Volume 15, Number 38, September 23, 1988



Report from Paris

Who’s Afraid of the POE?

From New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

A Challenge for the Region.

Andean Report

by Valerie Rush

Venezuela’s CAP, “State Dept. Agent.”

Middle East Report

by Thierry Lalevée

Kurds, Iraq Sacrificed to New Yalta.


Was It Sabotage?


IMF’s Technocrats Lay Out Blueprint for Genocide

by Christopher White

The core of the financial elite’s new proposals concerns how to create a kind of world central bank, capable of dictating terms to governments, under conditions of worldwide financial collapse.

The Drug Bankers Take Their Revenge in Peru

by Sara Madueño

‘An Infernal Spiral of Fascist Monetarism’

by Luis Medina Vásquez

From a statement by the Peruvian Labor Party.

The Alternative Economic Program

A statement by the Workers’ Confederation of the Peruvian Revolution.

Brazil Pays Debts with Its Daily Bread

by Luís Barbosa and Lorenzo Carrasco

Argentina Faces Hot October

by Cynthia R. Rush

Drexel Burnham Guilty of Racketeering?

by Joyce Fredman

Proliferation of HIV Types Frustrates Hopes for AIDS Vaccine or Cure

by John Grauerholz, M.D.

Currency Rates


by Joyce Fredman

The Alphabet Soup of S&Ls.

City of London

by Stephen Lewis

New Ascendancy of BIS Central Banks.

Business Briefs

Strategic Studies

Airborne Operations Spearhead ‘Post-Nuclear’ Warfare

by Michael Liebig

Analyzes two aspects of Soviet offensive military deployment that are given astonishingly little attention in the West: airborne potential and the related deployment of spetsnaz irregular warfare forces.

AIDS Update

Proliferation of HIV Types Frustrates Hopes for AIDS Vaccine or Cure

by John Grauerholz, M.D.

New AIDS Cover-Up from the CDC


‘Food for Peace’ Mobilizes To Restore Farming

by Marcia Merry

Four hundred people met at an international conference in Chicago, to map out an alternative to the collapse of agriculture dictated by Wall Street and the Brussels EC bureaucracy.

Conference Reports Document Agriculture’s Global Decline

by Marcia Merry

The Science To Solve the Global Food Crisis

by Carol White

Founding Documents of the Food for Peace Organization


Will the Neo-Stalinist Crackdown Hit Poland?

by Konstantin George

The new attack on nationalist forces in the Ukraine signals a shift toward Stalinist methods in the Soviet Union, with ominous implications for Poland.

Mexico’s Cárdenas Vows To ‘Rescue the Nation’ with ‘Exemplary’ Movement

by Hugo López Ochoa

Documentation: From a statement by the Mexican Labor Party.

The Destabilization of Burma: Made in Washington and London

by Linda de Hoyos and Joseph Brewda

The Financing of a Revolution

Part 1 of a series on foreign support of the New People’s Army in the Philippines.

Italian Tuning Bill Wins Support Abroad

by Liliana Celani

Foreign-Backed Opposition Poses Threat to Malaysia’s Stability

by Sophie Tanapura

Malaysia Needs Common Language, Says Mahathir

Ukrainian Crisis: Will the West Keep Silent?

by Oksana Polishchuk

International Intelligence


KGB and ADL Hands behind Bush ‘Nazi’ Flap

It’s a Soviet covert psychological warfare operation, utilizing the same U.S. drug-lobby assets who have been counting Jews in what they call “the LaRouche organization” for years.

Dukakis Backing for MacBride Plan Plays into Soviet Terror Scenario

by Kathleen Klenetsky

British policy on Northern Ireland is unacceptable, but what the “Duke” is involved with, only helps the Kremlin’s irregular warfare.

Who Was Sean MacBride?

Aspin Report, Dukakis Defense Stance Sound Like Gorbachov Snow Job

by Nicholas F. Benton

State Department Permits Islamic Terrorist Conference in St. Louis

by Scott Thompson

January Retrial Set in LaRouche Case

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

World Bank Supports Bangladesh River Plan.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News