Volume 32, Number 44, November 11, 2005


It Didn’t Start with Abu Ghraib: Dick Cheney, Vice President for Torture and War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The case of the 1953 death of CIA officer Dr. Frank Olson, covered up for 52 years, is now finally coming to light. According to the investigations of his son Eric Olson, EIR, and others, his death was no suicide, as originally claimed; rather, he was murdered by the CIA itself, to prevent him from blowing the whistle on the CIA involvement in torture, murder, mind-control drug experimentation, employment of Nazi war criminals, and the possible use of biological weapons in the Korean War. How much did Dick Cheney know, when, as a high official in the Ford White House, he moved to hush up the Olson case? Plenty.

Cheney’s Addington Was Chief Author of U.S. Torture, War Crimes Policy  

by Edward Spannaus


Emergency Closed Session of Senate Launches ‘Cheneygate’  

by Michele Steinberg

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid joined two other Senators in calling the Senate into closed session, to demand an investigation of how the Iraq War was begun on the basis of fraud. Vice President Cheney’s actions are at the top of their agenda.

Cheney: Rome Burns Nero  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

What Is ‘Phase II’ of Senate Committee Investigation?  

Reid Invokes Rule 21 for a Closed Session  

LaRouche to Cheney: Get Out Now!  

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood


Mark Reutter  

Reutter is the author of the book Making Steel: Sparrows Point, and the Rise and Ruin of American Industrial Might. He assesses the impact of the Delphi bankruptcy.

Mark Sweazy and Robert Bowen

Sweazy is an official of the United Auto Workers union at Delphi Corporation, and Bowen is the Midwest representative of the LaRouche Political Action Committee. They were interviewed for The LaRouche Show Oct. 29.


‘BoBos as a No-Future Generation’: The Present Dark Age in Education  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“It is the development, largely as self-development, today, of our adult youth of university-eligible age, on which the prospect of our nation’s ability to recover from its own recent decades of folly depends. The situation is similar throughout the Americas, as in Europe abroad. We can not only survive as a republic, but succeed in that mission, if we have the insight to recognize the roots of the present conflict between the generations of the BoBos and their adult progeny, and learn the lesson which that conflict is warning us we must learn, before it becomes too late to avoid the dark menace looming on the immediate horizon of the future.”

High Cost, Low Chance of a Higher Education

by Paul Gallagher


Delphi in Advanced Planning for Shutdown  

by Richard Freeman

Contrary to the promises of Delphi Corp. CEO Steve Miller to workers and members of Congress, his company will very likely close 18 U.S.-based production facilities in 2006, laying off 12,500 production workers. Operations will shift to slave-labor overseas facilities.

The Delphi Case and the Misuse of Bankruptcy Law  

by Paul Gallagher

Interview with Mark Reutter.

Canada Bankruptcy Court Preserves Pensions

by Paul Gallagher

Bush’s Pandemic Plan Doesn’t Add Up

by Christine Craig and Laurence Hecht

Emergency Action Needed on Auto: Reflections on a European Trip

Interview on The LaRouche Show with Mark Sweazy and Robert Bowen.

India Will Build a Strategic Waterway

by Ramtanu Maitra

Developing Cooperative Alliances in the Region


Synarchist Destabilization of Germany Meets Resistance

by Rainer Apel

A political alliance of radical budget-cutters did not get a majority in the Sept. 18 parliamentary elections; however, while the next government will include some of their co-thinkers, the potential for a shift toward a national mobilization of industry and labor is asserting itself.

Cheney’s Demise and Germany’s Grand Coalition

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

A Decade of Bloodshed Since Rabin’s Murder

by Dean Andromidas


Open the Ledeen Dossier!