Volume 36, Number 37, September 25, 2009


LaRouche Webcast: The Death of the British Empire  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

In his Sept. 8 international webcast, Lyndon LaRouche laid out the stark choices facing the United States and the world over the next few weeks. On the one side, LaRouche emphasized, we must face the fact that President Obama is moving toward the imposition of a fascist tyranny on the United States. This involves both his Hitler-modelled health-care plan, but also, his adoption of the Unitary Executive principle of dictatorship, which had been put into place by the Bush-Cheney Administration after 9/11.

On the other side, LaRouche said, we have to face the reality of the economic breakdown crisis, which calls for immediate action to create useful jobs for the growing number of unemployed. This kind of shift, which is what Franklin Roosevelt accomplished in the early period of his administration, is needed right now, politically, as well as economically.


A New 1989? The U.S. Mass Strike Dynamic Expands  

by Nancy Spannaus

President Obama, egged on by his British controllers and his Nazi economic advisors, has decided to ignore the growing mass strike phenomenon in the United States, as the American people, for the first time in decades, are beginning to assert themselves and their rights, against an administration and a government that have either blatantly disregarded their interests, or assaulted them outright.

Now, It’s Official! Baucus, Newsweek Back Hitler Health ‘Reform’

by Nancy Spannaus

National News


Statement by Lyndon LaRouche: Bernanke’s Money-Printing Is Hyperinflationary  

LaRouche charges that Fed chairman Ben Bernanke’s incompetent policies will lead to hyperinflation, which will turn a major crisis into a hopeless one. LaRouche’s solution, proposed in 2007, is the only workable alternative.

Herd on the Street

by Les Swift

In Search of the Recovery.

The British Monarchy & Hitler Today  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche writes that the Hitler- and Blair-like policies of the Obama Administration are creations of the British monetarist empire, based on the economic program of John Maynard Keynes, President Franklin Roosevelt’s chief Bretton Woods adversary.

The Royal Death Scheme

by Anton Chaitkin

When the world financial system meltdown began in 2007, British imperial leaders shifted funds away from public services and into bailouts of the London-Wall Street axis. One result was a euthanasia policy, promoted by the royal family and introduced earlier by then-Prime Minister Tony Blair and Royal health advisor Simon Stevens. This is the fascist agenda that was exported to the United States for adoption by the Obama Administration.

Simon Stevens and His Mobile Death Squads

by Anton Chaitkin


London ‘Adjusts’ to Collapse of Obama Presidency  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

There is a shift in policy outlook among some London elites, away from radical Malthusian and quack environmentalist policies. Lyndon LaRouche has identified this as an indication of a growing recognition that their dreams of destroying the United States through the Obama Presidency, has failed miserably, and that their “Obama agenda” cannot be salvaged.

Lisbon Treaty: EU Demands ‘Yes’ Vote in Irish Referendum

by Dean Andromidas

The LaRouche Show: LYM Breaks British Effort To Bury Kepler at Prague 4th Centennial of ‘New Astronomy’

An interview with LaRouche Youth Movement “Basement” team organizer Jason Ross, on his participation in a conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

LaRouche Youth Movement: ‘Basement’ Leaders Visit Ukraine

by Sky Shields

LYM member and leader of the “Basement” team, Sky Shields, reports on a LYM team’s tour of Ukraine. The purpose of the trip was to deepen the dialogue between the LaRouche movement and student, scientific, and political layers there.

Two Interviews: In the Footsteps of V.I. Vernadsky

Book Reviews

How President Clinton’s Special Envoy Found the Path to Peace in No. Ireland

by Michele Steinberg

Making Peace, by George J. Mitchell.


Britain’s Health-Care ‘Strategy’