Volume 34, Number 39, October 5, 2007


A New Cultural Renaissance in the Coming Age of Reason  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche gave this speech opening the second day of the Institute’s conference, “The Eurasian Land-Bridge Is Becoming a Reality!” which was held on Sept. 15-16 in Kiedrich, Germany. With the world in the worst economic crisis since 1931, she said, “what we need to do, is to combine the Eurasian Land-Bridge, which is an alliance of sovereign nation-states for the common aims of mankind, with the idea of a cultural Renaissance. And by focussing on the best, highest traditions, highest cultures of all cultures, to form a dialogue among those.”

Projects for the Eurasian Land-Bridge

Strategic Importance of Rail Corridor Links

by Hal Cooper, Jr., Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Hal Cooper, consulting engineer, spoke on “The Worldwide Strategic Importance of the Intercontinental Rail Corridor Connections Between the Eurasian and North American Land-Bridges.”

Scandinavia and the Eurasian Land-Bridge

by Markku Heiskanen

By Dr. Markku Heiskanen, Senior Fellow at the Nordic Institute for Asian Studies and former Deputy Director of Planning of the Foreign Ministry of Finland.

The Sicily-Tunisia Tunnel: Link to Africa

by Nino Galloni

By Italian economist Dr. Nino Galloni.

Dialogue on Eurasian Land-Bridge Projects

Discussion that closed the Sept. 15 panel on “Projects for the Eurasian Land-Bridge.”


On Vernadsky’s Space: More on Physical Space-Time  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A gift of a translation of V.I. Vernadsky’s On the States of Physical Space, prompted LaRouche to renew an earlier challenge he had given to a LaRouche Youth Movement scientific team, to discover the methods that Carl Gauss used in his scientific breakthroughs. Gauss responded to the difficulty of working in an environment hostile to science, by demonstrating his results, without revealing the method he had used to arrive at them.


LaRouche Backs Peres on Peace Talks With Syria  

by Dean Andromidas

Lyndon LaRouche responded to Israeli President Shimon Peres’s call for Israeli-Syrian peace talks by giving it his full backing, and calling for Israel to make Syria its partner in a nuclear desalination program.

Years of Instability Now Haunting India

by Ramtanu Maitra

India Gets an Offer for Thorium Reactor

by Ramtanu Maitra

In Khrushchov’s Footsteps: Bush at UN Threatens ‘Brutal Regimes’

by William Jones

LaRouche in Italy: ‘Politics Must Now Submit to Morality’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

During his Sept. 18-20 visit to Italy, Lyndon LaRouche addressed Italian political leaders about his proposal to build a “firewall” to protect citizens and the banking system from the financial conflagration overtaking the hedge funds.

International Intelligence


Cheney’s Ouster May Be Last Chance To Stop World War III  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

How much longer will Congressional Democrats continue offering excuses and capitulation, before acting on their popular mandate to impeach Vice President Cheney?

Gravely Wounded Still Shut Out of Treatment

by Carl Osgood

National News


State Reps Sponsor LaRouche’s Bill To Stop Foreclosures  

by Lewis Whilden

LaRouche Youth Movement organizer Lewis Whilden reports on the resolutions that have been filed in several state legislatures, calling for the implementation of the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, as a result of the LYM organizing initiative.

Pennsylvania Action To Stop Foreclosures  

State Rep. Harold James (D) submitted this resolution, which so far has 35 co-sponsors.

Congress Hears Testimony on Housing Crisis, But No Solutions

Documentation: Testimony by Martin Eakes, CEO of the Center for Responsible Lending, and by Judith Liben, Housing Attorney at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, before the U.S. Congress’s Joint Economic Committee, on the threat to the broader economy of the housing foreclosure crisis.

A Dialogue on the Bank of the South: It’s a Time for Revolutionary Changes

A discussion on a radio station in Quito, Ecuador, between Pedro Páez, president of Ecuador’s Presidential Technical Commission for the Design and Creation of the Bank of the South, and Dennis Small, Ibero- American editor of EIR.


Republic Versus Empire