Volume 32, Number 40, October 14, 2005


End-Game 2005  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The inflationary cycle which was launched by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan after the stock-market crisis of October 1987 is now coming to an end. “This cycle,” writes LaRouche, “which has recently, already entered its hyperinflationary phase in the market for primary commodities, will be the greatest international, hyperinflationary, financial-monetary collapse in modern history, unless U.S. and other policies are suddenly changed radically from the U.S. trends of the past thirty-five years.”

Gloom, yes; but doom, no! “I have never predicted inevitable doom, and do not predict inevitable doom now. It is the human free will, not statistics, which shapes the course of history. I have always, as now, presented nothing other than policies which represent the solutions needed to avoid oncoming economic catastrophes.”


A New LTCM Is in the Making

by Lothar Komp

Today there are many more hedge funds than there were seven years ago, when Long-Term Capital Management was rescued on an emergency basis by the global financier oligarchy, and they move ten times more capital around. Bankers today report they are “scared as hell.”

A Delphi Bankruptcy Threatens To Trigger a Pension Blowout

by Paul Gallagher

The speculative-bankruptcy threat to the major transportation-related industries makes clear the urgent necessity for Congress to implement an industrial rescue policy proposed to them by Lyndon LaRouche in April and May.

Fuel Spikes Trigger Contraction of Airlines  

by Paul Gallagher and Anita Gallagher


Prince El Hassan bin Talal

His Royal Highness, El Hassan bin Talal, is the younger brother of the late King Hussein of Jordan. He is currently working to create an Islamic World Forum among intellectuals in the Muslim world, as a movement for peace and a new humanitarian order.


Lyndon LaRouche Says: Cheney Must Go Now!

by Jeffrey Steinberg

LaRouche’s call for Dick Cheney’s ouster came in the context of reports from senior military sources that the U.S.-British occupation of Iraq “has already been defeated.”

Let Cheney-Bush Go Quietly Now  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

‘The Greatest Strategic Disaster in U.S. History’  

by Michele Steinberg

Since the end of September, Washington has been the scene of powerful interventions by top military and retired military figures, saying it is necessary to force the White House to withdraw from Iraq.

Will There Be an Iraq?

by Hussein Askary

A report by our correspondent, who recently visited the region.

Southwest Asia: The LaRouche Doctrine

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Excerpts from a statement by Lyndon LaRouche issued on April 17, 2004.


Senate Defies Cheney on Anti-Torture Measure

by Edward Spannaus

In an overwhelming, bipartisan rebuff of Dick Cheney and the White House, 90 U.S. Senators—including 46 Republicans—voted to reiterate the U.S. ban on torture, and to establish uniform standards for the treatment of prisoners in the war on terrorism.

Documentation: A letter from 28 retired military leaders to Sen. John McCain, supporting his bill; a letter of support from Gen. Colin Powell (ret.); excerpts from an article by international law export Scott Horton, “Shirking Responsibility;” Abraham Lincoln’s “Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field,” prepared by Francis Lieber.

‘We Don’t Have a GovernmentWilling To Do the Job’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Interview with Lyndon LaRouche on America AM radio, conducted by Henry Raines of WWPR-AM in Bradenton, Florida.

Documentation: LaRouche’s Oct. 12, 1988 speech forecasting German reunification.

With a Blunt Instrument

by Anton Chaitkin

Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), who is supposed to assume Tom DeLay’s job as House Majority Leader, is himself an accomplice in the DeLay-Jack Abramoff machine.


One Thing Clear in Germany: Less Merkel, More FDR Needed

by Rainer Apel

The Oct. 2 vote in Dresden completed the national election in which the other 248 districts had voted on Sept. 18, but the election result is still inconclusive.

Quo Vadis Germany? For a New Atlantic Alliance in the Tradition of FDR  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

U.S. Can’t Ignore Arab-Israeli Conflict

by William Jones

Interview with Prince El Hassan bin Talal.

Ganging Up on the IMF: Will Ibero-America Get It Right?

by Dennis Small and Gretchen Small

Documentation: Excerpts from To Change Brazil, a program issued by the PMDB party of Brazil, which was drafted by a team of economists led by Dr. Carlos Lessa, the former president of Brazil’s National Economic and Social Development Bank.

LaRouche: Duhalde Is the Sancho Panza of the Southern Cone  

A statement issued by the LaRouche Youth Movement in Mexico and the Ibero-American Labor Committees.


‘Have You No Sense of Shame?’