Volume 35, Number 43, October 31, 2008


A New Dark Age Is Now Near: Today’s Brutish Imperialism  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“At present, the popular, but utterly incompetent notion, among professed socialists and others, that the U.S.A. ‘is the world’s leading imperialism today,’ is not only an utterly wrong idea, but a belief which could be presently suicidal in actual practice for nations such as the U.S.A., Russia, and others, today. Nonetheless, that wrong idea is a belief among many leading economists, statesmen, throughout the world, who cling stubbornly to the notion of American imperialism, still today. Thus, the world is presently menaced by the effects upon the credulous, of that strategic delusion, the delusion that it is the U.S.A., rather than the British Empire’s Anglo-Dutch Liberal system, which is, uniquely, the dominant, actually imperialist strategic force operating throughout the planet today. Indeed, each of the impassioned haters of the U.S.A. among even our citizens, and others abroad, even leading political figures, is a product of the fact that they are virtually, either unwitting, or more or less witting British agents against our United States, whether they are able to grasp that fact, or not. A similar delusion is met among many in Russia, still today.”


The International Momentum Is for LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods  

by Nancy Spannaus

The planned Nov. 15 meeting on monetary matters with Bush et al. would be more like a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party than a serious conference. But the fact that a meeting on the New Bretton Woods is occurring at all, reflects serious international momentum toward the only competent proposal: that of Lyndon LaRouche.

What Is the Real New Bretton Woods?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A 1998 article.

Philippines Congress Weighs Re-Opening the Never-Used Bataan Nuclear Plant

by Michael Billington

Touring the Bataan Plant

Malaysia: The Developing Nations Must Go Nuclear

by Mohd Peter Davis

The author is a biochemist with the Universiti Putra Malaysia.


Panic Flight into Corporatism as System Breaks Down  

by John Hoefle

Unable to come to grips with reality, bankers, their regulators, and governments are rushing headlong down the path of Weimar Germany-style hyperinflation and Mussolini-style corporatist fascism.

For Mexico, It’s the Northwest Hydraulic Plan—or Chaos

by Alberto Vizcarra Osuna

A Bill of Materials: How Much Do We Need from the PLHINO; How Much Does the PLHINO Need from Us?

by Manuel Romero Lozano

Capital Budgeting: Economic Potential vs. Cost-Benefit

by Alberto Vizcarra Osuna

India Begins Its Journey to the Moon

by Ramtanu Maitra

Health Care: Mental Health Issues Plague Combat Vets

by Carl Osgood

Business Briefs


Roosevelt’s Response to the ‘Banking Crisis’: How FDR Asserted the Power of Government over Wall Street

by L. Wolfe

Instead of bowing to pressure for a bailout of financial paper or “injections of liquidity” into a frozen banking system, President Franklin D. Roosevelt went right at the power of the financier oligarchy which had brought on the crisis in the first place. To accomplish this, he asserted the power of the Constitution over banking and finance, while taking steps to re-create a locally based system for the distribution of government-issued credit to get the economy moving again.


Expect the Unexpected