Volume 29, Number 26, July 5, 2002


Rollover of U.S. Debt Will Yield Weimar Hyperinflation

America’s annual combined debt service has grown to a whopping 72% of the nation’s already-inflated Gross Domestic Product. And you wonder why each week brings a new wave of bankruptcies of major U.S. corporations? Don’t blame the accountants: This has been the result of the systematic take-down of the U.S. economy since August 1971.

U.S. Economic House Burning, All But LaRouche Deny It

by Paul Gallagher

The speed of the dollar’s collapse is only somewhat slower than the collapse of the Brazilian real and the Mexican peso. And yet some fools in the Democratic Party are advising against even mentioning the economy as an election issue!


Food Shortfalls Leave 800 Million Hungry

by Rosa Tennenbaum

The industrial nations in effect boycotted the World Food Summit of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome, guaranteeing that nothing effective would come out of it, to deal with a crisis of stupendous proportions.

Demise of Maastricht Is on the Horizon

by Rainer Apel

Repatriation of Russian Capital: Investment, or More Looting?

by Rachel Douglas

False Axioms Blow Out California’s Budget  

by Mary Jane Freeman

Indonesia Searches for a Mission

by Michael Billington

Lessons of the Lautenbach Plan: A Reconstruction Program for Germany in a Time of Global Systemic Crisis

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche is Chancellor candidate of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity party (BüSo) in Germany.

Documentation: Dr.Wilhelm Lautenbach’s plan for saving the economy.

Business Briefs


Ibero-American Blowout Is Systemic, Not ‘Contagion’  

by Cynthia R. Rush

Just as LaRouche forecast during his recent visit to São Paulo, Brazil’s economy has begun to implode as quickly as its southern neighbor Argentina began to do a year ago. The International Monetary fund blames the Argentine “contagion,” but the only real contagion is the IMF itself, and its lunatic policies.

LaRouche on ‘O’Neill’s Hooverville Trolley’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche’s Crisis Leadership Backed: Honored by World’s Third-Largest City  

São Paulo City Council Discussions on Cooperation for Economic Recovery  

Presentations by Dr. Havanir Oliveira Nimtz, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Dr. Enéas Carneiro, and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

‘Crucial Moment in Brazil’s History

by Dr. Havanir Olveira Nimtz

‘A Powerful Message to the Whole World’

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

‘Who Is Mr. LaRouche?’

by Dr. Enéas Carneiro

‘We Shall All Sail, Or All Sink, Together’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

‘Mr. LaRouche Is No Spectator of History’

by Dr. Havanir Olveira Nimtz

Stop the ‘New Violence,’ Create a New Renaissance  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Address to the São Paulo State Appellate Criminal Court.


Bush’s Folly May Launch Sharon’s New Middle East War

Calling for the overthrow of Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat, President George Bush’s June 24 Middle East Policy speech has set the stage for a war that could include the deployment of nuclear weapons.

Denuclearize Mideast To Stop War Threat: LaRouche  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Nabil Shaath: Does Stopping Vaccines For Children Help Israeli Security?

From a June 21 address by the Palestinian Authority Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.

Bush’s Perpetual War Doctrine Scares Even the Reaganites

by Michele Steinberg

French Elections: Chirac’s Landslide, or Premature Burial?

by Christine Bierre

French Book Slanders LaRouche and Cheminade

Remembering Carlos Cota Meza: A Touch of the Sublime

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

International Intelligence


DOJ’s Arguments Ring Constitutional Alarms  

by Edward Spannaus

Can the U.S. government suddenly declare that a U.S. citizen has no rights under the Constitution? Tearing a page from the courts of Nazi Germany, that’s precisely what the Justice Department is arguing before the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court.

Ashcroft Eroding U.S. Constitutional Rights  

Testimony to the House Judiciary Committee by EIR.

Warner Again Says, Revise ‘Posse Comitatus’

by Carl Osgood

Supreme Court Reverses Itself on the Death Penalty

by Edward Spannaus

Violent Video Games Rated ‘for Everyone’

by Donald Phau

The Wertham Campaign Against Violent Comics

by Richard Welsh

Congressional Closeup

Book Reviews

Gore Vidal Attacks LaRouche Over Sept. 11

by Mark Burdman

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: How We Got To Be So Hated, by Gore Vidal.



The End of an Era.


In our last issue, Argentina’s Maj. Adrián Romero Mundani was misidentified as a colonel. And he spent eight, not four years, in prison.