Volume 27, Number 38, September 29, 2000



Sheila Sisulu

Sheila Sisulu is South Africa’s Ambassador to the United States, a post she has held since 1999.


A National Shakespeare Touring Company

by Mary Jane Freeman and Paul Gallagher

In a decade, the Shenandoah Shakespeare Express has become a national touring company of considerable stature, and is to be noted for its honesty in performance.



The Voice from the Doomed in the Bunker.


Al Fayed Charges ‘Murder’ in Anniversary Lawsuit

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Three years after the Paris car crash that claimed the lives of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, and Henri Paul, Mohamed Al Fayed filed a Federal civil suit in Washington, D.C., demanding that the U.S. government turn over all classified documentation that could shed light on the causes of that tragic event.

‘The Reality Is That It Was Murder’

by Mohamed Al Fayed

Mohamed Al Fayed’s Suit vs. the U.S. Government


Will ‘Paper Oil’ Blow Up the Global Economy?

by William Engdahl

Energy prices are rising because of speculation, pure and simple. The crisis is the spearhead of the collapse of the global financial system.

LaRouche: Bring Oil Price Inflation Under Control  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche Outlines Step to New Bretton Woods  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An interview with LaRouche by Venezuela’s Radio Mágica.

New Asia Crisis Hits as AMF Talks Delayed

by Kathy Wolfe

Chase-Morgan Merger Is a Derivatives Disaster

by John Hoefle

Lies About Inflation Are Being Used To Loot the Population

by Richard Freeman

Lying about the true state of the hyperinflationary price spiral now engulfing the world, is being used to loot the U.S. population of $150-330 billion per year.

U.S. Price Inflation Is 3.5%?

Contrary to government lies, commodity price inflation is hitting hard.

A New Financial Order Is Essential for the Eurasian Land-Bridge

by Mary Burdman and Roman Bessonov

Extensive efforts are under way to develop the Land-Bridge, but a New Bretton Woods is needed to ensure its success.

Business Briefs


Rabid Anglo-Americans Demand Crushing of Peru

by Cynthia R. Rush

Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori’s sudden decision to step down had little to do with domestic scandals, and everything to do with the determination of the Anglo-American financier oligarchy to destroy everyone who stands in their way.

LaRouche on N.Y. Bankers’ Drive To Topple Fujimori  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Fujimori: ‘I Shall Be as Always, Identified with the People’

South Africa Strives To Eliminate Poverty

An interview with Sheila Sisulu.

The Mideast Peace Deal That Was Killed by an Assassin’s Bullet

by Dean Andromidas

Israel and the Palestinians had completed a peace agreement on Oct. 31, 1995, but then, four days later, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered.

Dark Clouds Are Gathering over U.S.-European Policy Conflicts

by Rainer Apel

When the U.S. Ambassador walks out on a speech by the former President of Germany, it’s clear that tensions have gone far beyond “business as usual.”

Denmark Prepares To Reject Euro Currency

by Poul E. Rasmussen

‘October Surprise’ Attacks To Hit Iraq

by Edward Spannaus

International Intelligence


Wen Ho Lee Case: Defeat for Justice Department Terror

by Marsha Freeman and Edward Spannaus

The horror of what the Justice Department was attempting to do in the Lee case, comes clearly into focus, if one considers what would have happened if the government had been able to bring its case in its favorite venue for such cases: the Federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, which is notorious for its pro-prosecution bias, and which railroaded Lyndon LaRouche and associates into prison.

LaRouche Dems Release ‘Platform for October’

If We’re So Rich,Why Are We So Poor?

by Michele Steinberg

Beneath the sugar-coating of the “new economy,” the foundations of the U.S. economy are rotten, as snapshots of real conditions show.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News