From Volume 5, Issue Number 9 of EIR Online, Published Feb. 28, 2006

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Make a Platonic Revolution To Save Our Civilization

Lyndon LaRouche addressed an international webcast on behalf of the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) on Feb. 23, 2006.

Over the past three weeks, my wife has been checking with people in France and in Germany on the so-called bird flu problem. Now, recently, there were a number of dead swans, who turned up on the island of Ruegen, which is off the North Sea coast of Germany. And this typifies a pattern, in which Europeans, European leaders, in France and in Germany, have put the issue of bird flu, as one of the three great strategic problems which Europe faces at this time.

The problem is, that this particular strain, which is this H5N1, if this becomes cross-related with an influenza epidemic, we would have, globally, something comparable to the 1918 flu epidemic: in which, with a much lower population than now, and a much less vulnerable world than now, because of transportation and things of that sort, 20 million people died then. Much more, or a larger part of the population, perhaps as high as 100 million, would die, as a result, today. And there are very few precautions taken, on a scale and with a seriousness which would deal with this kind of problem. That's typical.

Today, overnight, there was a crisis in Iceland. That's really hitting the flank! The northern flank of Europe—not quite Greenland, but Iceland. Because Iceland was being used as a place for some fast-money operations of a very large dimension. The Iceland market collapsed, today. It could mean something like what happened in August-September of 1998. That does not mean that the world financial crisis has happened, as of today. It simply signifies that we're in a situation, where you've got gasoline all over the floor in a heated room, and people are smoking cigarettes.

It can happen at any time.

Now then, turn your attention, with this kind of event—and there are many such events, like the threatened war with Iran; other Middle East, so-called, problems: The world is ready to blow up. The President of the United States is an insane dry drunk. And it sounds like the Vice President is a not-so-dry drunk. We have a deficit beyond belief, growing beyond belief. The country is falling apart. The industry and agricultural sector are falling apart. They can't fix what happened with Katrina—they won't even try. And we have 100 days, now, to the next hurricane season. And the Gulf Coast, of course, and Florida, and so forth, these areas will be hit. Nothing has been done, to improve the response over Katrina. Nothing—less than nothing!

So, we have an utterly incompetent and terrible government—and mean-spirited, and stupid, and psychotic—all those wonderful qualities....

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