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This introduction appears in the June 1, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

`Never Again!'
World Now Knows What Is Happening in Africa

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The Schiller Institute's extraordinary conference in Bad Schwalbach, Germany, whose sessions ran from May 3-6, brought together representatives of 40 nations to the task of "Winning the Ecumenical Battle for the Common Good." The discussions there of the urgent New Bretton Woods monetary reform, and of the Eurasian Land-Bridge high-speed transport corridors development, were taken with the understanding that the solution to the devastating problems and disasters in Africa is an absolute necessity. Shocking reports had just been published at the United Nations. confirming EIR's 1997 warnings of a genocide of millions in Congo and Great Lakes region of Africa—a genocide on a scale of any in history.

The task was defined by Lyndon LaRouche in his keynote: "the two focal points of this conference will turn out to be . . . the issue of Eurasian recovery, Eurasian development, as the pivot for world recovery—including the role of Russia as a very special part of any such recovery effort—and the relationship of this Eurasian commitment, to the contrasting situation of Africa. In other words, to understand the world as a whole, look at the possibility of what we can do in Eurasia, and then look at the needs of Africa."

We publish here the main presentations at the May 5 Bad Schwalbach panel on "Peace Through Development in Africa: the Moral Challenge for Europe." The speakers were Prof. Sam Aluko of Nigeria; Jean Gahururu, chief of foreign relations of the Rally for Democracy in Rwanda (RDR); Leonce Ndarubagiye representing Burundi's opposition force, the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (CNDD); and Prof. Abdalla A. Abdalla of Sudan. The panel is followed by other important coverage of Congo's humanitarian emergency.

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