Volume 16, Number 40, October 6, 1989



Theodore Labuza

The president of the California-based Institute for Food Technologies discusses food irradiation technologies.

Book Reviews

Satan’s helpers: Nazi Doctors in America

by Carol White and Brian Lantz

Journey Into Madness, Medical Torture and the Mind Controllers, by Gordon Thomas; A Father, a Son and the CIA, by Harvey Weinstein; and The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, the CIA and Mind Control: The Secret History of the Behavioral Sciences, by John Marks.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

An 18-Year Wait To Buy a Car.

From New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

Devi Lal Brings His Show to Town.

Dateline Mexico

by Jacobo Frontoni

Drug Legalizers and Casinos.


Educating Americans.

Science & Technology

Jeremy Rifkin’s Crazies Attack Your Children’s Milk

by Marcia Merry

The environmentalist, anti-people crowd are hitting both the consumers and producers of this vital food product.

The Facts on Bovine Growth Hormone

by Dr. Thomas H. Jukes

Food Irradiation Would Greatly Benefit Latin America

by Javier Almario

Interview with Theodore Labuza.

A Beneficial Technology Poisoned by the Anti-Nukes

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht


‘We Need a Crash Now,’ Says Lyndon LaRouche

by John Sigerson

The U.S. Congressional candidate and economist says we are locked into an irreversible deflationary spiral, since the junk bond market collapsed Sept. 15.

Brady Plan Unravels as Central Banks Bash the Dollar

by Eric Rosso

A report from the IMF annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

Brazil Faces Financial Panic: Time To Exercise Sovereignty!

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Currency Rates

Debt Burden Decimates Real U.S. Production

by Richard Freeman

Retail Sales Chains Primed for Disaster

by Anthony K. Wikrent


by William Engdahl

Banking on Debts.


by Marcia Merry

Moscow Pulls Yeutter’s Strings.

Domestic Credit

by Stephen Parsons

Real Estate Could Go the Way of Junk.

Business Briefs


Satan’s Helpers: Nazi Doctors in America

by Carol White and Brian Lantz

Trace the history of the world intelligence services’ experimentation with thought control through mind-bending drugs.

From MK-Ultra Brainwashing to the American Family Foundation

Part I in a series: 30 years of menticide.


Moscow Delivers ‘Pre-War’ Threat to West Germany

by Gabriele Liebig

Shevardnadze obviously cleared his assault on our leading NATO ally, with the Bush Administration.

Dope, Inc. Steps Up Its Assault on Colombia’s Barco

by José Restrepo

Schiller Institute Rallies Defense of Lebanon at Paris Meeting

by Christine Schier

Documentation: Greetings to the conference from Lebanon’s Prime Minister Gen. Michel Aoun, and messages sent by the participants to President Bush, Lyndon LaRouche, and other notables.

Ukrainians Seek To Legalize Their Church

by Oksana Polishchyk

Documentation: From a speech by Solidarnosc leader Adam Michnik.

A Russian Orthodox ‘Nyet’ to Uniates

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Crisis Not Ended in Soviet Transcaucasus

by Konstantin George

Mystery Surrounds Niger Air Explosion

by Thierry Lalevée

Beijing Leaders Revert to True Nature

by Linda de Hoyos

Federation for a Democratic China Sees Models in de Gaulle, Solidarnosc

by Mark Burdman

Afghanistan: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

by Susan Maitra

International Intelligence


Wyoming Talks Launch Open Season on SDI

by Leo Scanlon

Killing the Strategic Defense Initiative is the main target of Soviet strategy, no matter what kind of agreements are reached at the bargaining table.

CIA, KGB Agree To Bash U.S. Allies

by Joseph Brewda

The Rand Corporation in California hosted a most unusual meeting between the intelligence services of the superpowers.

LaRouche Still in Mortal Danger at Rochester ‘Medical Prison’

by Warren J. Hamerman

The outcry from elected officials, medical professionals, and other leading citizens continues to pour into the Bush White House from around the world.

Billington Forced To Stand Trial with Hostile Lawyer

A nationally known activist in the LaRouche movement is deprived of his Sixth Amendment right to counsel, in an incredible trial in Virginia.

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

Egypt presents Nile development plan.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News