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This press release appears in the September 29, 2000 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche on N.Y. Bankers' Drive
To Topple Fujimori

The following press release was issued by EIR on Sept. 18.

Lyndon LaRouche, the renowned U.S. economist and former Democratic Presidential pre-candidate, stated today that Wall Street and allied financial circles were behind the massive pressure and ultimata directed toward toppling the Peruvian government of Alberto Fujimori. This foreign pressure led, over the weekend, to Fujimori's public announcement that he would call general elections in that country, and would not himself be a candidate for the Presidency.

"The New York rentier financial crowd, and their operators in the U.S. State Department, are engaging in a repulsive abuse of power against Peru," LaRouche said. "But only the uninformed, or outright idiots, believe the U.S. will be a superpower for long. Their entire financial house of cards could collapse any week.

"The simple fact of the matter, is that the U.S. financial bubble is being bailed out, principally by Europe and Japan, to the tune of over $3 trillion per year--that is, $7 billion or more is flowing into Wall Street every day. Moreover, the rate of increase of this flow is itself increasing. This has led to a hyperinflationary process, which no amount of hysterical lying by the media and others can conceal.

"Hysterical desperation has seized the Anglo-Ameri-can financial oligarchy, and in a hopeless effort to bail out their bankrupt system they are looting every corner of the world. They are sucking every last drop of blood from every nation they can, picking over the corpses to loot everything, and destroying everything and everyone who gets in their way--as President Fujimori did, as most recently demonstrated in his speech before the Brasilia summit of South American Presidents," LaRouche noted.

In that speech to the Aug. 31-Sept. 1 summit, President Fujimori called for the formation of the United States of South America, and argued that, with such unity, the peoples of the region could achieve the economic progress

"I will kill them all!"

to which they have a right, and which today's globalization denies them. Fujimori also underscored the illegitimacy of the foreign debt of the nations of South America, noting that the debt had been paid various times over, and yet it still keeps growing.

LaRouche emphasized that the Anglo-American oligarchy is not reacting to Peru, as such. "This is a global reaction to their own crisis. They are in a `shoot-to-kill' mode, on all fronts, from London to Melbourne to South America.

"This New York rentier crew is also key to the world oil crisis, which is the result of spot market speculation, principally by the four New York-based oil multis and their financial associates. These guys run the spot market, and they are using it as an essential part of their looting operation to inflate the bankrupt dollar bubble. The oil spot market has become a major source of additional revenue to keep the New York bubble growing--and hyperinflation is the consequence.

"The oil crisis has become the spearpoint of the demise of the global financial system," LaRouche emphasized.

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