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Lyndon LaRouche:
The Issue Is Globalization

The following opening statement was delivered by Lyndon LaRouche, at a Feb. 8 meeting of diplomats in Washington, D.C.
I'd like to bring to your attention an item in the latest edition of the London Economist magazine. I recommend that you look at it, particularly the article on page 12, which is a onepage reference to a special central feature in the same edition of that magazine: because this refers to what I'm going to deal with here today. Now, looking at the U.S. Presidential candidacies: It's a farce. These people that are running are not a farce, but what they're saying is a farce. It's totally irrelevant to anything of importance to the world today; but it's very important to them, because it's an ego-trip. But the realities are far different. You should know, first of all, that we are on the verge of the greatest financial crisis in all modern history: that is, in modern European history since the great crash in the middle of the 14th Century. The urgent financial situation is absolutely impossible; there is no solution. Present policies will lead to an absolute disaster, globally. Not just the United States, the whole world will go down; because, obviously, a collapse of the U.S. economy would mean a collapse of the China economy: because China depends currently upon exports to the United States. A similar thing is true with respect to the rest of the world.
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This Week, You Need To Know

Andropov's Blunder Still Haunts the Earth
by Rachel Douglas

Two current strategic military moves bring into focus once again, the blunder committed by the Soviet regime of Communist Party General Secretary Yuri Andropov in 1983, when Moscow rejected President Ronald Reagan's offer of Lyndon LaRouche's policy: cooperation by the two superpowers on the development of strategic defensive weapons, anti-missile systems based on "new physical principles" such as lasers, particle-beams, and other directed-energy technologies. With that decision against the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), "the Soviets played a trick on themselves," as LaRouche put it recently, and it was one with fatal consequences for their regime.

One of those current developments is the U.S./NATO in-your-face emplacement of anti-missile systems in Poland and the Czech Republic near Russia's borders, and the other is China's experimentation with the blinding of satellites last year and destruction of one of its own in January. Each is

a feature of the post-Soviet world that dramatizes, in a different way, what a lost opportunity the SDI's potential for a shift to war-avoidance, as well as generalized economic development, represented.

Neither China nor Russia intends to allow the United States to monopolize the military use of space, under the recent one-empire doctrines of the Bush-Cheney Administration. This, the Chinese test demonstrated, and the opinion of Russian First Channel TV commentator Mikhail Leontyev that "we ought to be extremely grateful to the Chinese; they showed the U.S.A. that nobody has the right to dictate his will to the world community, whereas it would probably have complicated matters if we had been the ones to make a demonstrative satellite kill," is shared by more than a couple of Moscow strategists. Meanwhile, Russian officials up to the level of President Vladimir Putin and Minister of Defense Sergei Ivanov warn that Moscow perceives the forward basing of the anti-missile systems in Europe, as being geared to a U.S./NATO confrontation not primarily with Iran, but with Russia itself; and they emphasize the preparation of asymmetrical defense measures in response....
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Lyndon LaRouche: The Issue Is Globalization
LaRouche's opening statement at a Feb. 8 meeting of diplomats in Washington, D.C. Reviewing recent developments such as the London Economist's touting of Britain's imperial past; China's demonstration of antisatellite capabilities; and the U.S. Presidential election race, he emphasizes that 'the real issue is the attempt by a group centered in the United Kingdom, and integrated with forces in the United States, typified by the circles represented by the Bush Administration—these circles are moving toward total globalization.' The only way out is to form an alliance in defense of the nation-state, with four principal countries at its core: the United States, Russia, China, and India.


Andropov's Blunder Still Haunts the Earth
Communist Party General Secretary Yuri Andropov, in 1983, rejected President Ronald Reagan's offer of Lyndon LaRouche's policy: cooperation by the two superpowers on the development of strategic defensive weapons, anti-missile systems based on 'new physical principles' such as lasers, particlebeams, and other directed-energy technologies. With that decision against the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), the Soviets ensured the destruction of their own regime. The consequences remain with us today.

Will Cheney Drag Israel Into War With Iran, Syria?

A Scientific Revolution: LYM Announces Advance in Kepler Studies
The LaRouche Youth Movement issued this press release on its breakthrough work on Johannes Kepler's Harmony of the World.

International Intelligence


Henry Jackson: 'Scooping' Up After the British Empire
It is indeed fitting, that the founders of the new Henry Jackson Society in Britain, proponents of AngloDutch-American empire, should name themselves after the late U.S. Sen. Henry 'Scoop' Jackson, who was a witting tool of those AngloAmerican networks who have been out to destroy the United States for the past century, and, more broadly, since the American Revolution.


LaRouche to Congress and the American People
Don't Blow It—Oust Cheney Now

Congress, they would be making a fatal mistake, were they to sit back and count on Independent Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald to finish off the Vice President through the ongoing Scooter Libby trial. This is no time for playing opportunistic politics.


Hedge Funds Grab for Cash in Attempt To Stop Blowout
Commenting on recent upheavals in the hedge-fund markets, Lyndon LaRouche said, 'What you have is madness, a madness of a bubble, like a John Law bubble, in spades. And no one really knows [what is going to happen]. If they tell you they know, they're either stupid or lying to you.'

The Paradox of Indian Agriculture
To resolve the the desperate crisis for India's farmers, a policy shift must be made to accord the highest priority to this sector, which has been hit hard by the scourge of globalization.

Scandinavians Reject Green Energy Trap

Anti-Missile Shields Will Not Protect Poland From Economic Catastrophe


The Economist Spills the Beans

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