Colombian drug banker toppled.

Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

“Plan Bravo” and the press.


The battle for Germany.


Sabotage Drive Against U.S. Defense Effort

by Richard Freeman

The forced resignation of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Thayer is part of a bigger picture.

Grace Commission Demands Deadly Cuts

by Leif Johnson

Not only personnel but entire weapons systems would be affected.

Are Soviets Building War Stockpiles from U.S. Grain Purchases?

by Marcia Merry

CIA denials are not convincing.

Currency Rates


by Cynthia Parsons

The axe hits farmers.


by Kathy Burdman

The Wallich Plan for the Fourth World.

International Credit

by Renée Sigerson

Dirty money moves onshore.

Foreign Exchange

by David Goldman

An all-out deutschemark collapse?

Business Briefs

Special Report

Should the U.S. Have a War Plan for 1984?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The peacetime tasks of a general staff, the current Soviet drive to face down a “flat-footed” United States, and the dangerous state of the West’s “post-industrial” economies, are examined.

The European Security Study: A Military Blueprint for Carrington’s Decoupled Europe

by Lonnie Wolfe

McGeorge Bundy and some of the other strategists who put NATO into a condition of “assured vulnerability” are now pressing a fundamentally flawed “conventional buildup” formula for Europe.


Moscow Enters 1984 on War Footing

by Rachel Douglas

A report on the year-end meetings which displayed the marshals in charge and their mobilization plans.

Ambassador Arthur Burns Is Out To Decouple West Germany from NATO

by Kathy Burdman

Documentation: An interview with a Burns collaborator at the American Enterprise Institute.

Partition of Lebanon Rapidly Becoming a Fact

by Judith Wyer

Sweden: Blackout Shows Threat to National Security

by Clifford Gaddy

The nationwide power failure in Sweden and the discovery of a sabotage team in Norway.

Genoud, the KGB, and the Comeback of Carlos

by Thierry Lalevée

Der Spiegel Prepares a Slander Attack on Moscow’s Number-One Enemy

by Michael Weissbach

Murder Attempt Against LaRouche Friend in Mexico

by Timothy Rush

London: Beam-Weapons Debate Breaks into the Press

India Breaks New Ground in Nuclear Power Program

by Susan Maitra

International Intelligence


LaRouche: ‘In the Footsteps of Benjamin Franklin’

by Mary McCourt

At the year-end conference of the International Caucus of Labor Committees, the EIR founder presented the history of that philosophical association.

Mondale and Harriman Use Soviet Line Against Reagan’s Military Policy

by Kathleen Klenetsky

A review of attacks on the President’s commitments in Lebanon and the ABM beam-weapons policy, and an exposé of Jesse Jackson’s role as a Mondale asset.

‘The Overriding Problem Is the Threat Posed at this Moment by the U.S.S.R.’

Part II of our transcript of the proceedings of the Dec. 1 American Legion meeting on beam weaponry at the National Press Club, featuring Dr. Lowell Wood of Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, Gen. (ret.) Volney Warner, and EIR’s European director Michael Liebig. Part I appeared in the Dec. 20, 1983 issue of EIR.

National News