Volume 26, Number 36, September 10, 1999



Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

“Politics by other means.”


That George Bush problem.


Ecuador defaults on debt; other nations to follow

by Valerie Rush and Marcia Merry Baker

Ecuador can’t pay its Brady Bond debt; Ukraine and the Russian region of Nizhni Novgorod are near default; South Korea’s Hyundai conglomerate has no money for its foreign creditors; Rio de Janeiro can’t pay its debt to the Brazilian federal government—in short, the “economic boom” has gone bust, and mass strikes and revolts are breaking out around the world.

Malaysia celebrates a year of resistance to the IMF

by Gail G. Billington

The selective capital controls imposed on Sept. 1, 1998 saved Malaysia from seeking assistance from the International Monetary Fund—at the price of destroying the national economy.

Documentation: Greetings to Malaysia from Chinese President Jiang Zemin; Prime Minister Mahathir’s National Day message; and Malaysia’s Bernama news service covers Lyndon LaRouche’s call for an international class action suit against the IMF.

East Europe: ‘Marshall plan,’ or disintegration

by Lothar Komp

Between the “shock therapy” experiments carried out by the International Monetary Fund, and the Balkans war, the physical economies of the region have been devastated.

Business Briefs

Strategic Studies

Brzezinski plays Britain’s ‘Great Game’ in Central Asia

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

The British-American-Commonwealth’s drive to break up Russia and nation-states throughout the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Asia, and to get its hands on the raw material wealth of the region, is fraught with the potential to trigger World War III. Only fools will protest that this is an exaggeration.

I. The History of Britain’s ‘Great Game’ in Caucasus, Central Asia

David Urquhart’s holy war

by Joseph Brewda and Linda de Hoyos

General Thomson’s little war

by Joseph Brewda and Linda de Hoyos

David Urquhart’s Ottoman legions

by Joseph Brewda

London’s ‘Afghansi’ in the nineteenth century

by Joseph Brewda

II. The ‘Great Game’ Revisited

Brzezinski’s role in the nuclear-war potential

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An oily family: the Brzezinskis and ‘The Great Game’ in the Transcaucasus

by Scott Thompson

Bush family and Al Gore’s ties to the pipeline wars

by Scott Thompson

Russia’s North Caucasus republics: flashpoint for world war

The neo-Ottoman trap for Turkey

by Joseph Brewda

Afghanistan chaos threatens all of Asia

by Ramtanu Maitra

Harvard’s Huntington promotes descent into barbarism

by Mark Burdman and Scott Thompson

A rogues’ gallery

Some of the behind-the-scenes British geopolitical strategists and operatives, who invented the mad policy of NATO expansion into the Caucasus and Central Asia, and are pursuing its implementation.


McCaffrey takes on Albright and narcos in policy fight

by Michele Steinberg

“One could characterize ... U.S. policy toward Latin America in many of the previous decades as one based on ignorance and arrogance—a little healthy dose of both of them,” said Clinton’s anti-drug adviser, who is trying to stop terrorist narco-traffickers, such as Colombia’s FARC, from supplanting sovereign governments.

General Bedoya in Peru: Colombians want freedom from the narco-terrorist dictatorship

An interview with Colombia’s Gen. Harold Bedoya Pizarro (ret.), broadcast on Aug. 22 on the program “Specials on America,” Channel 4 America Television, in Lima, Peru.

Specter of extraconstitutional ‘emergency’ haunts Russia

by Konstantin George

With rumors flying that Boris Yeltsin will resign soon, rash actions on the part of the Yeltsin clan cannot be ruled out.

Documentation: Economist Sergei Glazyev drafts a program for Zyuganov’s electoral slate.

Schiller Institute on Russian radio

International Intelligence


How Gore went to bed with Bush, Sr. and wound up with Natasha Kagalovsky  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

President George Bush, in league with his “English nanny,” Margaret Thatcher, bears far greater responsibility for the destruction, looting, and criminalization of Russia, than anyone in the Clinton administration.

Documentation: French analyst Jacques Sapir attacks the IMF’s policies that destroyed Russia, in an article in the Paris daily Le Monde.

LaRouche: Bush to be hit by Gore scandal

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The looting of post-Soviet Russia

by Rachel Douglas

Al Gore, Jr. caught in another lie: Gore, Sr. opposed civil rights

by Dennis Small

In 1964, Senator Gore first tried to render the Civil Rights Act impotent. When that effort failed, he voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In truth, the record of the Gore clan on civil rights issues reads more like a criminal’s “rap sheet.”

End the Republican coverup on Waco: Clean out the Justice Department

by Edward Spannaus

The only way to be sure that the cover-up of the Waco massacre is finally over, is when DOJ career official Mark Richard is at the witness table, being interrogated about his role in setting up not only Waco, but other abuses—including the case of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.