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This article appears in the June 2, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Who Is Planning World Soccer Terror?

by Claudio Celani

A potential major terrorist attack in the context of the World Soccer Championship in Germany for months has been the primary issue of concern of German and European police authorities. As the June 9 opening day of the games nears, a new factor has been added to the conventional scenarios: the announced mobilization of neo-Nazi hooligans in support of Iran, as Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made it known that he would like to be present at the games played by his national team.

The introduction of the Iran element makes it obvious for every serious political strategist, that what we are dealing with here, has to do with strategies for world government being cooked up, not in basement hideouts of deranged soccer hooligans, but in sky-high offices in Washington and London. In fact, whereas police forces in Germany are looking for potential terrorist threats at ground level, they should raise their eyes to those who, in this moment, would want a major terrorist incident, for the purpose of building a world dictatorship.

The intersection of two events, the World Cup championship and the arrival in mid-June of the one French and three U.S. naval carrier groups in the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf, near Iran, provide the muscle for attempting a global coup by the Cheney crowd.

Neo-Nazi Mobilization

The World Cup Soccer tournament will last from June 9 to July 9, during which period there will be 62 matches in 14 German cities, culminating with the finals game in Berlin. This is perhaps the largest sports event in the world, which takes place every fourth year. It is calculated that millions of fans will travel to Germany, whereas 2 billion will watch it on TV throughout the world.

Although hooligan violence has become a rather "routine" matter on those occasions in which British, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, and other radical fan groups come together in a competing national context, this time, a new dimension was added: The Iranian President announced plans to travel to Germany to watch the games involving the national team. This has offered the pretext to neo-Nazi groupings to announce demonstrations and marches in support of "our friend," the "anti-Semitic" Ahmadinejad. A demonstration has been announced for June 17 in Frankfurt, when Iran will play Portugal. In Leipzig, the right-wing NPD (National Democratic Party) will activate itself for the Iran-Angola match, and in Nuremberg for the Iran-Mexico game.

The NPD mobilization involves not only Iran: A march in Gelsenkirchen has been announced for June 10, to follow the match involving Poland. Polish hooligans are notoriously among the most violent on the soccer scene. The police have prohibited the demonstration.

The Italians have announced a new organization, called "Ultras Italia," which popped up first in 2002, and collects hooligans from the most active, neo-Nazi-dominated fan groupings throughout the country. Italian hooligans have announced special effects for the Italy-U.S.A match, on June 17, in Kaiserslautern.

The picture will be filled out by the other main actors on the scene: 20,000 British hooligans will arrive in Frankfurt June 10 for the England-Paraguay match, for which only 10,000 have tickets. Also, the Dutch hooligans, with Nazi-like orange helmets, the national color, are expected.

Although there will be plenty of opportunity for "spontaneous" violence, actions have seemingly been planned by the groups, in a secret meeting in mid-March, at Hitler's birthplace, the town of Braunau, in Austria.

`Secret' Planning Meeting

According to a report published by Italian journalist Paolo Berizzi, in La Repubblica of March 20, about 70 members of neo-Nazi-dominated hooligan organizations met in Braunau to plan violent actions during the World Cup tournament in Germany. "Thus we will set the World Cup on fire," was the headline of the report, quoting from a document, reportedly signed by the participants, which sets the target of disrupting public order through actions aimed against Islamic and other representatives from "the South of the world."

How does it happen that a journalist is invited to a secret meeting to plan terrorist actions? Journalist Berizzi claims he infiltrated the meeting as a member of the Italian hooligan scene. Whatever the truth is, public media attention is useful to the string-pullers, if their aim is to pull off something sensational, and to blame it on Iran, furthering the strategic aims mentioned earlier. In any case, the meeting was confirmed by German intelligence, according to a report in Tageszeitung March 30.

Now, let's look at this from a higher standpoint: Hooligan organizations are controlled by neo-Nazi groupings, which belong to an umbrella organization, the "European National Front," begun in Spain in November 2002, under the joint initiative of the old Franco-era Minister Blas Piñar and Italian neo-fascist leader Roberto Fiore. The formation of the ENF was completed in 2004, and includes, among others: Blas Piñar's Frente Español, Fiore's Forza Nuova, the French Renouveau Français, the German NPD, and the Polish Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski (NOP, National Rebirth of Poland).

The control of these organizations over radical hooligan teams is well documented. In the case of Forza Nuova, the fan clubs of both soccer clubs, Roma and Lazio, are organized in a network of radical right-wing groups, controlled by the "Black Thing" (La Cosa Nera), the new neo-fascist cartel formed by Roberto Fiore, Alessandra Mussolini, Adriano Tilgher, and Luca Romagnoli.

As EIR has previously reported, Roberto Fiore is a veteran of the Strategy of Tension, as he was leader of an organization called Terza Posizione, considered to be the political arm of the terrorist NAR (Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari), responsible for several terrorist acts, including the 1980 Bologna train-station massacre.

Forza Nuova controls the Curva (soccer fan clubs) through a sub-organization called Base Autonoma, whose leaders have made a career in Forza Nuova. The leader of Base Autonoma is Fiore's brother-in-law, Giuliano Castellino. In turn, Base Autonoma moves through soccer-fan organizations, such as Tradizione e Distinzione (Rome) and Banda de Noantri (Lazio). Across such fan groups, an extremely violent wing has emerged, which has targetted especially the police. This wing is backed by a sort of legal support organization led by Prof. Paolo Signorelli, another figure familiar from the years of right-wing terrorism. Signorelli, now in his sixties, was indicted, and then acquitted, for his role as chief ideologue of the terrorist organization Ordine Nuovo.

Using a recent police law, which, in case of soccer riots, expands the in flagrante limit to 36 hours, police arrested the three Curva leaders who forced the interruption of the derby: Stefano Carriero; a neo-fascist member of Tradizione e Distinzione, Stefano Sordini, another neo-fascist leader of the Giovinezza group; and Roberto Morelli, from the AS Roma Ultras.

The next day, the three received a visit from Alessandra Mussolini, the granddaughter of the Duce, who pleaded their "innocence." And as soon as they appeared before the judge, they were freed." (For more information on this topic, see, "The Synarchist Resurgence Behind the Madrid Train Bombing of March 11, 2004," issued by LaRouche in 2004, available from EIR.)

As with the Italian scene, Polish hooligans are dominated by the NOP. And when, in reporting on the Braunau meeting, journalist Berizzi described the Spanish representative—a member of the SUR (The Francoist Fans of Real Madrid)—one is reminded that one of the suspected "Islamic terrorists" arrested in the case of the Madrid bombing attacks, Mohammed Bekkali, was a fanatical partisan of the Real Madrid soccer club.

The String-Pullers

In the meantime, this author has learned that prosecutors in Rome are conducting an investigation using material published by EIR before and after the Madrid bombing attack, March 11, 2004. It consists of warnings issued in 2003 by Lyndon LaRouche against the possibility of a 9/11-like atrocity, in which one possible source would be "defined by the cover recently assembled under Spain's leading fascist figure, Blas Piñar. Assess the potential for a relevant type of 9/11-like attack on the U.S. which would be traceable to Blas Piñar, as 9/11 was traced to Arabs."

"The most significant aspect," LaRouche continued, "of the new international regroupment under the former Franco official Blas Piñar is that it is muscular, but of an intrinsically mayfly kind of political-operational potential. It is composed, inclusively, and significantly, of small but muscular groups representing a continuation of those which were used as cover for international terrorist operations in 1970s Europe. . . . Muscular mayfly associations of international Synarchist profiles are, by their very existence, among the most likely sources of international terrorist actions; otherwise, they, like mayflies, die soon."

With "Synarchism," LaRouche means a specific historical phenomenon, identifying a nexus of financial and political interests that promoted fascist and Nazi regimes in Europe, including the Franco regime in Spain and the Codreanu government in Romania. Historically, these interests are associated with the Banque Worms in France, and the Lazard financial group. It is possible to draw a line of continuity, from the standpoint of policies—and in some cases, of personnel—from the 1930s synarchist networks to the present. Today, the Synarchists are represented by people like Dick Cheney and, at a higher level, George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn in the United States.

How do we deal with the terrorist threat? LaRouche asked in the 2003 paper. "Use intelligent political methods; expose the Synarchist International. Let people learn from the 1920-1945 wars in Europe, and Nazi subversion of South and Central America, how President Franklin Roosevelt and his leadership dealt politically with such threats. Expose Synarchism for what it actually is. Strip it of toleration by governments and churches, and send quietly waiting counterintelligence ambushes into position, to catch them if they try to move in relevant directions."

Those guidelines are the more valid today, if we want to stop Cheney's plans for world dictatorship.

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