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Published: Tuesday, Sept.19, 2006

Volume 5, Issue Number 38

This Week You Need To Know:

On the Press Hoax Against the Pope:
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Sept. 17 (EIRNS)—Let the faithful of Islam hear my warning words, before it is too late for us to prevent a terrible consequence for all humanity!

The founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was born during the reign of the evil Roman Emperor Augustus, and was murdered, through crucifixion, by the order of the Pontius Pilate who was the personal agent of the frankly satanic Emperor Tiberius, who was resident, with his retinue of Mithra-cultists, at his headquarters at the truly capriolic Isle of Capri.

The chronicle of these events was supplied by the four accounts of the Christian Apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; a deeper insight into the chronicled events was supplied by the Apostle John. The deeper understanding of the Christian mission, as I share presently relevant elements of this knowledge, was supplied, to the present day, by the Testament and Letters of the Apostle John and the Letters of the Apostle Paul.

So, when Rome's prolonged policy of mass murder of Christians failed to destroy Christianity, the evil Emperor Diocletian gave up the tactic of mass-murder, not because he was humane, but because he was a smart and infinitely corrupt tyrant who was shrewd enough to abandon what had been proven to be a hopeless quest...



This Week's News Updates:
for the
Proposed Rail Development Corridors.

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This Week in
American History

September 19 — 25, 1776

Nathan Hale and John Andre: Two Cases of Military Justice

After Gen. George Washington evacuated his Continental Army troops from their hopeless position on Brooklyn Heights during the wee hours of Aug. 29, 1776, the Americans still faced an overwhelmingly superior British and Hessian land and sea force, determined to possess New York City and its ample harbor. During the early weeks of September, as the British maneuvered to capture Manhattan Island, Washington moved his forces northward on the island and encamped on the Harlem Plains, just north of, what is today, 125th Street.

On Sept. 15, the British Army, with naval support on both the Hudson and East Rivers, occupied southern Manhattan and halted at what is now 42nd Street. Generals Howe and Clinton ensconced themselves in the Beekman mansion on Murray Hill, and sent an expedition northward the next day to probe for the American positions. This expedition suffered a shocking defeat at American hands in what was called the "Hollow Way," a dip between two northern Manhattan hills.

A few days before Sept. 15, General Washington had asked Lt. Col. Thomas Knowlton to recruit a few men to go behind the enemy lines to scout out British positions and troop movements. Capt. Nathan Hale commanded a company of Knowlton's men, and when he heard of the mission, some tried to dissuade him from volunteering. He replied: "I am fully sensible of the consequences of discovery and capture in such a situation. But for a year, I have been attached to the army, and have not rendered any material service." According to Hale's sergeant, Hale twice visited George Washington to discuss the route he would follow, the precautions he must take, and what his cover story would be.

Despite the American victory at the "Hollow Way," the Continental Army was still in a very dangerous position, for the British Navy was free to enter Long Island Sound and land troops on its northern shore. From there, the British could swing northwestward to the Hudson, trapping the Americans between them and the British forces on Manhattan. Washington was keenly aware of this possibility, which General William Howe would indeed try to implement in October, and ordered the Continental Army to march northward into the more defensible hills of Westchester County. But the inadequate number of wagons to carry armaments and supplies, and the starving condition of the horses, made progress very slow, and the retreating army was stretched out in a long, thin, and very vulnerable line.

As this retreat was beginning, Nathan Hale was travelling to Connecticut in order to cross Long Island Sound. Captain Hale had graduated from Yale in 1773, where his good friend and fellow classmate was Benjamin Tallmadge, who also joined the Continental Army and became one of George Washington's most trusted intelligence officers. Nathan Hale had taught school after his graduation until July of 1775, when he joined the Connecticut Militia and, shortly later, became an officer in the Continental Army. Because of his former occupation, Hale was to go to Long Island in the guise of a schoolmaster looking for work, carrying his college diploma with him.

Caleb Brewster's whaleboaters ferried Hale successfully across Long Island Sound, but unfortunately a British patrol ship caught a glimpse of the whaleboat returning, and surmised that it had dropped off a spy. One of the passengers on the British ship was Robert Rogers, the leader of the near-savage Rogers' Rangers during the French and Indian War. Rogers had been going back and forth between the Americans and British trying to sell his services to the highest bidder, and the British won him after George Washington had serious doubts about Rogers' motives. Rogers set himself the task of discovering the spy who had landed by boat, and he ranged Long Island in pursuit, alerting the Tories to be on the lookout for strangers.

Nathan Hale, meanwhile, headed along the coast road toward Manhattan, taking note of troop deployments. He had finished his work, and was returning to the American base on upper Manhattan, when a group of Tories, one of them a distant relative, recognized him and reported him to the British Army.

Hale's captors, among whom was the triumphant Robert Rogers, brought him to Howe's headquarters on Sept. 21, a day when the British were in a particularly vengeful mood. Near midnight on Sept. 20, a fire had broken out in New York and the flames were fanned by a brisk wind. It is still unclear how the fire started—some trace it to British soldiers' wives who started a cooking fire with long pieces of wood and then left the aftermath unattended; the British claimed it was set by American partisans.

Whatever the cause, Howe did not allow the bulk of his troops to fight the fire, because he feared a night attack by the Americans. British patrols, however, were in the streets and when they suspected Americans were setting other fires, they summarily threw the suspects—several men and one woman—into the flames. By the end of the night, 500 houses had been destroyed, and the British never attempted to rebuild the devastated area during their long years of occupation of the city.

While the remains of the gutted buildings were still smouldering, Nathan Hale was brought to British Army headquarters on Manhattan. General Howe signed Hale's death warrant, without benefit of a trial, and Hale was put under the guard of the provost marshal, William Cunningham. Cunningham, who kept Hale's diploma as a souvenir, would be hanged in London in 1791 for forgery. On the scaffold, he confessed that he had caused the deaths of 2,000 prisoners by starvation and cruelty. He sold the prisoners' rations for profit, and sometimes, when the mood struck him, he hurried them to their graves by poisoning them.

The execution was scheduled for 11:00 the next morning at the artillery park. Hale was denied his request to see a clergyman, but he was able to write a letter to his mother and to a fellow American officer. On the scaffold, Hale was very composed, and made a short address to the crowd, talking of the righteousness of the American cause, the duty of every good soldier to obey the orders of his commander-in-chief, and urging the British soldiers to be ready to meet death in whatever shape it might appear.

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Latest From The LaRouche Youth Movement

Superconductivity Conference
Seattle LYM Conduct Between the Notes

by Wesley Irwin, LaRouche Youth Movement

LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) organizers attended the week-long Applied Superconductivity Conference in Seattle, Washington, Aug. 27-Sept. 1, to interject some scientific and economic reality, and to learn more about the amazing technology of superconductivity. We found an open response from hundreds of scientists, who need our help in keeping science alive. We happily discussed solutions to the breakdown of the U.S. science orientation, and the ongoing global economic breakdown.

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A Eurasian Dialogue With LaRouche on Economic Progress
Sept. 6, 2006 marked the beginning of a new phase of public international dialogue between American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, and leading political and scientific personalities in the countries of Eurasia, in particular, on the crucial questions of international economic development over the next 50 years.

Dialogue Continues by E-Mail After Berlin
Of the many questions and comments that came in to the Berlin webcast both before and during the Sept. 6 event, from international scientists, political leaders, and others, the following were answered by Mr. LaRouche after the webcast, by e-mail, as of Sept. 12.

  • Global and Regional Dimensions of the SCO
    by Prof. S.G. Luzyanin

    Prof. S.G. Luzyanin is a senior scientific researcher from the Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, working on current questions of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and security in Central Asia. He sent this paper, titled 'The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO); Its Development During 2006; Global and Regional Dimensions' (Aug. 24, 2006) to the Berlin conference, and it was summarized during the question period.
  • The SCO and 50-Year Development Prospects
    by R.G. Tomberg

    Professor Tomberg is a scholar at the Center for External Economic Research, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Moscow. He sent this letter to the Berlin conference on Sept. 4.
  • Primakov Issues Book On Mideast Prospects
    Vladimir B. Isakov, the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, who works directly under the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Yevgeni M. Primakov, former Prime Minister of Russia, sent this contribution to the Berlin conference.
  • Support for LaRouche's Long-Term Perspective
    by Prof. O.L. Kuznetsov and Prof. B.Ye. Bolshakov

    Professor Kuznetsov is the Rector and Professor Bolshakov is a professor, at the Dubna University of Nature, Society, and Man, in Dubna, Russia. They were long-time collaborators of the late Dr. Pobisk G. Kuznetsov (see a commemoration in EIR, Dec. 28, 2001). Dr. O.L. Kuznetsov is also president of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. They sent this paper to the Berlin conference (translated from Russian by EIR). Mr. LaRouche's comments on this and related contributions were published in last week's issue.
  • Nuclear Energy and Sustained Development
    by Dr. Stanislav Subbotin

    Dr. Subbotin is from the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow, an associate of Academician Ye.P. Velikhov. The full title of his paper, submitted to the Berlin conference, is 'Nuclear Energy As the Basis for Transition to a Sustainable Development Trajectory' (excerpted here and translated from Russian by EIR). His remarks were summarized at the conference, and Lyndon LaRouche's comments appeared in last week's issue.
  • Can We Establish a New Bretton Woods?
    by Prof. Dai Lunzhang

    The following comments and questions were posed by Prof. Dai Lunzhang, former chief economist of the Central Bank of China, first vice president of the China International Economic Relations Society, and one of China's leading experts in banking and finance, presently manager of an investment company in Shanghai. He was joined in his remarks by Dr. Zhang Yun and Mr. Dai Jun, MA in International Relations.


LaRouche Demands Immediate Impeachment of Bush, Cheney
Lyndon LaRouche has called on all patriotic Americans to join him in pressing for the immediate impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. LaRouche issued the call Sept. 11, in the immediate aftermath of three developments...

Committee Finds No Saddam-al-Qaeda Link
Following are excerpts from the conclusions of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report dealing with allegations of Iraqi links to al-Qaeda. This section of the SSCI report was approved by a 14:1 vote in the Committee.

Behind the ABC 9/11 Docudrama
The Axis of YWAM
by Anton Chaitkin
'Youth With A Mission,' the global religious group that cooked up the hoax 'The Path to 9/11,' a docudrama aired on ABC Sept. 10-11, is, underneath its public cover, the organization created in the 1920s-1930s by the notorious pro-Nazi Frank Buchman. Above cover, it was known during and after World War II as Moral Rearmament, and also as the National Prayer Breakfast Movement or 'The Fellowship' or 'The Family.'

  • YWAM Celebrates Founder Frank Buchman
    In 1990, Youth With A Mission created an organizational sub-entity called the International Reconciliation Coalition, a psychological profiling initiative aimed mostly at 'indigenous people' in the former colonial sector, an initiative modelled on Frank Buchman's operations in Caux, Switzerland.


Iran: Turning the Tables On the War Party
by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Those neo-cons in Washington who are itching to let the bombs fly on Iran, have been hit with two important documents, which effectively expose the campaign of lies and manipulation mounted to justify belligerent action against the Persian Gulf nation.


Ford Is Repeating Delphi's Destruction As Auto Sales Fall
by Paul Gallagher

With the announcement by the United Auto Workers to its locals on Sept. 14, of a massive retirement buyout by Ford Motor Co. across its entire North American production workforce, and with a late-August plunge in U.S. auto sales across the board, the auto industry's collapse in the United States is picking up speed.

The U.S. Electric Grid Is Reaching the End Game
by Marsha Freeman

This Summer, three decades of underinvestment and looting of the U.S. electrical industry grid system came home to roost. Aweek-long blackout inNewYork City, calls for 'voluntary' conservation, the shutting off of power to large industrial enterprises, and lowering of voltages across the nation, were all evidence of the wreckage that has been made of this most critical infrastructure.

Drive Your Car and Starve!
U.S. Corn Belt Shifts to Ethanol
by Marcia Merry Baker
There are drastic agriculture shifts associated with the rising biofuels bubble, in particular corn for ethanol, as the accompanying figures show. The gasoline used by one SUV with a 25-gallon tank, for one year, is equivalent to the grain needed to sustain one person for one year, estimates Lester Brown, the founder and spokesman for Worldwatch Institute.

One Year After Katrina, Huge Rebuilding Task Remains
by Mary Jane Freeman

One year after the worst natural disaster in the nation's history struck the Gulf Coast, the monumental task of rebuilding the lives, communities, and economies demolished by Hurricane Katrina still remains.

China's 'Western Development' Spurs Growth of the Eurasian Land-Bridge
by William Jones
The Eurasian Land-Bridge conference, held in Beijing in 1996, with the participation of a Schiller Institute delegation headed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche truly represented a far-sighted and optimistic vision for the development of the Eurasian land-mass and its peoples.

Superconductivity Conference
Seattle LYM Conduct Between the Notes
by Wesley Irwin, LaRouche Youth Movement

LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) organizers attended the week-long Applied Superconductivity Conference in Seattle, Washington, Aug. 27-Sept. 1, to interject some scientific and economic reality, and to learn more about the amazing technology of superconductivity. We found an open response from hundreds of scientists, who need our help in keeping science alive. We happily discussed solutions to the breakdown of the U.S. science orientation, and the ongoing global economic breakdown.

Youth Movement:

The Mexican Republic Requires a Renaissance
by the LaRouche Youth Movement in Mexico

The following document was prepared by the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) in Mexico for the National Democratic Convention (NDC) convoked by Andre´s Manuel Lo´pez Obrador for Mexico's Independence Day, Sept. 16, to discuss what comes next in the battle to save Mexico from its current path towards disintegration. The document, published as a beautiful 16-page pamphlet (available at www.wlym.com/~span ish), was translated into English by Gabriela Arroyo and Hector Antonio Rivas, Jr. from the LYM in the United States.


Throw the Bums Out
Syndicated columnist Robert Novak weighed in on Sept. 14 with his own account of former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage's role in leaking the identity of former CIA clandestine officer Valerie Plame, charging that Colin Powell's deputy had gone out of his way to 'out' the wife of Ambassador Joseph Wilson. While Novak's account of his private discussion with Armitage may prove accurate, it says nothing about the underlying subject of Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's probe: Was there a politically driven policy decision at the White House to expose Valerie Plame? And if so, who was responsible?

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