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LaRouche Defines the Fight To Save Civilization Today

The following remarks were made by Lyndon LaRouche to an assembly of the his movement in Europe on Dec. 29, 2005.

There are changes in the world, which are coming from the United States, which I've played a key part in initiating. There's no guarantee of victory. The world is too far gone, for anyone to think of assured survival of civilization, in this period. The changes should have been made a long time ago, and they weren't.

It's been 40 years since the beginning of the collapse of the world economy, especially that of Europe and the United States. The collapse came in the context of the period from 1964 to 1972, in which there was a deliberate destruction of U.S. civilization and that of Europe, which had been planned immediately at the end of the war. And this took an effect upon a generation which was born immediately after the war, which was subjected to a form of brainwashing, known as the Congress for Cultural Freedom, and similar kinds of things.

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The Economy

World and Nation-State
Proposed Rail Development Corridors in the Indiana-Ohio-Pennsylvania Industrial Belt

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This Week in History

January 3 - 9, 1785 & 1793

Benj. Franklin and Friends Lay the Basis for Manned Flight

This new year, which will commemorate Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday on Jan. 17, begins with the anniversaries of two events which ultimately contributed to the exploration of space. On Jan. 7, 1785 a manned balloon flight successfully crossed the English Channel from England to France, and on Jan. 9, 1793, the first American exhibition of manned lighter-than-air flight took place in Philadelphia.

The balloons, which were developed toward the end of the 18th Century, are often thought of nowadays as beautiful toys—a pleasant concept, but a mere sidebar to aviation history. That is not the case, as Franklin himself knew. Sir Joseph Banks, a leading botanist and president of the British Royal Society from 1778 to 1820, had known Franklin in his London days, and corresponded with him in Paris. Although ostensibly a man of science, Banks looked at ballooning from a Newtonian worldview, and wrote to Franklin that, "I see an inclination in the more respectable part of the Royal Society to guard against the Ballomania [until] some experiment likely to prove beneficial either to society or science is proposed."

Franklin had told Banks that experimenting with balloons would someday "pave the way to some discoveries in natural philosophy of which at present we have no conception." He answered Banks' objection by writing that "It does not seem to me a good reason to decline prosecuting a new experiment which apparently increases the power of man over matter until we can see to what use that power may be applied. When we have learned to manage it, we may hope some time or other to find uses for it, as men have done for magnetism and electricity, of which the first experiments were mere matters of amusement." When a spectator at one of the early balloon launchings asked Franklin what this new invention could be used for, Franklin gave his famous answer: "What is the use of a new-born baby?"

Although scientists had been fascinated with the possibility of human flight at least since the time of ancient Greece, direct work on flying machines did not yield the desired results. The early days of aviation actually stemmed from research on the composition and properties of gases, one of those gases being the air itself. European scientific research had been badly disrupted during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), but after the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, coordination among scientists in the various European countries was resumed. When one of Ben Franklin's Boston mentors, Increase Mather, travelled to London in 1688 to try to maintain the independent charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, he met with many of the scientists working on the composition of gases. Over the period of his four-year stay, Mather saw Robert Boyle almost weekly, and attended many meetings of the Royal Society. He also probably talked with the leading scientist in the field, Christiaan Huygens, when he visited London during Mather's stay there.

Experiments with Gas and Electricity

During Franklin's lifetime, other researchers had taken up the work, and the composition of ordinary air was established. Many scientists worked with both gases and electricity, since the latter could be used to separate out the components of a gas or to combine two components to produce a third, as in the work of Henry Cavendish. Franklin had encouraged Joseph Priestly, an English minister, to make scientific experiments, and in 1767, Priestly authored, with Franklin's collaboration, the "History and Present State of Electricity." Priestly also experimented with gases, and in 1774 he produced what he called "dephlogisticated air," which later would be produced by French chemist Antoine Lavoisier and named "oxygen."

Lavoisier was a member of the French grouping which included Gaspard Monge, Lazare Carnot, and Claude Berthollet. This republican faction, also known as the "American faction," worked closely with Benjamin Franklin in supporting the American Revolution.

They also attempted to carry on the work of Jean Baptiste Colbert, the French statesman who had built up France's infrastructure through public works and expanded education. Lavoisier himself was responsible for initiating the building of canals, the establishment of savings banks, and the installation of street lighting in Paris. In June of 1783, Lavoisier published his research on the gas discovered by Henry Cavendish in England, and named it "hydrogen."

This research on gases came to the attention of Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier, two brothers who ran a paper manufactory near Lyons, France. Joseph had developed a strong interest in chemistry, and had set up a small laboratory. Jacques, an architect, had invented the first vellum paper. While working with samples of their paper, Joseph discovered that heated air inside a paper bag could lift it to the ceiling. The brothers collaborated for two years on their hot-air balloon project, and first conducted an unmanned flight from the market place of Annonay.

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Deindustrialization Creates 'Death Zones'
by EIR Economics Staff

'We call it a death zone,' is the description by a long-time Baltimore resident and teacher, for one of several localities within the city, where the population today is in a state of medical collapse. The process of deindustrialization and globalization unleashed in leading manufacturing cities in America over the past 40 years is producing a collapse of civilization. This collapse, now in its end-phase, manifests itself in a large increase in death rates from disease, and the potential for still greater death rates as new combinations of diseases interact with squalid living conditions, to spawn still more virulent killer diseases.

  • LaRouche on Epidemiology In the City of Baltimore
    On Oct. 12, 2005, at an international LaRouche PAC webcast in Washington, D.C., Lyndon LaRouche spoke of the situation in Baltimore, in his discussion of the necessity of ending genocide in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere, by returning to the 'characteristic features' of the concepts of the General Welfare and the Common Good, as understood in modern European society.
  • 'Death Zone' Profiles
    All of the sub-districts in Baltimore, delineated as experiencing 'excess death,' manifest in their particulars of breakdown, disease, and death, the four-decades-long collapse of the entire metropolitan area. The following two community profiles make the point. They are shown in Figure 1 by number, which displays 55 'Commmunity Statistical Areas,' amalgamated from the 200 census tracts, taking into account the 260 local neighborhoods of Baltimore.
  • Poverty Kills
    by Ned Rosinsky, M.D.

    Economic collapse kills people. Poverty destroys societies; and social collapse, at its end stages, involves sudden downward changes in people's health, due to factors such as loss of jobs, loss of health insurance, homelessness, breakup of families, resort to substance abuse, psychological collapse, and descent into crime and incarceration. These various downward changes strongly interact. Loss of job can directly cause loss of health insurance, as well as homelessness due to inability to pay rent or mortgage. Homelessness can contribute to family breakup, and with this loss of family support, can come psychological collapse.
  • Interview: Ted Smith
    'These Kids Are On a Death March'

    Ted Smith is a Baltimore teacher, resident, and community center director. He was interviewed by Larry Freeman on Dec. 27, 2005.
    EIR: As you know, we're looking at the history of Baltimore and the conditions that have led to an increase in disease and death in certain sections of the city. How do you see this?

Strategic Intelligence:

Cheney and the 'Schmittlerian' Drive for Dictatorship
by Edward Spannaus

On Jan. 3, 2001, nine months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Lyndon LaRouche issued a blunt warning to a Washington, D.C. audience, that the incoming Bush Administration would attempt to impose dictatorial crisis-management rule, modeled on the Hitler regime in Nazi Germany. LaRouche singled out the nomination as Attorney General of John Ashcroft, a leading figure within the 'conservative revolutionary' Federalist Society, as the clearest signal of the intentions of some in the incoming Bush-Cheney regime. 'First of all,' LaRouche warned, 'when Bush put Ashcroft in, as a nomination for the Justice Department, he made it clear, the Ku Klux Klan was riding again. . . . Ashcroft was an insult to the Congress. If the Democrats in the Congress capitulate to the Ashcroft nomination, the Congress is finished.'

Profile: Carl Schmitt
Dick Cheney's Éminence Grise
by Barbara Boyd

Lyndon LaRouche is not the only Constitutional scholar to remark that President Bush's claim of absolute Presidential power, trumping any mere law or statute, and Cheney's Air Force II ramblings, come straight out of Carl Schmitt. Sanford V. Levinson, who holds dual professorships in law and government at the University of Texas, and is an eminent Constitutional scholar, wrote in the Summer 2004 issue of Daedalus that, 'although some analysts have suggested that the Bush Administration has operated under the guidance of the ideas of German emigre´ Leo Strauss, it seems far more plausible to suggest that the true e´ minence grise of the administration, particularly with regard to issues surrounding the possible propriety of torture, is Schmitt.'

  • Cheney and DeLay, Joined at the Hip
    by Anton Chaitkin

    No one should have been surprised when Dick Cheney rushed off to Houston to keynote the Dec. 5 fundraiser for Tom DeLay. An EIR investigation has revealed that the embattled Vice President and the indicted former House Majority Leader are virtually joined at the hip.
  • A Brief Analysis of Groups and Institutions
    in Connection with the Chart in the EIR Article, "Cheney and Delay, Joined at the Hip."
    for use with the Supplement & chart-guide for the EIR article "Cheney and DeLay, Joined at the Hip"

Fascist 'Feddies' March Through the Institutions
by Jeffrey Steinberg

The same right-wing tax-exempt foundations that are behind the Carl Schmitt revival of the past 20 years, have also bankrolled a 'Schmittlerian' 'march through the judicial institutions' via the misnomered Federalist Society. Founded in 1982, at the University of Chicago and Yale University law schools, the Federalist Society has promoted the dismantling of all regulatory protection of the General Welfare, while advocating the most draconian police-state excesses, typified by the Patriot Acts and the 'torture memos.' These have been authored by a team of Federalist Society members and allies inside the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel and the White House Office of the General Counsel—under the sponsorship of Vice President Dick Cheney and Cheney's current chief of staff and general counsel, David Addington.

What's a 'Rohatyn'?
Tony Papert reveals that the Synarchist financial interests who sought to turn France fascist in the 1930s, are trying to do the same to the U.S. today. Researched by a team coordinated by Pierre Beaudry.
When a proposal of Felix Rohatyn's appeared in the Washington Post of Dec. 13, 2005, counterposing his own plan, to Lyndon LaRouche's well-known proposals for national economic recovery through long-term, low-interest Federal credits for vital infrastructure-building, leading Congressional Democrats tended at once to realize that there was something 'fishy' in what Rohatyn was suggesting, but many were unsure about exactly what was wrong with it.

What Is Synarchism?
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
'Synarchism' is a name adopted during the Twentieth Century for an occult freemasonic sect, known as the Martinists, based on worship of the tradition of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. During the interval from the early 1920s through 1945, it was officially classed by U.S.A. and other nations' intelligence services under the file name of 'Synarchism: Nazi/Communist,' so defined because of its deploying simultaneously both ostensibly opposing procommunist and extreme right-wing forces for encirlement of a targetted government. Twentieth-Century and later fascist movements, like most terrorist movements, are all Synarchist creations.

Felix Rohatyn, New York Dictator, 1975-82
The following is an abridgement of 'How LaRouche Fought New York's Fascist Financial Dictatorship, 1975-82,' by Richard Freeman, EIR, July 27, 2001.


The Global Real Estate Bubble Is Beginning To Blow
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

If a patient shows symptoms of acute sickness in several critical organs at the same time, a radical operation is required, or else soon any solution will be too late. The current situation of the world financial system can be described in these terms. It takes the same approach to deal with the apparently totally different problems of the real estate market bubble; the threatening bankruptcy of the whole American auto sector; the enormous difficulties in reaching a compromise on the European Union (EU) budget; or finding a solution at the Hong Kong summit of the World Trade Organization (WTO): They are expressions of the ongoing collapse of the system of globalization.


LaRouche Defines the Fight To Save Civilization Today
Lyndon LaRouche gave this speech to an assembly of the LaRouche movement in Europe on Dec. 29, 2005.

Implications of the Iraqi Elections
by Hussein Askary

First putting things in context: The drive to impeach U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and his obscure bodyguard George W. Bush is the factor that would make Iraq, or break it. As long as Cheney remains at the wheel of the ship of the state of the United States, Iraqis would not be able to sleep quietly nor enjoy the daylight.

Is Cheney Setting Up Turkey Against Iran?
by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

It seems that hardly a day passes without a statement by Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül, denying reports of an alleged deal struck with U.S. intelligence officials concerning belligerent moves against Iran.

Moscow Paper Covers LaRouche Berlin Meet
by Rachel Douglas

The Dec. 23 issue of the Moscow weekly newspaper Slovo carried Prof. Stanislav Menshikov's report on the Dec. 910 EIR seminar in Berlin on the post-Cheney era, under the headline, 'The New Program of the American Democrats: The U.S.A., Too, Needs a Recovery.' Highlights of the 2,300-word article include Menshikov's report of how LaRouche explained that 'Cheney must be removed,' as the means to get the policy-change process going, and the professor's forceful argument that the 'revolutionary' developments from the Democratic Party can spell the end of neo-liberalism, including in Russia.

Amelia Boynton Robinson Brings Fight For the 'Real, True America' to Europe
Immediately after a tour of the West Coast of the United States, which began in mid-November, the 94-year-old Schiller Institute vice president, Mrs. Amelia Boynton Robinson, launched a high-profile tour in Italy and Germany. The honored U.S. Civil Rights Movement veteran, who began organizing African-Americans to vote in Alabama, in the face of what most people thought were insurmountable obstacles, 30 years before Dr. Martin Luther King came to the state, focussed on two major subjects during her tour.


LaRouche: `The Immortality of Martin Luther King'

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

speaks to the Martin Luther King Day Prayer Breakfast in Talladega County, Alabama on Jan. 19, 2004


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The Israeli Attack On the USS Liberty

``The Loss of Liberty,"
a video by filmmaker Tito Howard, proves beyond any doubt that the June 8, 1967 Israeli attack against the USS Liberty, in which 34 American servicemen were killed and 171 wounded, was deliberate. The video includes testimony from Liberty survivors, many Congressional Medal of Honor winners, and from such high-ranking Americans as:

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