Volume 32, Number 15, April 15, 2005


A New Bretton Woods: Time To Reverse Shultz’s Destruction of Exchange Controls  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. gave these opening remarks to an April 7 webcast, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, in Washington, D.C. Many people are coming to the realization, LaRouche said, that we need a new financial architecture. “We can not continue under the present one.What is undecided in the minds of many, is what that architecture should be. Many have opinions, more or less superficial in many cases. But there is no consensus, at present, on what has to be done. Now, my function here, today, is to summarize the issue, in such a form that the discussion might be structured, rather than chaotic, as it tends to be, in the United States today.”


Italian Parliament Endorses Call for New Monetary System  

by Claudio Celani

The Italian Chamber of Deputies approved a motion calling on the government to promote “an international conference at the level of Heads of State and Government, to globally define a new and more just monetary and financial system.”

Documentation: Excerpts from the parliamentary debate.

The Political Context for the Parliamentary Debate

by Claudio Celani

The Parliamentary Debate

The Resolution for a New Bretton Woods

South American Summit: Infrastructure Integration Is the New Name of Peace  

by Dennis Small

Documentation: Colombian President Uribe’s map-briefing to the other Presidents.

UN Reports on Rise in Tuberculosis in Africa

by Leni Rubinstein

In Memoriam

In Defense of Christianity  

Lyndon LaRouche honors the passing of Pope John Paul II with a comment on the Pontiff’s new book, Memory and Identity: Conversations at the Dawn of a Millennium.

International Tributes


How Wolfowitz and the Neo-Cons Sabotaged the First ‘Oasis Plan’  

by Dean Andromidas

Presidents Johnson and Eisenhower both promoted the idea of nuclear-powered desalination for the Mideast—the core of what later became Lyndon LaRouche’s “Oasis Plan.” In his doctoral dissertation, Paul Wolfowitz came out vigorously against it.

Chinese Patriots Move To Defuse Ignition of a Cross-Strait Crisis

by Leni Rubinstein

Documentation: The joint statement of Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian and opposition leader Chairman James Soong, opposing Taiwan’s secession.

Chinese Anti-Secession Law

In Memoriam: Jorge Carrillo, the Worker-Minister Who Played the ‘LaRouche Card’

by Maximiliano Londoño Penilla

Jorge Carrillo: Leader for Social Justice

by Javier Almario

Carrillo’s Campaign vs. Fascist Economics

Two Years Later: Iraq at a Crossroads

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

‘Peace in Palestine’ Conference in Malaysia

by Mike Billington

British Surrogates Lose Zimbabwe Election

by Lawrence K. Freeman


Bush’s State-Based Religion Is a New Fascist Movement  

The alliance of right-wing Protestants and Catholics who brought George W. Bush into the Presidency, and are campaigning for the President on so-called “religious issues,” is a “new Nazi movement,” charged Lyndon LaRouche at his April 7 webcast.

Ginsburg: Does Scalia Think Like Roger Taney?  

by Edward Spannaus

Documentation: Excerpts from remarks by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the American Society of International Law.

Former State Department Legal Advisor Blames DOJ Lawyers for Prisoner Abuse

by Edward Spannaus


Cleaning Up U.S. Politics Without DeLay