Volume 34, Number 6, February 9, 2007


Candidates in Dream-Land!: A Presidential Stateroom on the Titanic  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“If the leading U.S. Presidential candidates adopted by the respective Democratic and Republican Party’s conventions are to be selected from among what are the apparently leading prospective candidates of today, you were just in time to enter the sick-room to kiss the existence of the United States goodbye.”

The Gulf of Sneezes  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

By the middle of February, military and intelligence sources told EIR, there will be such a concentration of American and Iranian naval equipment in the Persian Gulf, that “a sneeze” could start a conflagration. Just as Dick Cheney wants.

Congress Cannot Evade Responsibility To Move To Impeach Cheney  

by Nancy Spannaus

The Libby Trial: A Rare Look Inside Dick Cheney’s Cabal  

by Edward Spannaus


Nuclear Power Tops Putin’s Agenda in India  

by Rachel Douglas

During Russian President Vladimir Putin’s trip to India, nuclear officials signed a memorandum of understanding on the construction of four additional nuclear reactors at the Koodankulam plant in Tamil Nadu, where Russia’s Atomstroyexport is already building two units. A Russian former nuclear official called this “a step forward in what we call the renaissance of nuclear power.”

‘Advancing Civilization Through Transportation’  

An interview with Yuri Gromyko and Yuri Krupnov.

Persian Gulf ‘Rivals’ Join Forces for Peace

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Italians Protest Upgrade of U.S. Military Base

by Claudio Celani

LYM Offers Leadership to Mexican Ferment

Only Nuclear Energy Can Save Your Tortillas!

A leaflet circulated by the LaRouche Youth Movement in Mexico.


India Will Construct Four Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactors

by Ramtanu Maitra

By 2020, if all goes according to schedule, India expects to be the world leader in breeder technology. The nuclear fast breeder works on the principle of self-sustenance and the ability to produce more plutonium than it actually consumes to produce power. The next step will be to move to the use of thorium, “the fuel of the future.”

Will Germany Depend on Anglo-Dutch Coal Cartel?

by Rainer Apel


Bio-Cons Fool With Ethanol: Just Another Word for War  

by Creighton C. Jones

A host of neo-conservatives, gathered around the Set American Free Coalition, have joined the “left-wing” greenies at the forefront of the bio-foolery campaign for ethanol.

Congress Debates the Way Out of Evils of ‘Globalization’

Dump Globalization To Save the Nation  

Testimony presented by EIR to a Hearing on Trade and Globalization, held by the House Ways and Means Committee.

National News

Strategic Studies

On His 250th Birthday, Hamilton Counsels Congress: Rediscover Your Powers  

by Michael Kirsch

An open letter from Michael Kirsch, of the LaRouche Youth Movement. Congress should use its Constitutional powers, to deal with the devastating economic problems facing the country, and to stymie the attack on the sovereignty of the United States, using the approach taken by Alexander Hamilton during the Revolutionary War, and later as Treasury Secretary in the nation’s first Administration.

Book Reviews

Stiglitz Tries To Make Colonization Work

by Mike Billington

Making Globalization Work, by Joseph E. Stiglitz.

‘Free Trade’ Always Meant Imperialism


Yuri Gromyko and Yuri Krupnov  

Yuri Gromyko, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and director of the Institute for Advanced Studies, and Yuri Krupnov, who heads Russia’s new Party of Development, spoke at a conference in India during Russian President Putin’s visit.


The Non-Proliferation Regime Is Over