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Published: Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Volume 5, Issue Number 26

This Week You Need To Know:

Time Is Running Out for the U.S.A.
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 22, 2006

The seemingly incredible anarchy and reckless disregard for reality within the Democratic Party's Senate contingent, will cause knowledgeable U.S. citizens, and foreign observers, to wonder if the U.S.A. will still be a functioning nation at the close of this calendar year. Since mid-February of this year, there is very little within the Democratic caucus in the Senate which resembles the lovely quality of leadership which that same caucus showed on—many, but not all—crucial issues of the time, during 2005.

At the center of this breakdown-crisis in the Democratic Party's national leadership, is the complicity of many leading members in accepting the pressure of the Synarchist International's Felix Rohatyn et al. Since mid-February of this year, many among those members have evaded, stubbornly, repeatedly, my warnings, now fully confirmed, that negligence in the matter of immediate rescue of the machine-tool-design capacity lodged within our auto industry, would create an existential threat to the continued existence of the U.S.A. as a first-rank nation of the world. Now, with recent developments within the auto industry itself, the global monetary-financial system has been careening, obviously into an onrushing, global breakdown crisis of the world economy.
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This Week in
American History

June 27 — July 3, 1774.

Ben Franklin Sends a 'Projected' Act of Parliament to the American Press

Throughout his life, Benjamin Franklin worked to create the conditions for a better future. His civic improvements in Philadelphia, such as fire protection, lighted streets, a Library Company and a hospital and college, made it the leading city in America. Franklin rejoiced in the fact that the American population was growing, and in 1751, he forecast that it would double in size every 20 years, which was approximately what did happen.

This was not seen as good news in Great Britain, however. As the East India Company completed its takeover of the British government after the French and Indian War, the last thing it wanted was an America whose inhabitants would outnumber Britain. Colonies were for looting, and the British Empire's policy was genocidal. Had the policies of the Empire been enforced to the letter of the law, America's population would have stagnated and then declined. But Americans fought the policies and went around them just enough to keep the population growing.

By 1774, it was clear to many Americans that the British Empire was not keen on the large number of marriages and resulting offspring that America was producing. Franklin was currently serving as a representative of a number of American colonies in London, and he was battling the Empire's policies with everything at his command, which included sending satirical letters to the London press, signed with a number of pseudonyms. The strongly ironic "Legislative Act" which he wrote in the spring of 1774, however, was published in Philadelphia. The seemingly ridiculous fees, criminal penalties, and license for murder contained in the Act served to force the readers to think about how similar were the actual effects of Britain's policies on the possibility for a growing and optimistic population to those targetted in Franklin's satire.

Franklin opened by declaring that, "All the Printers of News Papers in the British Colonies, are requested to publish the following Act of Parliament; which it is said, will be passed the End of the present Session, or the Beginning of the next."

The title of the supposed legislation was listed as, "An Act for the more effectual keeping of his Majesty's American Colonies dependent on the Crown of Great-Britain, and to enforce their Obedience to all such Acts of Parliament as may be necessary for that Purpose."

The Pennsylvania Journal of June 29, 1774 then published the text of the erstwhile bill:

"WHEREAS it is found by experience that Colonies which are planted by Governments, or otherwise dependent on them, do at some time or other, form themselves into unwarrantable and rebellious Associations, and by their perseverance therein, entirely throw off their dependence and subjection to such Parent State:

"And whereas the British Plantations, in America, have of late, discovered a disposition to follow the same steps, and, in all likelihood, will, if not speedily prevented, form themselves into a separate and independent Government, to the great detriment of the other parts of the British Empire, to the dishonour of his Majesty, and to the prejudice of the trade of this Kingdom in particular: and whereas the great ENCREASE of People, in said Colonies, has an immediate tendency to produce this effect—

"To the end therefore that such evil designs may not be carried into execution, and that the said Colonies and Plantations may be, at all times hereafter, kept in due subordination to the authority of the British Parliament,

"Be it enacted by the King's most excellent Majesty, by, and with the advice and consent of the Lords spiritual and temporal, and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, and by authority of the same.

"1. That no person whatever who shall, from and after the passing of this Act, transport him or herself, from the Kingdoms of Great-Britain and Ireland, or the Islands thereunto belonging, to any of his Majesty's Plantations in America, with intent to settle and dwell therein for any longer time than the space of seven years, shall presume to depart from the said Kingdoms, until he or she, so transporting him or herself, shall pay, at the Custom-House of the Port, from which such vessel shall take out her clearance, the sum of Fifty Pounds, sterling money of Great-Britain:

"And be it further enacted that for every child, or servant, which shall be so transported by the parent, or master, the like sum of Fifty Pounds shall be paid in manner aforesaid.—

"And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if any person shall transport him, or herself, or procure themselves to be transported, contrary to this Act, every person, so offending, shall be adjudged guilty of felony without benefit of clergy—and that the Captain of the vessel, in which such person shall be so transported, contrary to this Act, shall forfeit and pay, for any such person, the sum of 500 Pounds sterling money aforesaid.

"2. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that if any person, who shall transport him, or herself, from the Kingdoms aforesaid, to any of his Majesty's Plantations, in America, with intent to stay and dwell therein, for any space of time less than seven years, shall nevertheless stay, dwell and abide therein, beyond the said space of seven years, such person so staying, dwelling, and abiding, in any of his Majesty's Plantations, in America, shall be adjudged guilty of felony without benefit of clergy.

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LaRouche Editorial:

Time Is Running Out for the U.S.A.
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 22, 2006
The seemingly incredible anarchy and reckless disregard for reality within the Democratic Party's Senate contingent, will cause knowledgeable U.S. citizens, and foreign observers, to wonder if the U.S.A. will still be a functioning nation at the close of this calendar year. Since mid-February of this year, there is very little within the Democratic caucus in the Senate which resembles the lovely quality of leadership which that same caucus showed on—many, but not all— crucial issues of the time, during 2005.


Felix Rohatyn's 'al-Qaeda' Destroyed American Industry
by EIR Staff

What international investment bank has consulted in the disappearance of every formerly major American steel company? Felix Rohatyn's Lazard Fre`res. What investment bank set up the infamous United Airlines employee ownership plan of 1994—which lost each employee's every dollar of stock—and has 'consulted,' altogether, seven major airlines into bankruptcy and/or liquidation? Lazard Fre`res.

  • Bankruptcy Code Revamped To Wreck Industry, Labor
    Reorganization of a distressed company under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code—once an instrument for the protection of the General Welfare—has become perverted in recent years into a tool by which 'vulture capitalists' and foreign financiers such as Felix Rohatyn's Lazard Fre`res, can take over industrial firms, dump their pensions and health-care programs, tear up union contracts, and then sell off the assets at a handsome profit.

Looking Behind The Venetian Curtain
by John Hoefle

In the world of international finance, there are those who steer events, and those who react to events. While the latter are often better known, greater in number, and seemingly more powerful, true power rests with the former. At the center of the global financial system, squatting like a spider at the center of its web, are the ultramontane imperialists, the Venetian financier oligarchy and its Norman chivalric partners.

Rohatyn's Fascist Roots Are Showing
by Jeffrey Steinberg and Pierre Beaudry

During and immediately following the Second World War, U.S. intelligence agencies, including Military Intelligence, the State Department, and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), developed exhaustive files on the Synarchist International, the international financier and industrial cartel behind the Fascist and Nazi Axis.

LaRouche's Warnings on Auto Crisis, Rohatyn
Although Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly warned Congress to take emergency action to save the auto sector, as a crucial component of U.S. strategic machine-tool capability, no significant action has been taken. Here are some of LaRouche's key statements...


Call for New Bretton Woods Now Published in Tehran
The publication of Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar's analysis of the U.S. financial crisis, and call for a New Bretton Woods, which we reprint below, from the English-language Tehran Times of June 19, reflects an accelerating debate and discussion within the Eurasian land-bloc about alternatives to the current bankrupt U.S. dollar-based financial system. Dr. Bakhtiar's article was first published in www.pravda.ru, and has appeared on a number of other websites as well.

Technological Optimism Returns to Russia
by Jonathan Tennenbaum
During a visit to Moscow May 13-20, the author had the opportunity to see one of a remarkable series of films made for Russian national television by the young producer Ivan Sidelnikov, which take a fresh and upbeat look at Russia's past and future position in the world.

Conference Report
LaRouche Youth Movement Organizes Continentwide for Nuclear Power
by Liza Nino (LYM) and Valerie Rush

The First International Forum on Nuclear Energy, keynoted by videoconference by U.S. statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche, and held on June 15 simultaneously in Mexico City and Buenos Aires, was the opening salvo in an escalating campaign by the LaRouche movement and friends across the Americas to bring about the urgently needed industrialization of the continent, spearheaded by nuclear power.

Dialogue With LaRouche
Leaders Must Tell People What To Do

Here are questions posed to Lyndon LaRouche, along with his answers, after his June 15, 2006 videoconference on 'The Role of Oil in the Transition to Nuclear Energy,' organized by the LaRouche Youth Movement and EIR, with audiences in Mexico and Argentina. The session was moderated by Mexican LYM leader Ingrid Torres.

How U.S.Machine-Tool Sector Was Destroyed
Here are excerpts from a presentation by EIR economics editor Paul Gallagher to the the second panel of the June 15, 2006 Mexico-Argentina video conference on nuclear energy, exposing the shocking destruction of the U.S. machine-tool sector.

Africa Needs DDT: World Bank at Fault
by Fiona Kobusingye-Boynes

It is an unspeakable tragedy. Malaria infects 400 million Africans every year, leaving them unable to work, attend school, cultivate fields, care for their families or build our nations. It costs Uganda over $700 million annually in lost productivity, millions of hours spent caring for sick children and parents, countless potential Einsteins, Beethovens, and Martin Luther Kings.

  • Who's Stopping DDT From Saving Lives?
    by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

    As malaria continues to kill one child every 30 seconds in sub-Saharan Africa, and 500 people per day in Uganda alone, officials in the European Union have threatened to ban agricultural imports from Uganda if the country begins to spray the indoor walls of houses withDDTto combat the mosquitoborne disease. Indoor spraying with DDT is by far the most effective preventive against malaria.

European Auto Sector On the Chopping Block
by Rainer Apel

European labor union leaders have long been in denial about the future of their industry, insisting that the kind of massive job cuts occurring in the United States 'won't happen here.' But times are changing, as the axe is beginning to fall. It is dawning on some union officials that management is no longer interested in producing cars, but only in financial speculation.


Why Did the Senate Democrats Join the Anti-Kerry Campaign?
by Tony Papert

On Wednesday, June 21, the pustule of a weeks-old scandal broke open on the floor of the U.S. Senate, when it became plain that most Senate Democrats had either joined or condoned a strongarm campaign against John Kerry of Massachusetts, to try to force him to drop legislation requiring withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq within a year (subject to certain exclusions and guarantees).

The Iran Offer That Cheney Sabotaged
The following letter was sent in May 2003 from the Iranian government to the U.S. government. Vice President Cheney intervened to sabotage its implementation. Its text was leaked by Iranian government officials within days of the Bush Administration's June 2006 decision to resume talks with Iran. Several Bush Administration officials have confirmed its authenticity.

Support Broadens For Congress To Save Machine Tools
by Anita Gallagher

Since the publication of back-to-back three-quarter-page ads in the Capitol Hill weeklies The Hill) and Roll Call on June 7-8, and the lobbying wave of some 25 local elected officials and union officers in teams with about 25 LaRouche Youth on the Hill, June 8, support for Lyndon LaRouche's Emergency Recovery Act of 2006 has grown. One sign of the spreading support is more than 100 new endorsers of the statement published in the ad, demanding that Congress enact this legislation at once.

Congressional Closeup
by Carl Osgood

Bipartisan Worries Grow Over Bush Iran Policy Echoes of Lyndon LaRouche's warning about the dangers of a U.S. strike on Iran have sounded in the U.S. Congress, from both sides of the aisle. On June 8, a group of 11 conservative Republicans sent a letter to President Bush calling for opening direct talks with Iran on the matter of its nuclear program.


Shultz Brings 'Operation Condor' to the Philippines
by Mike Billington

Although there may be no apparent direct connection between the recent wave of assassinations of 'leftist' political activists in the Philippines, and the similar mass executions of communists, trade unionists, social activists, and others during the 'dirty wars' of the 1970s and 1980s in Argentina, Chile, and other-Ibero American nations, the international banking figures who orchestrated these atrocities are identical. George Shultz, in particular, was a leading controller of the fascist Pinochet regime in Chile, and the murderous 'Operation Condor' which wiped out thousands deemed a threat to that regime. So, too, is Shultz the key figure over the past 20 years in destroying the sovereignty of the Philippines, and forging the emerging political dictatorship in that nation.

Conference Report
Alleviating Suffering, Or Preventing War?
by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Ninety percent of all victims of war are civilians, and the lion's share of them are women and children. They are counted among the dead and wounded, but also among the victims of rape, ethnic cleansing, and expulsion from their homelands. Cast off into foreign lands, they live as refugees or recipients of asylum, if they are lucky; if not they are condemned to live the life of 'illegals,' struggling to eke out a subsistence for themselves and their families. Children who are separated from their families, by war, or who are thrown into destitution, are recruitable as child soldiers, and find in their new combat brigades a surrogate family.

Cheney and Netanyahu Conspiring for War?
by Dean Andromidas

Benjamin Netanyahu, chairman of the Israeli Likud party, met with Vice President Dick Cheney during the World Forum conference organized by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Beaver Creek, Colorado, on June 16-18. According to the Jerusalem Post, 'Netanyahu spoke at great length on the Iranian issue' with Cheney. Also at the conference was Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The fact that the Bush Administration's two top hawks, who have been leading the charge for a military strike on Iran, were meeting with Netanyahu raises the question of whether their rendezvous constituted a planning session for a U.S.-Israeli strike against Iran.


LaRouche: `The Immortality of Martin Luther King'

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

speaks to the Martin Luther King Day Prayer Breakfast in Talladega County, Alabama on Jan. 19, 2004


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