Volume 33, Number 10, March 10, 2006


LaRouche: The Urgency of the American System Today  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche delivered this keynote speech to EIR’s March 2 Berlin seminar. Addressing a primarily European audience, he described his task as, “first of all, to describe the general situation, and the relationship of what’s happening in the United States, to what the fate of Europe and other parts of the world is going to be. And secondly, to indicate some of the problems, particularly on economic conceptions which stand in the way of competent thinking about economic policy, in the United States to some degree, but emphatically in Europe: that the failure to understand economics in the way that is needed now, is one of the biggest impediments in Europe. And I think I shall make clear to you, what these impediments are.”


Collapse of Carry Trade Would Blow Out Financial System

by L. Wolfe

News reports of an imminent collapse of the speculative “yen carry trade,” prompted Lyndon LaRouche to say, “Let it happen. The system is doomed under any circumstances, and we know what must be done to create a new, stable financial system, based on the principles of Franklin Roosevelt’s original Bretton Woods System.”

Where We Stand in the Battle To Save the Machine-Tool Sector

by Nancy Spannaus

A team from the LaRouche Youth Movement interviewed political figures and trade unionists in Ohio and Michigan on the crisis in the auto industry and the need for retooling.

LaRouche: Senate Must Stop Flim-Flamming, Save Auto

Science & Technology

World’s Water Wells Are Drying Up!  

by Lance Endersbee

Australian Professor Lance Endersbee reviews the disastrous state of world groundwater, and shows why it is not replenished by rainfall, contrary to the textbook models.

Solve the Water Crisis with Nuclear Desalination

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht


Only Removing Cheney Will Avert War and Dictatorship  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

A bipartisan group of legislators and policymakers has concluded that Bush must take some emergency action to save his Presidency. A housecleaning, they say, is urgently needed—and the starting point must be the Vice President.

Israel Near Detonation: Will the Abramoff Factor Sink Bibi?  

by Anton Chaitkin

An exclusive exposé of the corrupt Jack Abramoff’s connections to organized crime, fascist guerrilla movements, and death squads. This is the crew gunning for the election of Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu in Israel.

The Abramoff Family and the Mob Families  

by Anton Chaitkin

Abramoff, the Russian Mob, and Israel  

by Anton Chaitkin

Ohio Reps Hold Hearing To Save Auto Industry

Rebuild United States by Retooling Auto Industry

Ohio State Rep. Catherine Barrett’s Concurrent Resolution HRC 22.

National News


Netanyahu Pushes Sharon’s ‘Jordan Is Palestine’ War Plan

by Dean Andromidas

For two decades, “Jordan is Palestine” was at the center of Ariel Sharon’s strategic thinking, in which a war launched against Jordan, or the collapse of the Jordanian monarchy, would provide the pretext to expel Palestinians from theWest Bank. This is now on the agenda of Likud party candidate for the Prime Minister’s office, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Will London’s Schemes for Mexico’s Elections Be Overturned?

by Gretchen Small

Thailand and the Philippines Hit By Synarchist Destabilizations

by Michael Billington

Presidential Candidate Cheminade Gives France a Sense of the Future Again

by Karel Vereycken

Documentation: “Why I Am a Candidate,” by Jacques Cheminade.

LaRouche Webcast

A Washington Dialogue with LaRouche on Statesmanship  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Questions and answers from Lyndon LaRouche’s Feb. 23 Washington webcast, covering the gamut of issues in foreign policy, economics, and how to deal with evil SOBs like Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.


Phil Cavanaugh

The County Commissioner of Wayne County, Michigan, which encompasses Detroit, discusses the takedown of the city which used to be called the Arsenal of Democracy.

LaMar Lemmons, III

A Democratic State Representative from Michigan, Lemmons has introduced a resolution calling on Congress to convert the automobile industry for production of the infrastructure the nation needs, such as high-speed rail and high-tech power plants.

Oscar Bunch

A UAW leader in Toledo, Ohio emphasizes that the U.S. automotive workforce has the skills required for retooling.

Marty Green

Green is a skilled-trades representative of UAW Local 730 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His plant is a major production source for metal-stamping parts for General Motors.

Joe Joseph

The president of UAW Local 1970 in Dearborn, Michigan, says “there’s no reason for these plants to close, which was caused by this free trade.”


Their Objective Is Chaos