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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006

Volume 5, Issue Number 3

This Week You Need To Know:


Do not buy into any of the media propaganda that the Alito nomination to the Supreme Court is a done deal. The forces associated with Lyndon LaRouche are committed to determining the outcome of this battle, and really only launched a full-scale mobilization with LaRouche's historic webcast, and with the first saturation deployments in Washington with the Children of Satan IV pamphlet. So this fight has just begun: It is tantamount to the fight to stop Hitler.

On Friday afternoon, Jan. 13, Sen. Leahy (D-Vt) declared that some Senator would exercise his or her right to put a hold on the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on the Alito nomination, which means that the vote will at least not take place—as Cheney hoped—before the Senate Democrats' caucus on Jan. 18. How long it is held up, will depend heavily on the environment which the LaRouche-led mobilization creates over the days ahead.



The Economy

World and Nation-State
for the
Proposed Rail Development Corridors in the Indiana-Ohio-Pennsylvania Industrial Belt

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This Week in History

January 17-23, 1706

Ben Franklin Wishes All Nations Well, but Attacks Britain with Cutting Irony

January 17 marks the 300th birthday of Benjamin Franklin (born 1706), a man who wished all of humanity well, and who backed up that wish by actions which helped ensure humanity's well-being even into the present century. While he helped develop many of the underpinnings of modern life, such as electricity, flight, and steam power, not to mention his crucial role in the founding of the United States of America, Franklin is popularly portrayed as a practical tinkerer whose wisdom is supposedly reflected in the aphorisms of Poor Richard's Almanack.

Actually, a good part of Franklin's genius consisted of being able to see beyond the appearance of things, into the intentions and forms which actually shaped them. One of the ways in which Franklin demonstrated this ability was his use of satire and irony. During Franklin's time, Great Britain heaped one short-sighted policy after another on the American colonies, policies which would also eventually injure Britain herself. Did this mean that the British policy-makers were stupid and crazy? Some of them, perhaps.

But the British oligarchs were also operating within a characteristic worldview which caused them to experience a fear reaction whenever they sensed a spurt of rapid population growth in their colonies. This was not simply a matter of fearing that their colonies would soon outnumber their fiefdom of Britain. It was more basic: the conditions favorable to population growth also engendered a sense of optimism; a dawning realization of the existence of a future of expanding possibilities. That realization meant that men would no longer tolerate being treated as animals.

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LaRouche Webcast

Senate Needs Guts To Defend Nation From Nazi Takeover

This is a transcript of the international webcast by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. on Jan. 11, 2006 in Washington, D.C., "Rebuild a Looted U.S. Economy."

As a great American patriot once said, "These are times that try men's souls." These are grim times. We have presently going on, in the Senate, a hearing of a man who lies: Sam Alito. The man's a liar. He's a member of the Federalist Society, which is a society assembled around the ideas and influence of a man, Carl Schmitt, who crafted the Adolf Hitler administration. Carl Schmitt, who lived in this country for some time, and influenced the formation of a Federalist Society, which now controls four of the nine Justices of the Supreme Court. And a fifth member of the Federalist Society, who, lying his head off up there on Capitol Hill, is about to be confirmed! And you would have five, out of nine Supreme Court Justices prepared to endorse a fascist government in the United States! And you have Senators who should have more guts, who are waffling, or being weak, in dealing with this fact. There is no honest debate about bringing Adolf Hitler and his tradition into the government of the United States!


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Senate Needs Guts To Defend Nation From Nazi Takeover

This is a transcript of the international webcast by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. on Jan. 11, 2006 in Washington, D.C., 'Rebuild a Looted U.S. Economy.' The dialogue with LaRouche appears after the main presentation. The animation on the decline of Baltimore, shown during the webcast, can be viewed at http://www. larouchepac.com, and a full audio/video of the webcast is also available at that site. The webcast was moderated by Debra Hanania Freeman.


Those Financial 'Good News' Stories for 2005 Are Lies
by Lothar Komp

A tempestuous year has just drawn to an end on the money markets. In the spring of 2005, the downgrading of $400 trillion worth of General Motors and Ford debt to junk bond status, unleashed a systemic imbalance in bond derivatives and hedgefunds. For months, the major central banks pumped in liquidity as discreetly, but as massively as possible, in hopes of heading off a chain reaction. Throughout the year 2005, raw materials prices rose across the board, to reach peaks that have not been seen for as much as 25 years.

Lincoln Financed the War by Taking On The British-Backed New York Banks
by Rochelle Ascher

The United States was bankrupt. President Jackson's dismantling of the Bank of the United States (National Bank), followed by President Polk's Independent Treasury Act of 1846, and the free trade treason of Presidents Pierce and Buchanan, had destroyed the U.S. economy. Lincoln had to wage war on two fronts—one against the free traders of New York and New England, and the other against their surrogates: the Confederate Army. And both 'fronts' were run out of London!

Strategic News:

Cheney and Netanyahu Pushing For War Against Syria
by Jeffrey Steinberg

An ever-more-desperate Dick Cheney is pulling out all the stops to install 'Clean Break' hawk Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu as the next Israeli Prime Minister, to push for an immediate confrontation between Israel and Syria. Israeli sources report that Cheney, as of Jan. 11, had an emissary in Israel, exploring the means to put 'Bibi' and the Likud back in power, despite collapsing Israeli popular support for the extreme rightwing policies of the neo-con faction that Netanyahu represents.

Iran Nuclear Crisis Must Not Lead To War
by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Events unfolding in Berlin and Washington on Jan. 12, around what was dubbed the Iranian nuclear crisis, had the undeniable smack of deja` vu, as accusations and counter-accusations thrown back and forth in a climate of brinkmanship, conjured up the specter of another Iraq-style crisis, which threatened to lead to military action. However, contrary to appearances, there need not be any mechanical repetition of the process that led to the United States' illegal war against Iraq in 2003: if rationality prevails, and the approach outlined by Lyndon LaRouche in his Jan. 11 webcast is adopted, the current flareup over Iran's nuclear program could be extinguished without engaging in military conflict. Above all, Vice-President Dick Cheney, who desperately wants a war, has to be removed.

Murtha's Address to Virginia Town Meeting

On Jan. 5, Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Pa.) addressed an overflowing town meeting in Arlington, Virginia, which was hosted by Rep. James Moran (D-Va.). Murtha's message was enthusiastically received, and a growing pro-impeachment mood was palpable in the crowd. Because the speech was not widely reported, we provide the transcript of Representative Murtha's opening statement here. Following a glowing introduction by Representative Moran, Murtha was greeted by a standing ovation.

Schwarzenegger's State of the State: New Script, Same Puppet
by Harley Schlanger

The 'new' Arnold Schwarzenegger was put on stage in Sacramento on Jan. 5, to deliver a State of the State address which represented a dramatic departure from the image he has cultivated over the last two years as a 'fiscal conservative.' The arrogant bully, who had derided his Democratic opponents as 'girlie men' who are 'spending addicts' and 'evil,' who had attacked teachers and state employees as 'special interests,' and sneered at nurses, saying they did not like him because he had 'kicked their butts,' appears to have adopted a new humble, even conciliatory attitude. 'I have absorbed my defeat. I have learned my lesson..."

Report from Germany
Incentives, but No Investments
by Rainer Apel

The German government's new program lacks commitment to real state intervention At two days of sessions behind closed doors in a castle south of Berlin on Jan. 9-10, the German government put into final shape its four-year framework for a conjunctural incentives program. The program envisages government expenses of 25.1 billion euros for the period between now and the end of 2009, of which sum, however, only 4.3 billion will go into direct creation of jobs, through state investments in the transport infrastructure.


LaRouche: `The Immortality of Martin Luther King'

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

speaks to the Martin Luther King Day Prayer Breakfast in Talladega County, Alabama on Jan. 19, 2004


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