Volume 32, Number 22, June 3, 2005


Senate Defeat of Coup d’État Leaves Bush a Lame Duck  

by Debra Hanania-Freeman

The bipartisan agreement of 14 Senators to avert the Bush-Cheney “nuclear option,” which would have turned the U.S. Senate into an impotent Parliament, has transformed the political geometry in Washington. George W. Bush is now relegated to a “rubber room” in the White House, to ride his tricycle to his heart’s content.

Republic Saved! Congress Must Rebuild the Country!  

Lyndon LaRouche’s Political Action Committee circulated this statement after the Senate victory.

Lautenberg Warned of Coup d’État

Biden: An Arrogant Grab for Power

Bipartisan Senators: We Have Kept the Republic

Reid: ‘Abuse of Power Will Not Be Tolerated’

Frist: Up or Down, Up or Down, Up or Down


Rumsfeld’s Base-Closing Plan Is a Huge Real Estate Swindle

by Carl Osgood

Moving U.S. military bases to far-out suburbs is aimed at building up a new real estate bubble in areas which do not have the infrastructure to absorb these bases, and the families and service requirements that go along with them. The resulting process will increase costs, not decrease them.

House, Senate Bills To Delay Closings

by Carl Osgood

Vets Face Deepening Austerity at the VA

by Carl Osgood

Cuts, Real Estate Deals Target VA Hospitals

by Marcia Merry Baker

Italian Parliamentarians Fight Against Usury, for Return to a Real Economy

Interviews with Rep. Alessandro Delmastro delle Vedove and Sen. Oskar Peterlini.

Science & Technology

On the Noëtic Principle: Vernadsky and Dirichlet’s Principle  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche examines afresh the seminal 1935 work On Some Fundamental Problems of Biogeochemistry, by the Russian-Ukrainian geobiochemist Vladmir I. Vernadsky. “The characteristics of the Biosphere, as Vernadsky and his Laboratory defined it,” LaRouche writes, “and Noösphere, as I define physical economies as wholes, are analogous. Everything to which I have referred, on this account, in excerpting Vernadsky’s 1935 paper, has a parallel in my methods of a science of physical economy.”


Early Elections in Germany Open New Options for Change

by Rainer Apel

Chancellor Schröder’s Achilles’ heel is the economy, and the anti-industrial policy of his Social Democratic Party in alliance with the Greens, cost the SPD the important state election in North Rhine-Westphalia. Will he learn the lesson, dump the Greenies, and adopt LaRouche’s economic policy measures?

Documentation: A leaflet by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairwoman of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo).

New Provocations by Sharon in the Works

by Dean Andromidas

France: Why Is the Vote So Important on the European Constitution?

by Christine Bierre

Looted by the Bankrupt IMF System, the Philippines Opens to LaRouche

by Michael Billington

Report from a visit to Manila.


The Franklin/AIPAC Case: Cheneygate Revisited

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The new indictment of Larry Franklin, a former Pentagon analyst charged with illegal possession of classified U.S. government documents, promises to reopen the combination of scandals that all lead to the doorstep of Dick Cheney.

AFL-CIO Leader: We’re Ready To Do the Work  

An interview with Bill Londrigan.

Wilbur Ross Cartel Dumps Mineworkers’ Health Care

by Patricia Salisbury

Wisconsin Lawmaker: Use GM, Ford To Rebuild U.S.  

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood


Alessandro Delmastro delle Vedove

Hon. Delmastro delle Vedove is a member of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies from the National Alliance.

Oskar Peterlini

Hon. Peterlini is an Italian Senator from the South Tyrolean People’s Party.

Bill Londrigan  

Bill Londrigan has been the president of the Kentucky AFL-CIO since 1999, representing 100,000 union members, including mineworkers, fire fighters, office workers, and many others.


Get Congress to Rebuild the Country!