Volume 35, Number 24, June 13, 2008


It Is Not Over Yet: For the Moment, There Are Now Only Two Candidates  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“McCain and Obama are political chess-pieces on the board; the fellows in the back room are chess players who know how a pawn becomes a queen.

“Now, as we speak, the hands of the players are already moving.”

The Current Strategic Situation: Our World-Outlook Now  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

With continued British efforts to ram through the Lisbon Treaty before Summer, “London clearly did not intend that it should submit its own self to that imperial tyranny, the presently proposed Treaty, which it has been hastening to impose on the western and central regions of the continent....

“The proverbial fly in London’s dish, is that the present international financial-monetary system is already at the verge of an early plunge into a vortex, a global breakdown-crisis now menacing the world at large. Thus, the effort to ram through the Lisbon Treaty, creates a world crisis which is already echoing, immediately, many of the kinds of economic and related features which are to be associated with the earlier outbreaks of the two so-called world wars of the previous century.”


The Banking Crisis Is Back in the Headlines  

by John Hoefle

Far from having been stabilized, the global banking system is on life support, kept alive by extensive government funding while it is being restructured. The downsizing is already traumatic, but it has only begun, because the reason for the existence of much of the banking system has disappeared.

Oil Prices: Senators Want Truth, Not Soros  

by Paul Gallagher

The London loophole.

Economist Glazyev Made Full Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Agriculture in the Tropics: Seeking To Be Self-Sufficient

by Mohd Peter Davis

Mohd Peter Davis is an agricultural scientist from the Institute of Advanced Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

World News

FAO Summit: Free Trade at a Dead End: Now Is the Time for a New, Just World Economic Order  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The conference of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome did not decide on any effective remedy for the world hunger catastrophe. But the good news is, that the “free traders” were unable to put through their plans, and that the WTO’s Doha Round will, in all likelihood, end in failure.

Showdown in Rome: EIR Puts Food Security on FAO Summit Agenda  

by Alexander C. Pusch

What They Said at the FAO World Food Summit

Agriculture Group: No Limits to Growth!

A memorandum to the FAO summit by the Agricultural Commission of the Schiller Institute.

The Lisbon Treaty: A ‘Yes’ Vote Means Death to Democracy

A statement by five Members of the European Parliament.

Conservative Briton Takes Brown Gov’t To Court To Force Lisbon Referendum

21st Century Science & Technology interviewed Stuart Wheeler, an independent-minded activist in the British Conservative Party.

Dutch Citizens Hold Poll on Lisbon Treaty

by Vyron Lymberpoulos

No Break from Bushism: British ‘Concert of Democracies’ Backed by Obama and McCain

by Edward Spannaus

The Princeton Project on National Security is promoting the idea of preventive war, as part of an Anglo-American-led “Concert of Democracies.” Top advisors to the Obama campaign, Anthony Lake and Ivo Daalder, back the plan, and John McCain has explicitly endorsed it.

International Intelligence


Destroy British Imperialism!  


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