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Volume 13, Number 47, November 28, 1986

Cover of EIR Volume 13, Number 47, November 28, 1986

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Report from Rome  

by Marco Fanini

AIDS Cases Multiply in Italy.

Mother Russia  

by Luba George

Patriarchate Renews Threat to Pope.

Report from Bonn  

by George Gregory

Stories Around Town.

Dateline Mexico  

by Josefina Menéndez

Regan Crony Attacks Anti-Drug Fighter.

Report from Rio  

by Silvia Palacios

Fragile PMDB Victory in Brazil.

Report from Bangkok  

by Sophie Tanapura

The Kra Canal Keeps Moving Forward.

From New Delhi  

by Susan Maitra

A New Boost for Regional Cooperation.


WHO Admits AIDS Pandemic.


The Boesky ‘Insider Trading’ Affair  

by Christopher White

Has Don Regan’s grip on U.S. economic policy been dealt a fatal blow by the Wall Street corruption scandal?

Secret ECU Scheme Fits Soviet Plans  

by William Engdahl

Africans Seek ‘Marshall Plan’  

by Mary Lalevée

Colombian Labor Unites in Mighty New Anti-Mafia Confederation  

by Valerie Rush and Gerardo Terán

Documentation: Excerpts from the speech by former Labor Minister Jorge Carrillo to the founding conference of the Unified Workers Confederation.

Mexican Exposes AIFLD Labor Links to Drug Traffickers  

Currency Rates  

Grim Reality under Jaruzelski: What It Means To Live as a Vassal  

by Tadeusz Rejtan

Unique EIR Model on AIDS Announced  

by Warren J. Hamerman


by John Grauerholz, M.D.

AIDS Virus Pool Increases.


by Marcia Merry

The USDA “Reforms” PIK Funny Money.

Business Briefs  

Operation Juárez

A Roadmap for Industrial Growth of Ibero-America  

The development of the economic structure of Ibero-America basically requires economic growth directed at strengthening the productive sector over the service sector, in order to achieve the kind of capital-intensive growth that development requires.

Science & Technology

Scientific Method and Individual Political Freedom  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Scientists are most concerned with a special aspect of political freedom, the freedom of truthful scientific inquiry. This analysis by Lyndon LaRouche underlines those aspects of the cause of scientific freedom, which illuminate the proper standards for definition of political freedom in general.


Reagan Must Drop Shultz To Keep the NATO Alliance  

by Criton Zoakos

Evaluates the “post-Reykjavik” crisis in the Western alliance. Shultz and the Trilateral Commission “decouplers” are under fire from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the NATO command. Will the President draw the appropriate conclusions?

The Friedmann Plan for Unifying Germany  

Schmidt Calls for European ‘Assertion’  

Disinformation on NATO Alert Status  

Pugwashers Seek To ‘Denuclearize’ Europe  

Soviets Make Separate Arms Offer to Europe  

World Leaders Oppose ‘Decoupling’ Moves  


What Is Israel’s Policy toward Iran?  

by Thierry Lalevée

Documentation: An interview with Gen. Amnon Shahak, director of Israel’s Military Intelligence, to the Jerusalem Post.

Showdown in the Philippines  

by Linda de Hoyos

New Revelations of Syria’s Terror Role  

by Thierry Lalevée

Kremlin: A Missing Propaganda Czar  

by Konstantin George

The Imperial Designs behind Moscow’s Revival of the Baron Rio Branco  

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Why are the Soviets praising the man who allied with Teddy Roosevelt, and made Brazil into the policeman of the international banks against South America’s republics?

Drago’s Financial Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine  

Colombian Anti-Drug Hero Gunned Down  

In memoriam: Colonel Jaime Ramírez Gómez.

International Intelligence  


Fiascos Set Administration into Full Factional War  

by Webster G. Tarpley

At stake is the chance to impart new direction to a government now a derelict, dead in the water-and thereby to ensure the survival of the Western alliance.

Carter, Yazdi, and the Iranian Deal  

Documentation: “Secret-sensitive” State Department documents reveal Yazdi’s links to U.S. officials back in 1978.

Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Economy Attacks IMF, Embraces Zero Growth  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

John Paul II personally intervened to ensure that the letter’s pro-International Monetary Fund stance was dropped.

National News  

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