Volume 15, Number 17, April 22, 1988



Adnan Khashoggi

The Saudi billionaire discusses his efforts on behalf of a Middle East Marshall Plan.

Science & Technology

High-Gain Laser Fusion Targets Demonstrated

by Charles B. Stevens

While technological hurdles must be overcome before the full potentials of laser fusion can be realized, the question is not “whether,” but when.

Greenies Demand U.S. Quit EMP Research

by Warren J. Hamerman



by John Grauerholz, M.D.

The Promise of Growth Factors.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

IMF Conditionalities Are Back.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Revival of the Social-Democratic Card.

Dateline Mexico

by Héctor Apolinar

The PRI Becomes Bankers’ Prisoner.

Andean Report

by Carlos Méndez

Venezuelan Military Under Attack.


Are the Soviets Miscalculating?

AIDS Update

The Promise of Growth Factors

by John Grauerholz, M.D.

Proposition 69 To Be Law in California

by Warren J. Hamerman

Protests against Boston Needle Plan


When LaRouche Speaks, World Markets Listen

by Christopher White

But James Baker and his buddies, who are running financial policy on behalf of George Bush’s election hopes, don’t listen—and that spells near-term catastrophe.

World Food Conference 1988: Burning the House To Roast the Pig

by William Engdahl

Infant Mortality Rate Soars in U.S. under Reagan ‘Recovery’

by Linda Everett

Currency Rates

A Marshall Plan for the Mideast

by Scott Thompson

Citibank Tries To Turn the Clock Back: The Attempt To Repeal Glass-Steagall

by William Engdahl

Parts of Argentina Close to Revolt

by Cynthia R. Rush

The reason is President Alfonsín’s slavish adherence to IMF “adjustment” demands.

Business Briefs


Schiller Institute Begins Revolution in Musical Tuning!

The institute’s conference in Milan raised the call—and formulated the legislation—to require orchestras to return to the lower C=256 Hz tuning which the great Classical composers intended.

Greetings and Messages from the Entire World of Music

Greetings from Montserrat Caballé, Anneliese Rothenberger, Alfredo Kraus, Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Kurt Moll, Placido Domingo, Edda Moser, Elisabeth Furtwängler, and Vice Admiral (ret.) Karl-Adolf Zenker.

Documentation: Text of the petition to lower standard pitch. Signers include Luciano Pavarotti, Giuseppe Di Stefano, and Carlo Bergonzi.

The Universal Validity of Aesthetic Laws

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

‘Let Us Go Back to the Golden Age of Italian Opera’

by Renata Tebaldi

Piero Cappuccilli: ‘We Must Bring Pitch Back to Normal’

The Challenge To Become Heroes

by Fiorella Operto


Voice of Military Sounds in Soviet Succession Fight

by Konstantin George

Behind the duel of personalities that grabs headlines abroad, the institutions of the military, the defense industry, and the Russian Orthodox Church, all of them repositories of Russian nationalism, are asserting themselves in a way not seen in decades.

Yakovlev’s ‘Russophobia’ Attacked by Chauvinists

by Luba George

France: The Troubling Drift in Strategy of Mitterrand and His Socialist Friends

by Jacques Cheminade

A commentary by French political leader Jacques Cheminade, on the eve of the first round of the presidential election.

Terror Wave Profits Soviet Gamemasters

Background to the News: Optina Pustyn Revival Is Return to Roots of Bolshevism

by Allen Douglas and Rachel Douglas

The revival of the 19th century monastic movement’s most prominent center reflects something essential about who the Bolsheviks really were, and are.

International Intelligence


Weld-Burns Spy Ring Purged at Justice Dept.

by Joseph Brewda

Both recently ousted Justice Department officials are on the verge of being exposed as key figures in the Soviet-Israeli spy network associated with Jonathan Jay Pollard.

Proposition 69 To Be Law in California

by Warren J. Hamerman

California voters are not likely to fall for 1986’s lies on AIDS in 1988.

Meese Proposal for Supranational Police Force Rebuffed by Colombia

by Dolia Estévez-Pettingell

A report on the attorney general’s five-day tour of Caribbean and Andean Pact countries.

Panama Crisis: State Department Backing U.S. into New Vietnam

by Gretchen Small

Countdown Begins on INF Ratification

by William Jones

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

Shultz Concedes Afghan Partition Potential — Fitzwater Flees Query on Crash.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News