Volume 28, Number 21, June 1, 2001


‘Never Again!’ World Now Knows What Is Happening in Africa  

The Africa panel from the Schiller Institute’s conference in Bad Schwalbach, Germany: Representatives of 40 nations discussed the relation of Eurasian development, to reversing Africa’s humanitarian catastrophe.

Peace Through Development in Africa: The Nigerian Perspective  

by Prof. Sam Aluko

Prof. Aluko is a professor of economics who served in the Economics Ministry of the Nigerian government for four years during the early 1980s.

Winning the Peace for an African Renaissance  

by Jean Gahururu

Jean Gahururu is a representative of the Rally for Democracy in Rwanda, in charge of foreign relations.

Fight for a World Free of the IMF, World Bank  

by Leonce Ndarubagiye

Leonce Ndarubagiye is a representative of the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy in Burundi.

All Africa Is in a Crisis of Survival  

by Prof. Abdalla A. Abdalla

Prof. Abdalla is Sudan’s former Minister of Agriculture and former Ambassador to the United States.


Russia’s New Transport Union To Change Map of Eurasia

by Rachel Douglas

The creation of a Eurasian Transport Union, announced May 15 by Russian Minister of Transport Sergei Frank, provides an institutional venue for deliberations among the nations of Eurasia, and any others, interested in building great infrastructure projects as a road out of economic depression.

LaRouche’s ‘Land-Bridge’ Strategies in Russia: Chronology

LaRouche Analysis Presented at Kremlin Seminar

Breakdown in Finance, Manufacturing Worsening in the Industrial Nations

by Richard Freeman

America’s Poor Forced Into Energy Bondage

by Mary Jane Freeman


A Lawless U.S.A. Today: Faith, Hope, and Agapē!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“From this awful blend of cupidity, stupidity, arrogance, and incompetence” of the Bush Administration, “nothing could save the U.S.A., except its return to those underlying principles of law, upon which our sovereign constitutional republic’s existence was originally premised. What, then, shall we identify as those principles of law? What is, really, that constitutional principle of the general welfare, on which the renewal and durability of our republic’s constitutional freedoms depends?”


Invading Armies and Congo’s Human Disaster

by Lawrence K. Freeman

An interview with the Ambassador to the U.S. of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dr. Faida Mitifu.

Uganda, Rwanda Armies Must Leave Congo Now

by Lawrence K. Freeman

A review of two reports, one by the International Rescue Committee and one by the United Nations, on the physical destruction of the Congo as a result of the years-long succession of wars perpetrated by Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi.

Hearings Confirm EIR Congo Warning of 1997

by Suzanne Rose

Düsseldorf Voters Defeat Privatization

Sharon’s War Drive Fuelled by Bush Team

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach


Bush-Cheney Energy Plan: Reliant Robbers über Alles

by Marsha Freeman

The Bush Administration has released its National Energy Policy, and nowhere does it provide remedy for the actual energy crisis that is threatening the health, safety, and economy of the United States—the destruction of a reliable, affordable supply of electricity, brought about by deregulation.

California vs. Reliant: Beating the Bushes For Justice

by John Hoefle

A profile of Houston’s Reliant Energy.

Pennsylvania Rep. James Attacks Reliant, Enron

Soros Smiling About Bush’s Drug Policy?

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Art Ticknor

The Fight for D.C. General: Death Toll Rises in Washington, as Medical Treatment Is Denied

by Edward Spannaus

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood


Dr. Faida Mitifu

Dr. Mitifu, Ph.D., is Ambassador to the United States of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.



A Damning Admission, Late in the Game.