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This article appears in the June 13, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

For the Moment, There Are
Now Only Two Candidates

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 6, 2008

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As of Saturday, June 7th, it is now official; there are now only two major-party candidates. Or, perhaps not.

The two current Presidential pre-candidates are Senators John McCain, a Republican, and Barack Obama, a Democrat. Both candidates have shown the temperament of a hand-grenade with a loose pin. With McCain, the problem is well known; with Obama, the problem of a flakey temperament is no longer hidden. It is doubtful that either will actually be nominated. Some people in the back room of politics have a different idea, people operating from behind the scenes at a very high level in the circles of world power. McCain and Obama are political chess-pieces on the board; the fellows in the back room are chess players who know how a pawn becomes a queen.

Now, as we speak, the hands of the players are already moving.

In that case, it is probable, as of now, that the game will be rigged to hand the election to a Republican candidate who will probably be selected to replace Senator John McCain. The Democratic candidate who will be selected to replace the soon-to-be discredited Obama, will probably be destined in advance to lose. In that situation, it is not the candidate who will determine the outcome of the election, or the program of the next President, it will be the chess-players, whose policies will not be chosen by either candidate.

There is an alternative, that some other player, a third factor, tips over the chessboard.

During the coming two months, while these events are being put into motion, the crisis of the world financial system will be accelerating. By the end of July, the world situation, as also the situation inside the United States, will have changed radically as we approach the first anniversary of the late-July 2007 outbreak of the world's presently accelerating, inflationary, general financial breakdown-crisis.

Whatever you think you know conditions will be, from the news media or gossip overheard on financial streets, the present world monetary-financial system is already as good as finished. Bear-Stearns was given a financial funeral of sorts; the next big one to go may not be so lucky. Behind the scenes, it is the issues of this presently accelerating general physical-economic breakdown of the world's present financial-monetary system, which are on the mind of those who are the players planning to create a new system.

Neither McCain nor Obama have the qualifications the chess players consider useful. Come two months from now, both are likely to be gone. It is not certain that this will occur, but a smart bettor would not bet much that it won't happen.

To some people, those players to whom I have referred are feared as virtually all-powerful. I admit that they are powerful; but, I know that they are not all-powerful.

I am neither all-powerful, obviously, nor am I omniscient, but I know a lot, and it is my job to share what I know with you. Together, we have a chance of flanking the present crisis-situation; it is only a chance, but it is the only thing worth-while doing.

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