Volume 33, Number 22, June 2, 2006


Ethanol Madness: End the Great 2006 Bio-Fuels Swindle  

As an ethanol-market bubble builds up, repeated public falsehoods about the “bio-fuels alternative” are starting to rival Cheney’s lying about Iraq.

Ethanol: Not a Kernel of Science in It  

by Laurence Hecht

How the burning of alcohols actually compares to that of fossil fuels—and to nuclear power, the obvious target of the ethanol hoaxsters.

Brazil’s ‘Bio-Fuel Republic’ Is Murder!

by Cynthia R. Rush

The Brazil ethanol model is virtual agricultural slave labor, and waves of inflation.

Bio-Cons, Neo-Greens: Shultz Boys’ Corn Scam

by Chrustine Craig

ADM, Cargill—The Enron and Halliburton of the Ethanol Swindle

by Marcia Merry Baker

Documentation: ADM/Cargill Record of Global Corruption.

Nebraska Farm Report: Bio-Fuels Mania


Libby’s Defense: ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Dick Cheney’s state of mind becomes, at last, the central focus of Special Counsel Fitzgerald’s investigation.

Documentation: Special Counsel Filing on Lewis Libby, May 24.

Documentation: Exhibits Attached to May 24 Filing.

Documentation: Special Counsel Filing on Lewis Libby, May 12.

National News


LaRouche Warns: Cheney Plans To Launch Iran Strike in June  

Carrier groups in position, and World Cup soccer terror threat, are key elements. LaRouche’s May 24 warning has circulated worldwide.

Who Is Planning World Soccer Terror?  

by Claudio Celani

LaRouche Warned vs. Cheney Terror Threat

by Dean Andromidas

LYM Brings Reality to Mexican Elections

by Dennis Small

U.S.-Russia Chill Felt At World Russian Forum

by William Jones

Relations called “at lowest point in 20 years” after Cheney diatribe, despite Putin’s “FDR” speech.

A Moscow Phase Shift: Youth Are the Future

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Jonathan Tennenbaum’s on-the-scene report of evidence of a “cultural phase-change” in Russia.

Tennenbaum on Radio: A Russian Dialogue on LaRouche’s Ideas

An Indictment of Globalization: The Case of the Philippines

A colloquy of EIR’s editors with Antonio “Butch” Valdes, organizer of the Philippines LaRouche Society.

LaRouche Speaks to the Philippines

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


China’s Three Gorges Dam Completed Ahead of Schedule  

by William Jones

One of the major “spin-offs” envisioned by Roosevelt’s TVA is realized in 2006—the target of furious environmentalist polemics.

Take a Reality Check: The Financial Blowout Is Currently Under Way

Germans Nervous About Hedge Fund Crisis

by Rainer Apel

Put Millions to Work: Expand the Public Health, VA Hospital Systems

by Marcia Merry Baker and Edward Spannaus

Uninsured Crisis Spurs Conyers’ Push for H.R. 676

by Patricia Salisbury

Avian Flu Readiness: Progress on Vaccines, Stall-Out on Logistics

by Christine Craig


Fighting To Save Our Way of Life