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This editorial appears in the November 11, 2005 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Open the Ledeen Dossier!

Paolo Raimondi, head of the Italian branch of the LaRouche movement, has issued a call to the Italian government and the Parliament, to allow the Italian military intelligence service (SISMI) to release its dossier on self-professed universal fascist Michael Ledeen. Ledeen, as this magazine revealed in a blockbuster feature in our last issue, was a key figure in the midst of the Niger yellowcake forgery, which was used by the Cheney-Bush Administration to orchestrate the unjustified war against Iraq. But the full story of Ledeen's involvement has never been told.

The specific basis for Raimondi's request is information published earlier by SISMI director Nicolo Pollari. In an interview with journalists Carlo Bonini and Giuseppe D'Avanzo, published in the weekly La Domenica di Repubblica on Nov. 28, 2004, Pollari stated that, upon his return from a visit to then-CIA director George Tenet at the beginning of 2002, he told SISMI personnel: "Michael Ledeen, starting today, is your 'target.' I want to know everything, what he does, whom he meets, when, how, where, what dealings he is involved in." In that same interview, Pollari reported how, under request from a minister from the Italian government, he was asked to receive Ledeen and organize a meeting in Rome between Ledeen and a group of Iranian personalities. According to Pollari, who described Ledeen as "a shadowy figure," not only were Ledeen's whereabouts surveilled by SISMI, but SISMI also has surveilled and filmed the activities of Rocco Martino, the hoaxster who fabricated the false Niger yellowcake papers.

If Pollari's statements are true, then there is a dossier on Michael Ledeen at SISMI, which should be transmitted to the Parliament Oversight Committee on Secret Services (Copaco), Raimondi said, and its parts should be published, without, of course, endangering the security of Italian professionals involved.

The stakes involved in the Ledeen dossier are much more significant than the particular incident around the yellowcake. As EIR documented at great length, Ledeen is not just a nasty American political operative, but had been brought into the service of one of the remnant fascist organizations of the Mussolini era, the Propaganda Two (P-2) freemasonic lodge. P-2, which was founded by avowed wartime fascist grandmaster Licio Gelli, is an outgrowth of the Venetian synarchist bankers network which runs international terrorism, and proceeds from the avowed aim of destroying all nation-states, particularly the United States. The P-2 network has been exposed over the past 20-plus years as the real center of international terrorism, including the left and right wings of the "strategy of tension" which carried out such atrocities as the 1980 Bologna bombing, and the assassination of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro.

Italian political life is riddled with assets, if not outright agents, of the P-2. Notable among them is Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi himself, whose membership card is a matter of public record. Given the prominence of P-2 influence in Italy, it should be no surprise that the Italians, under a Berlusconi government, were the ones who provided the cover of the forged Niger yellowcake documents, to support the Cheney-Bush war drive.

The question raised here is a fundamental one. The role of former P-2ers Ledeen and Berlusconi in promoting the war, underscores the reality that the drive for empire and world dictatorship, for which Cheney is a frontman, is in fact the project of an international synarchist oligarchy, the direct descendants of those banking families who funded Hitler and Mussolini, and created World War II. Cheney is undoubtedly a fascist thug, eager to carry out whatever wars, torture, and economic genocide are on the agenda of the desperate synarchist bankers. But the brains for these operations come from the top level of the heirs of the Venetian banking system, who know that they will destroy the United States as a republic by carrying out these plans.

The prime objective for all those patriots and world-citizens who wish to save this planet from a descent into a New Dark Age, is, of course, to remove Dick Cheney from office. But exposing the roots of Cheney policies in the global Venetian synarchist banking system, is a crucial concomitant, if we are to get the alternative, FDR-like policy put into effect.

For that reason, and simple justice, we support the call for opening the Italian Ledeen dossier.

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