Volume 17, Number 43, November 9, 1990



Dr. Hazem Nusseibeh

by Joseph Brewda

The former foreign minister and U.N. ambassador of Jordan says that the Anglo-American Mideast adventure is aimed at blackmailing Europe and Japan.

Mahmud El-Sherif

by Joseph Brewda

The editor of a leading Jordanian newspaper dissects some of the lies being spread by the U.S. news media.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

New Options Open for Maglev Trains.


by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

World Synod Meets in Rome.

Andean Report

by Aurelio Córdova

“Sword and Cross” Under Fire.

Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Cota

Under New Management.


Not Another Munich.

Science & Technology

Ulysses Spacecraft Takes a New Look at the Sun

by Marsha Freeman

For the first time, a man-made spacecraft will venture out of the plane of the planets in order to see the Sun’s north and south poles. Marsha Freeman discusses the wealth of new information on solar activity that the European-made Ulysses is expected to yield in 1995, after it sweeps back from its long swing around Jupiter.


New GNP Figures: What Is Growing?

by Christopher White

In reality, the only things growing are the cancerous pileup of debt and speculation, and the insanity of those who deny the economy is in a tailspin.

U.S. Banking Crisis Shocks Ibero-America

by Dennis Small

Bush never bothered to tell them that the U.S. is in a depression.

Beijing Seeks To Rein In the Provinces

by Mary McCourt Burdman

‘Debt for Nature’ Marauders Target Peru and Brazil

by Sara Madueño

Currency rates

Let’s Hope the GATT ‘Uruguay Round’ Will End in Failure

by Marcia Merry

Collor’s Brazilian Honeymoon Is Over

by Silvia Palacios

Documentation: A Brazilian newspaper calls for a Christian “Third Way” between Adam Smith and Karl Marx.


by Marcia Merry

U.S. Farm Bill Cuts $13.6 Billion.

Labor in Focus

by Janet G. West

U.S. “Care-Less” of Mentally Ill.

Business Briefs


‘Dope, Inc.’ Is Doubling Every Five Years!

by Dennis Small

Back in 1986, a team of EIR researchers were called “extremists” and much worse for exposing the $250 billion integrated multinational narcotics cartel and its crucial banking support network. But a new look shows that its figures were in fact too low: Then it was $400 billion, and today it is $558 billion, and growing faster than ever.

Chinese Opium to Colombian Cocaine

by Valerie Rush

A capsule history of British origins and growth of the world dope trade.

How the Traffickers Launder Drug Money

by Gretchen Small

Drug Dealers Rush Through Shattered Iron Curtain

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach


Petulant Bush Beats the War Drums against Iraq

by Joseph Brewda

Will the President Use the Congressional Recess To Launch a War?

Economic Conspiracy Against Iraq Exposed

by Joseph Brewda

‘We Are Convinced War Option Is Inevitable’

by Joseph Brewda

Interview with Dr. Harem Nusseibeh, former foreign minister of Jordan.

‘Western Media Always Paint Saddam Black’

by Joseph Brewda

Interview with Mahmud El-Sherif, editor of the Jordanian daily Ad Dustour.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses Freedom Celebration in Hungary

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Operation Gladio and the European Revolt

by Umberto Pascali

Documentation: From the dossier on the super-secret renegade paramilitary operation run by U.S. and British intelligence in Italy.

India’s V.P. Singh Government About To Collapse over Religious Warfare

by Ramtanu Maitra and Susan Maitra

Rockefeller Interests in Drug-Money Scandal

by Jacobo Frontini

Latvian Opposition Gathers in Riga

by Malte Vasaukas

International Intelligence


Budget Package Provokes Mass Protest Reaction

by William Jones

As Lyndon LaRouche predicted back in 1988, it is the economic collapse which will finally sink George Bush’s government; now angry voters are looking for an alternative to the insanity of “tax hikes versus spending cuts.”

LaRouche Supporters Canvass 10th Congressional District in Virginia

Commission Finds Nebraska Bigwigs Covering Up Child Abuse and Satanism

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News