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Volume 14, Number 9, February 27, 1987

Cover of EIR Volume 14, Number 9, February 27, 1987

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Jacques Mauro  

The French lawyer and member of the Council of the Paris Bar discusses the human rights case of Lewis du Pont Smith.

Book Reviews

State Dept. Adores Sufi Fundamentalism  

by Allen Douglas and Rachel Douglas

Review of Mystics and Commissars: Sufism in the Soviet Union, by Alexandre Bennigsen and S. Enders Wimbush.


Andean Report  

by Mark Sonnenblick

Ecuador Defaults.

Report from Paris  

by Claude Albert

Weekly fined for libeling LaRouche.

Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

An Unsavory Alliance.

Northern Flank  

by Göran Haglund

Russian Propaganda Film Postponed.

From New Delhi  

by Susan Maitra

Mizoram: A New State Is Born.


A New Era Has Begun.

Operation Juárez

The Great Projects in Heavy Industry  

Continuing EIR’s serialization of Ibero-American integration: 100 Million New Jobs by the Year 2000!

Science & Technology

Eugen Sänger: Astronautical Pioneer and Trailblazer  

by Günter Beyes

Modern designs for reusable space vehicles like the Shuttle are still drawing on the early work of one of Germany’s great space scientists.


Brazil, Citing the Pope, Drops the Debt Bomb  

by Mark Sonnenblick

President Sarney has sent a shock wave through the international banking system, with his announcement that the world’s second-largest debtor country will not pay the debt over the dead bodies of its people.

President Sarney’s Address: ‘Time for a Definitive Solution to the Debt’  

EIR Sparks National Debate on AIDS Epidemic in Italy  

by Muriel Mirak

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche were featured speakers at a conference of scientists, medical personnel, politicians, and religious leaders in Rome.

Currency Rates  

Guinness Affair Terrifies London’s Dirty-Money Men  

by Mark Burdman

Mexico: Kissinger, the Loans that Never Came, and the Presidential Succession  

by Héctor Apolinar

Rocky’s Banker Friend Kuczynski Faces Fraud Rap  

Business Briefs  


The Dark Forces behind Gorbachov’s ‘Glasnost’ Hoax  

by Allen Douglas and Rachel Douglas

The “gates of cultural expression” in the Soviet Union have been pried open for a purpose. EIR has undertaken a review of just what sort of culture is being expressed in the Gorbachovs’ U.S.S.R.

Culture Foundation Wars against West  

by Rachel Douglas and Luba George

The Racist Culture Gorbachov Is Reviving  


Gorbachov’s ‘Peace’ Forum: A ‘New Yalta’ Charade  

by Konstantin George

Leading Western bankers, industrialists, clergymen, pro-Soviet political figures from Europe and the United States, and assorted riff-raff from Hollywood gathered to hear Gorbachov and the “dissident” Sakharov achieve news heights of hypocrisy.

Strong NPA Shows Scale of Philippines Political, Military Woes  

by Linda de Hoyos

Colombia: Medellín Cartel Pals Capture Liberal Party  

by Valerie Rush

Lebanon: Israel Backs Iran’s Hezbollahi Terrorists  

by Thierry Lalevée

Shamir’s Trip Aims at Damage Control  

by Robert Greenberg

Schiller Institute Founded in Norway  

International Intelligence  


‘Project Democracy’: Moscow’s Hook into NSC  

by Criton Zoakos

The Tower Commission’s most important discovery during its investigation of Lt. Col. Oliver North’s network, leads to a “parallel foreign policy apparatus” under the influence of the Kremlin.

Project Democracy Targeted LaRouche  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Dirty Trick against LaRouche Is Derailed  

by Nancy Spannaus

Virginia police agencies swept in and arrested 16 more of his associates—but the state attorney general found she had overplayed her hand.

Disturbing Role of GOP ‘Gaypaytriots’  

by Herbert Quinde

Weinberger Is Right on ABM Treaty; But Will He Prevail?  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

The Defense Secretary sent Sam Nunn and friends into an uproar when he said that “very soon,” the Administration would adopt the “legally correct” interpretation of the ABM Treaty.

Year of the Constitution: LaRouche Cases Get ‘Discriminatory, Selective, and Vindictive Prosecution’  

Congressional Closeup  

by Ronald Kokinda

National News  

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