Volume 29, Number 6, February 15, 2002


Worldwide Opposition Rises to Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’ Statement  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

As international outcry grows against the so-called new Bush Doctrine, the President is facing raw political pressure and ‘Enron’ blackmail from Senators such as John McCain and Joseph Lieberman.

McCain’s Big-Noose Party  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

At Munich Wehrkunde Meeting, U.S. Speaks Loudly About Carrying Big Stick

by Rainer Apel

State of Union Speech Arouses Unusual Opposition in Europe

by Mark Burdman


Lessons of the Enron Debacle: Roll Back Deregulation!  

by John Hoefle

Testimony by John Hoefle on “Enron: The Convergence of Energy and Financial Deregulation, and the End of the Off-Balance-Sheet Era,” prepared for hearings of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Stop Kidding Us Over Enron!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Davos Funny Water Was Drunk in N.Y. This Year

by Scott Thompson

The World Economic Forum moved from its traditional setting in Davos, Switzerland, to New York City this year—but the change in venue did nothing to improve the intelligence of the assembled financial wizards.

Nuremberg Rally At the Super Bowl

by Marcia Merry Baker

Sept. 11 Fallout? Russia, India Revive ‘Trilateral Cooperation’ With China

by Ramtanu Maitra

Candidates Join To End Maastricht and IMF

by Jacques Cheminade and Helga Zepp-LaRouche

A joint statement by Jacques Cheminade, French candidate for President, and Helga Zepp-LaRouche, German candidate for Chancellor.

British-Style Privatization Would Worsen Amtrak’s Wreck; Options Emerge  

by Marcia Merry Baker


The Enigma of the Fulbright Memorandum  

by Edward Spannaus

Sen. J. William Fulbright’s 1961 warning of unconstitutional actions among the U.S. military by “extremely radical right-wing” groups and individuals, takes on particular historical interest today, in light of the attempted, and ongoing, Sept. 11 coup d’état.

FPRI’s Crusade for an American Empire

A profile of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, one of the key private-sector think-tanks that has shaped policy for the utopians for nearly half a century.


Hal Cooper  

Transportation consultant Cooper evaluates the proposed Trans-Texas rail corridor.


Israeli Soldiers Refuse To Commit War Crimes  

by Dean Andromidas

Almost 200 reserve soldiers and officers are circulating a powerful letter declaring their refusal to serve in the Israeli occupied territories.

Israeli Fascist Eitam Pushes New War Plan

by Dean Andromidas

Sharon’s Other Fascist Precedent: ‘Vlad Hitler’

by Harley Schlanger

Rallies to Stop Mideast ‘Götterdämmerung’

Arab League Secretary Rejects Attack on Iraq

by William Jones

Criticism of Israel Even Breaks German Ban

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Warlord Armitage Makes Asia Problems for Bush

by Kathy Wolfe and Joseph Brewda

Philippines: 1,2,3... Many Military Exercises

by Michael Billington

Pope Promotes Dialogue of Civilizations, at Ecumenical Conference in Assisi

by Claudio Celani

Berlusconi Organizes for Mideast Marshall Plan

by Claudio Celani

Washington Policy Is Throwing Andean Nations to the Narco-Terrorists

by Valerie Rush


Bush Budget, Defense Increase Both Ignore Economic Reality

by Carl Osgood

Even without taking into account the fantasy economic projections underlying the budget, there are charges flying about of Enron-like accounting practices employed in how the figures were cooked up.

Brzezinski Plays His ‘Chechen Card’

by William Jones

Sports $ Speculators Eye D.C. Hospital Land

by Edward Spannaus



Is Columnist George Will Seeking Knighthood?