Volume 34, Number 8, February 23, 2007


LaRouche in Rome Revives Fight for New Bretton Woods  

by Liliana Gorini

Members of the Italian Parliament invited Lyndon LaRouche to speak on “The Upcoming Tasks of the New U.S. Congress.”

LaRouche Brings ‘Spark of Optimism’ to Italian Parliamentarians in Rome  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Discussing the resistance that is growing in the United States to Bush-Cheney policies, LaRouche described his own function as “largely associated with doing the analysis of what the international monetary-financial system is, and to present proposals, and designs, for what we can do to deal with the crisis which is coming on now.”

Rep. Andrea Ricci Calls for New Monetary System

Rep. Gennaro Migliore: Today, We Need a New Peace of Westphalia  

by Gennaro Migliore

‘Cheney’s Resignation Would Be Appropriate’

An interview with Sen. Silvana Pisa.


Putin Delivers Reality Shock at Munich Conference

by Rainer Apel

President Putin’s speech was not an attack on the United States at all—indeed, it began by invoking the policies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Rather, it was an attack on the perversion of American policy by traitors to the real identity of the U.S.A., and a call for cooperation among nations to solve the world’s problems.

‘The Security of Each Is the Security of All’

by Vladimir Putin

Substantial excerpts from President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Munich Conference on Security Policy, Feb. 10, 2007.

Franklin Roosevelt in Post-Soviet Russia  

by Rachel Douglas

Documentation: Russians Honor FDR’s ‘Historic Immortality’

Russia Returns to the Middle East

by MurielMirak-Weissbach

Eurasian Triangle Leaders: Cooperation, Not Confrontation, Should Govern

by Mary Burdman

Cheminade Campaigns for ‘Soul of France’  

An interview on The LaRouche Show with French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade, joined by LaRouche Youth Movement members Elodie Viennot in Paris and Natalie Lovegren in Leesburg, Virginia.


The ‘Financial Locusts’ Are on the Defensive  

by Paul Gallagher and Richard Freeman

While an explosion in the hedge funds’ globalized speculative markets was beginning in mid-February, a fight against hedge-fund looting intensified in several European countries,

South Korea Battles Financial Locusts

by Mike Billington

India Takes Its First Step To Put a Man Into Space

by Marsha Freeman

Resurgent Tuberculosis: Deadlier Than Ever

by Christine Craig

Two epidemiological reports released in the last six months on the extent of XDR-TB—extensively drug resistant tuberculosis—in South Africa, are critical warnings of the global threat of this virtually incurable disease, and also of its “companion” ailments, in particular HIV/AIDS.

American System Can Protect Germany From ‘Predator Capitalism’  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche


The Smell of Impeachment Keeps Getting Stronger

by Nancy Spannaus

The House of Representatives’ four-day debate on President Bush’s war in Iraq, which concluded with a decisive 246 to 182 vote of disapproval for the “surge” now under way, marks the beginning of the reassertion of the Congress’s Constitutional authority. Documentation: Excerpts from the House debate on the Iraq War resolution (House Concurrent Resolution 63).

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood


Sen. Silvana Pisa

Senator Pisa is a member of the Defense Committee in the Italian Senate, and belongs to the group Parliamentarians for Peace.

Book Reviews

Britain’s Assault on America Revisited  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Anglo-American Establishment, by Carroll Quigley.

The American System

When President-Elect Franklin Roosevelt Narrowly Escaped Assassination

by Pamela Lowry

A new regular column by historian Pamela Lowry.


Britain’s New War