Volume 36, Number 27, July 17, 2009


9/11 Cover Is Blown  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Much of what you have been told about the events of 9/11 has been a hoax. Newly declassified documents reveal that two presumed U.S. allies—Saudi Arabia and Great Britain—were up to their eyeballs in the attacks on New York City and Washington. Investigation of the truth—the Anglo-Saudi terror nexus, involving “the scandal of the century”—has been kept off limits.

From EIR’s Archives: Put Britain on the List of Terrorist Sponsors  

This Jan. 11, 2000 request to then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, to launch an investigation, pursuant to placing Great Britain on the list of states sponsoring terrorism, is excerpted from the Jan. 21, 2000 EIR.


A Sequel on Economics as Science: The Rule of Natural Law  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

In this sequel to his “Economic Science, in Short” (EIR, June 19), LaRouche insists on viewing the universe from the standpoint of the creative powers of the human mind, rather than that of Euclidean apriorism, or the “foggy bottom” of reductionist mathematics. Therefore, Leibnizian natural law must supersede imperialist law, or Liberalism.


British Imperial Assets Move To Explode Eurasia  

by Nancy Spannaus

One of the prominent indicators that we are in the end-game for civilization, as Lyndon LaRouche warned July 4, is that the British-Saudi drug-terror networks are on a full-scale offensive across the “Arc of Crisis,” to destroy all vestiges of nation-states.

George Soros and the London Honduras Caper

by Dennis Small

Preemptive Obedience: German Parliament Violates Constitution!  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Report on the German Constitutional Court decision declaring the Lisbon Treaty in violation of the constitution. But, the ruling fails to address the EU’s neoliberal paradigm.

German High Court Insists on National Sovereignty

An interview with Dietrich Murswiek.

Science & Technology

Prominent Environmentalist: We Need Nuclear Power!

A dialogue with James Lovelock, a well-known environmentalist and inventor, who says that nuclear power is the best power source we have now.


Big Bro. Meets Green Fascism: Paying by the Mile To Drive

by John Hoefle

The move is part of the push to privatize infrastructure, thereby turning it into a mechanism for looting the population.

Dana Levenson: Privatization Cheerleader

National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission


Under Obama’s Policies, the Nation Is Headed for Meltdown  

The nation is fast approaching a situation in which state and local governments that are responsible for the general welfare do not exist. “There will not be much left of the United States, come October,” said Lyndon LaRouche, July 6.


Dietrich Murswiek

Professor Murswiek is a professor of constitutional and administrative law, as well as German and international environmental law, at the University of Freiburg, Germany.


The Earth Is Cooling, Not Warming