Volume 13, Number 50, December 19, 1986



Report from Rio

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Brazil “Integrates” Argentina.


by Augustinus

Economic Justice Theme of Asia Trip.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

An Adviser Who Came In from the East.

Report from Paris

by Yves Messer

Student Demos Used against Chirac.

Andean Report

by Mark Sonnenblick

AIDS Conferences Held in Lima.

Mother Russia

by Luba George

The KGB and the Dzerzhinsky Method.

Middle East Report

by Thierry Lalevée

Will Moscow Really Gain in Irangate?

Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

Mexican “Big MAC” Suggested to Japan.


Time To Dump AIFLD.

Science & Technology

Aerospace Production: A Shadow of the 1960s

by Marsha Freeman and Robert Gallagher

Even the aerospace and defense industries have not fared well during the “economic recovery.”


Fidel Castro’s Friend Vesco Aids the Contras

by Gretchen Small

The financial empire of one of the Sandinistas’ top financiers and benefactors, narcotics finance king Robert Vesco, sits at the center of Contra operations. Confusing? Not if you understand the workings of Dope, Inc.

AIDS Outbreak in Nicaragua, Contras


The Economic Agenda for 1988 Surfaces

by David Goldman

Thatcher Leads European Prime Ministers in ‘War on AIDS’

Soviet economy: NEP, Environmentalism, and Military Industry: A Contradiction?

by Luba George

Indo-Soviet Trade: Rubles and Rupees

by Susan Maitra

Currency Rates

Behind the ‘Stagnant Recovery,’ a Deep Economic Recession Threatens

by William Engdahl

A survey of the West German economy.

Shipping: U.S. Lines’ Parent Company Files Ch. 11

Argentine Church Backs Labor’s Demand

by Benjamin Castro

Domestic Credit

by David Goldman

“Consensus Forecast” on the Titanic.


by Marcia Merry

Food Disputes in a World of Hunger.


by John Grauerholz, M.D.

New Technology for Cancer Detection.


by David Goldman

The First Cracks in Securitization.

Business Briefs


Why Did Moscow Assassinate Sweden’s Premier Olof Palme?

Sensational revelations in the European press about Palme’s love affair with Emma Rothschild provide the key to unraveling the mystery. Little wonder, then, that NBC-TV and the U.S. Justice Department have launched a new disinformation attempt, reviving the discredited line of a “LaRouche angle” in the murder. Our Feature presents the findings of a team of researchers in Europe and the United States.

Bizarre Twists in the Palme Investigation

by William Engdahl

The Rothschild Factor and the Role of SIPRI

by Mark Burdman

A Classic Soviet Disinformation Job

A Worldwide Media ‘Big Lie’ Campaign

Police Furious at Holmér’s Cover-Up

Moscow’s Favorite Swedish Bankers


Shultz a Disgrace at NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

by Criton Zoakos

The communiqué issued after the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting was contrary to the policy of both the U.S. government and NATO. The allied governments find themselves in the dangerous position of having a foreign ministers’ revolt on their hands.

Documentation: Recent statements by Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, NATO Supreme Commander Gen. Bernard Rogers, and U.S. Ambassador to West Germany Richard Burt.

Busting Up Kissinger’s Special U.S.-Israel Relationship

by Paul Goldstein

One of the main targets for cleanup in the Irangate scandal is the National Security Council’s Israel connection.

Kissinger Watch

by M.T. Upharson

Scandal Shuttle on the Northern Route — Lonrho, Libya, Dr. K, Rothschild.

International Intelligence


‘Irangate’ Sparks Policy Shifts, NSC Clean-Up

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The purging of the Kissinger and Mossad-contaminated elements is only the surface of an expected deeper change, in both the structure and substantive policy orientation of the Reagan Administration.

Chicago: LaRouche Democrat Sets Mayoral Program

Sheila Jones, a leading LaRouche collaborator in the Midwest, has accepted a mandate from the “forgotten majority” to run for Mayor of Chicago in the primary in February 1987.

Economic, Military Crisis Scares Dems

by Leo Scanlon

The Democratic Leadership Council, meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia, grappled with the fact that the country is undergoing one of the greatest economic and military crises in its history. Some of the results are quite surprising.

Documentation: Excerpts from a speech by Rep. Jim Wright (D-Tex.), Speaker of the House, at the DLC meeting.

National News