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This article appears in the September 25, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Death of the British Empire

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. gave this webcast address in Washington on Sept. 8, 2009. The event was simultaneously carried on the Internet at, the website of the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC), where the complete video is on file. The webcast was hosted by LaRouche's national spokeswomabn Debra Freeman. LaRouche's opening remarks were followed y more than two hours of discussion, moderated by Freeman. PDF version of this presentation and the subsequent dialogue with listeners.

Freeman: ... I should begin by mentioning that, certainly in the West, the tradition when someone celebrates a birthday, is that they receive gifts. But Lyndon LaRouche has never been someone who necessarily goes along with the norm. So that, today, which is his birthday, Mr. LaRouche has marked that day by giving a gift to all of us, not only with today's presentation, but also with the release of a new paper, which you will find both on the LaRouche PAC website and on the EIR website, and it is a document which, without any question, if we are fortunate, will determine the direction of human history for the next several generations.

Obviously, this is a very critical moment. It was months ago that LaRouche declared war, on Barack Obama's so-called "health-care reform," denouncing it as, in fact, a Nazi policy. At that time, nobody thought that there would really be much of a fight around health-care reform, and obviously today, we have a very different view of that, thanks to what was catalyzed by Mr. LaRouche on that fateful day, at a seminar very much like this one. But it was much longer ago than that, actually more now than two years ago, that Mr. LaRouche made clear that what we were facing in the United States, and what we were facing globally, was a general breakdown crisis of unprecedented proportions. And today, we are seeing the immediate manifestations of that breakdown.

But no matter how bad people believe things are at this moment, one of the things that LaRouche has said over the course of the last several broadcasts, is that, really, the eye of the storm has yet to move over land, and that, in fact, we would see the worst of what is to come in late September/early October, and that we must come together, to discuss what we will do, and we must do it now. The hour is already very late. And it is that, which makes up the content of this paper that Mr. LaRouche has just released, which as I said, is a gift that he has given to all of us.

So, without any further introduction, I'm going to ask you to join me in welcoming Mr. LaRouche, and also in wishing him a happy birthday.

LaRouche: Thank you.

Well, I can promise you a lot of bad news—which I'm sure you wish to hear. You would also like to hear what the bad news actually is, how many varieties there are running loose today, in the jungle out there, and what the chances are for changing this.

We are now at the end of things. Tomorrow, the President of the United States, so-called, is going to, presumably, make an address to a Joint Session of the Congress, and a joint session may mean a marijuana fest, as far as I understand, because it's going to have that kind of effect. There's no competence in this President. There never has been and there never was intended to be. This President is a joker, who was played upon the American people, with a lot of drug money behind it, and it was never intended that he would be competent. He's totally incompetent. He's not a man of intellect; he's a man who's trained to babble, and he's been taught the recipes to babble. He has no comprehension of what he's talking about.

However, he is the elected President of the United States, and you can not have coups at this time, because the danger is already—there are too many threats of coups d'état already out there. And the system is set up for overthrow of governments, including the United States government.

The British, War, and Fascism

For example, you may recall when certain interests in London and the United States set up what became known as 9/11, as a Saudi-British operation, with cooperation of certain people inside the United States—and that's documented. That's a fact. This thing was funded by a British-Saudi operation, in which the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States was a key figure in preparing what became known as 9/11.

At the time, there were many indications of what that was, but this was quickly hushed up. And the investigations, even as far as they went, were blocked; certain facts were blocked out. But the evidence was always there, and all you had to do, was to look in the right place. And it's there. It came from an alliance between Saudi Arabia and London, which financed and planned the entire operation, and the Saudi Ambassador to the United States at that time, was a key figure in setting up the operation.

Now, this information was accessible to the incumbent government of the United States, at that time. But it was hushed up. And something else which had been intended, was done, instead. The intention was to destroy this government—how? From the inside. And you had an idiot, who was an unreconstructed drug addict, a cocaine freak, who had avoided military service in Vietnam by being co-opted into the Texas Air National Guard. The Texas Air National Guard didn't want him, but the Bush family forced him upon the Texas Air National Guard. This fellow continued his habit, which included cocaine, a serious cocaine habit, and the head of the Texas Air National Guard and company shipped this guy out to another state, where he was supervised by a couple of military officials to go through drug treatment, for cocaine addiction. And he went through a year of training and cure for cocaine addiction, which didn't work.

So, we had a coke addict who entered the White House as President of the United States, an unreconstructed coke addict, who could just not drink alcohol, except near-beer. And he was nothing. A mean character—a mean, little jerk, no brains to speak of. The father was not too bright, either. The brains in the family had been used up by the grandfather, who had been a key man in putting Hitler into power in Germany. And you're dealing with this kind of process, Anglo-American process, all the way through, still to the present day.

So now, we have, after two terms of this idiot, under Cheney, we have an Obama Administration. And despite the fact that Obama, when he was running as a candidate for President, campaigned against the Unitary Executive, nonetheless, he, when he became President, became very quickly an advocate of the Unitary Executive. Which is fascism, minus a burning of the Reichstag.

In other words, this schnook is put in as President. He fumbled around for a period of time. Then a crisis came, he kissed the British butt—the people who really owned him—and that's how we got to this Unitary Executive. We now have signing statements, from the President of the United States! We have a Unitary Executive, which was set up as a reaction to the bombing in New York, especially, 9/11. We're set up into a dictatorship, in which the Congress no longer has the legislative power to control the Presidency! Our system of government has gone to a unitary government, under which the Congress is allowed to vote—as long as they don't contradict the President. If they do contradict the President, he'll make a signing statement, and say, "Yes, you in the Congress, you voted this way. But I, as President of the United States, think differently, and I'm going to act differently!"

And we have a dictatorship in the United States, which is in the direction of a Nazi dictatorship, under a President who doesn't have much conscience, because he doesn't have any brains. He's trained to talk like a trained monkey, or something out of a mechanical zoo, and is stumbling along. But he's still the President.

Now, we in the United States are smart enough to know we don't make coups d'état. We don't assassinate our Presidents as a way of changing government, though we have some imported people who do that for us, from time to time, as in the case of William McKinley, which was a very crucial assassination, or the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, or the assassination of John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy, of course, is a watershed for this matter. They killed him, why?

Kennedy had two points on which he was hated, by the Wall Street crowd and the London crowd. Number one, on the question of the conflict over the steel industry: to defend American industrial power. And he made it stick, and he was going to continue to make it stick. Secondly, he opposed the insistence of the Wall Street crowd, on going into a war in Indo-China. while he was President. And for that, he died. Imported assassins, directed from Europe, by way of Spain, and by way of Mexico, did the job. And scooted, while somebody came up with a funny story, to distract attention from everything.

But why was he killed? The reason became obvious in the next period, after his death, when President Johnson, as Johnson later admitted, had been so terrified by the fact that these three riflemen who killed the President Kennedy, were going to aim at his neck, too, as he said at the end of his term in office. And therefore, when the issue came up of what Kennedy had done—under the advice and counsel of former General MacArthur and the support of General Eisenhower—that he had objected to, and opposed, any launching of U.S. troops into Indo-China. And the policy of MacArthur and Eisenhower, and the policy adopted by Kennedy, was "no U.S. land war involvement in Asia!" That U.S. troops can not handle warfare in Asia! Because Asian culture is not like European culture, and you're going to run into a different kind of problem, and it's not the way to deal with it in the first place. Because, what you were doing, you were going on the side of British-controlled colonialism, imperialism, against the people of Asia. And if you have a country which is associated with the European standpoint, like the United States, culturally, that goes into a war against Asians, what are you going to get in Asia? You're going to get a reflex. And that's what we got.

And the British have always handled us nicely by getting us into wars in places like Asia! This is the way the British run the world. The British Empire runs the world, through warfare! The same way they got imperial power, by inducing the silly nation-states of Europe to go to war against each other in the so-called Seven Years' War. And the leading nations of Europe went to war against each other for seven years, while the British stood on the sidelines and encouraged the process, and laughed.

And then, in February in 1763, in the Peace of Paris, the British Empire was declared, as the empire of a private company, called the British East India Company. And the British East India Company took over and became the United Kingdom, and has run it from that time, to its equivalent in the present day. The British East India Company, of course, went into bankruptcy at a later period; there were changes made, as under Victoria, and so forth. But the principle remains the same: The British East India Company represented a special kind of empire, which is the only kind of empire we've known in the whole history of European civilization.

The Principle of Empire

The empires of European civilization were based on the destruction of Greece, through self-destruction in the Peloponnesian War, where the monetary interests centered on Athens, went into war against the monetary interests centered on the city of Corinth—the Peloponnesian War; and then, later, when not satisfied with Sparta's self-destruction, the combined forces of Greece went to war against Syracuse, the third maritime power of the Greek-speaking Mediterranean. And thus, a power from Asia, from the Asian tradition, called the Cult of Delphi, went through a process of organizing an empire under its control. Which later became, by special agreement, so arranged, the Roman Empire of Octavian, otherwise known as Caesar Augustus.

Now, in all this process, what has run the world, as an empire, since these developments, is a maritime power. That is, we had had empires in Asia before; the idea of empire comes from Asia, it does not come from Europe; but it was introduced to Europe by this process, by the Peloponnesian War, that vehicle. And since that time, we have had an empire, of a maritime characteristic, that is, originally based on the maritime power of the Mediterranean Sea, and later spread to the Atlantic Ocean—a maritime power, which had created a control over the use of money.

And the basis of this power was money, the control of money, as a form of imperialism. All European imperialism, including British imperialism today, is not based on a landed territory; it's based on an international organization of the control of money. Now, this money is actually controlled by private interests, by individuals who form concerts of private interests, who set up the control of money, its creation and management. And nation-states are subsidiary to this international control of money.

The British Empire, which evolved out of this process, is nothing but that. It is not an empire of the people of the United Kingdom. It is an empire of an international consortium, of these types of interests, whose control over money is used to control nations.

The U.S. Exception

The one case in which this was not successful, was the formation of the United States, and the United States was actually created, especially, from the course of the 17th Century on, it was created initially by a colonization in New England, by the Plymouth Colony, and then by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. This was the keystone, the kernel of creating what became the United States.

These people who came on the Mayflower, or came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony—and they came from various parts of Europe, not just English-speaking—but came into this area, came here because they saw Europe as a hopeless cause; that the corruption in Europe was so bad, that they could not solve the problems of Europe there. They had to go across the sea—as had been recommended by a great person, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, earlier—to continents across the oceans, to carry the best of civilization across the oceans, into new territories, to meet new people, and to set up a civilization which would be free of the colonialist or imperialist evils of Europe.

And that started in Massachusetts, in that form. And we had the beginning of a different, alternative system of finance, called a credit system, which was established in the middle of the 17th Century, in Massachusetts, by a system of scrip. Which was later referred to as a paper-money system by Benjamin Franklin, and is the characteristic of the U.S. Federal Constitution. The U.S. Federal Constitution does not condone a monetary system, of the type that we've had, particularly, under the Federal Reserve System, which was an act of treason against the United States in the first place, because it destroyed us as a credit system, and made us the subject of an international monetary system, rather than a credit system.

Our Constitution specifies, to this day—and this is crucial for us, here today, to take into account—our Constitution specifies that we are not a monetary system, and we are not the subject of a monetary system: We are a credit system, as our Constitution defines it, and as the history behind that Constitution defines it. The only authorization for the circulation of money, inside the United States, or any other respectable nation, is an act of the state, not the going of the state to some international private monetary complex, to which the state goes into debt! And this issue of debt is crucial. Our debt is by our will, and it's our debt to ourselves, or by treaty agreements with other countries, in nation-to-nation agreements. And that is the principle we must apply, if we're going to save civilization now.

Our Conflict with Monetarism

We've come to a point that the monetary system, or the monetarist system, which is based on international financier interests, not nation-states—international financier interests, which are called "free trade"—. What does free trade mean? It means "free" of government supervision. It means free of all government supervision: It means a world, planet government, by private financier interests, operating as a consortium of monetarist interests.

So, always, the issue has been that. It was the issue on the death of Roosevelt: On the 12th of April, 1945, the United States was operating under a credit system. As of April 12, 1945, the United States postwar policy under Roosevelt, was to set up a worldwide credit system—not a monetary system: The United States would organize, in cooperation with other nations, treaty agreements, would set up an international credit system, using the power which we had mobilized for military purpose of production; to use the power of the United States to produce the goods which would then be the engineer for freeing people from colonialism, freeing them from subjugation, and reorganizing Europe on the basis of an international credit system, which has the intent, the explicit intent, of Franklin Roosevelt at the famous Bretton Woods conference. Where he had rejected Keynes, attacked Keynes and rejected him! Knowing that this was the British imperial system, of Keynes. And the United States and the people of the world must be freed, once and forever, from monetary systems, and have the power of a system of sovereign nation-states, which would have partnership, with their respective credit systems of cooperation. That was Roosevelt's intention.

On the day that Roosevelt died, and his successor—Harry S Truman (no middle name: S; he was an "S-man") took over, he kissed Churchill's butt, and we did everything pretty much wrong, since that point on.

We've had patriots who have lurched, sometimes, in the direction of trying to reestablish the influence of the United States, despite the fact of the international monetarist system. Because the international monetarist system places the United States, among other nations, as the victim of international private interests—not governments—and the control over the idea of money, by international private banking interests, not governments; whereas, under the American System, only a sovereign nation-state, and a partnership among sovereign nation-states, should be allowed to have such power. And that's the crux of the problem now.

This Breakdown Was Unnecessary

For example, in the Summer of 2007, on the 25th of July, in premises akin to these today, I set forth a policy to deal with the crisis which was immediately oncoming. I said that we were on the brink of a breakdown of the world system, specifically, the U.S. system, and that we had to take certain measures; that our banks were bankrupt, and we had to go through a process of reorganization in bankruptcy, by using the power of the Federal government, to declare bankruptcy, especially in respect to mortgages. That is, to freeze all mortgages, pertaining to people who occupied the residence which was mortgaged. And to protect the banks, which, in many cases, were already bankrupt: to protect those banks by a Glass-Steagall standard.

We put this forth, in the form of a motion, a proposal, which circulated widely, with wide support throughout the United States: the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007. If that act had been actually introduced [in Congress]—it was introduced on many levels, and supported by many parts of the population and institutions of the United States, including states—if that had been done, we wouldn't be in a mess today. Well, what happened?

During the course of September 2007, Rep. Barney Frank, who is not the nicest person on the planet, and Sen. Chris Dodd, otherwise known as a Dodderer, came to agreement to block the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, despite the large support it had throughout the United States, among popular parts of the state organizations and so forth. Had that act been carried through, we would not be in this mess today.

But what happened? Why did Christopher the Dodderer, and Barney Frank—and he's frankly something special—why did these guys get the support and become the instruments in the Congress to destroy the United States by blocking this, and what did they do? What they did, which became clear in the following year, 2008—what became clear was a process leading to bailout. The whole of Wall Street and similar kinds of international financier operations, around the world, were at that point bankrupt. That was the key problem here. Instead of putting these things through bankruptcy reorganization, we bailed out the bankers of the world, at the expense of the American population.

Now, today, because of the trillions of dollars of theft, by the Bush Administration and the present Obama Administration, we have a lack of the means to meet the needs of our own population, and we've engaged in a shutdown, over these months since September of 2007; we've engaged in a process of destroying the employment and conditions of life and security of the people of the United States, all for the purpose of the looting of those people, the taking away of their employment, in the service of honoring the artificial debt of a bunch of crooked swindlers, associated with Wall Street, with the firm of Goldman Sucks; this is the type of thing we deal with.

Dictatorial Powers

So, what we now have, is a particular crisis of this President: This President is a butt-kisser for the financial interests, internationally. Why is he a butt-kisser? Because the British Queen told him to be. He has no mind of his own; he's educated to memorize speeches, whose content he does not understand, the implications of whose content he has no understanding of whatsoever. And he's simply the hired fool, who occupies the White House, and was selected because he was a fool, and is a fool, has remained a fool! What comes out of his mouth makes no sense. This man is not intelligent, he's a trained zoo animal, who says things, and has great ambition. And lacking brain power, he has delusions of grandeur, and assumes that he's the Emperor.

This man has adopted, under encouragement, dictatorial powers of the type associated with what was attempted through 9/11, in the so-called "signing statements," and what happened in the course of the Iraq War, and since. We're now implicitly under a dictatorship. Politically, we're at the last stage, before the equivalent of a Reichstagsbrand. We're on the verge of a dictatorship in the United States, being pushed very soon, and "soon" is determined by the fact that at the end of this month, and beginning of October, the fiscal year of the United States comes to a close, and these accounts have to be reconciled. And there's no money to reconcile these accounts. There is no source of income to keep the states—48 to 49 of the states are already officially in bankruptcy—and there's no money, from any source, to take these states out of bankruptcy.

The payments that are not being made, will never be paid, under Barack Obama. There will never be any improvement of the conditions of life under Barack Obama. Because Barack Obama's Administration is under British direction, to maintain the interests of the international financier interests, the monetarist interests, the monetary interests—not the United States. And therefore, Obama comes up with a British proposal, for Hitler's—actually a carbon copy, of the genocide policy of Adolf Hitler! And it is; and no matter how much the Obama people deny it, they are lying!

The policy of Barack Obama, is genocide against the people of the United States! That's a fact! And anybody who denies that fact, is either kidding themselves, or lying. If they're official, they're lying. That is the policy! And the people of the United States, over 60% of them, have smelled that. And picked up on that, as the leading reason for their opposition to the Obama Administration. They know the guy is a Nazi. And pasting a toothbrush mustache on the upper lip of Obama, like that of Adolf Hitler, makes it very clear to Americans, what this guy is! He's a puppet, who is assigned to play the part of an Adolf Hitler, in health care.

Because they can not continue to bail out the thieves, who looted this country, and robbed it, and also care for health care. They can't even apply ordinary employment, without health care. We have one-third, approximately, of the population that is actually unemployed. About one-third of which, of course, is not receiving anything, in terms of compensation for unemployment, and others are running out of 52 weeks of unemployment compensation. So about 30% of the population is in destitute conditions, who used to work for a living, and have no hope. Many of them have given up hope!

And, as this October approaches, we're entering a period where a catastrophe, a social catastrophe, is about to occur. Why? Because President Obama is determined to bail out the system, even if it means killing Americans by his health-care program! A health-care program which is a copy of what Adolf Hitler introduced into Germany in 1939, in September-October of '39. There's not a single iota of difference between what Hitler did in 1939-1940, and what Obama is dictating today! Not one bit of difference!

Obviously, one minimal condition, which ought to be imposed, is that every creep that's part of that Obama health-care cabal, should be thrown out of office immediately. Any government official who says I'm wrong is a liar! He should also be thrown out of government.

Because, look: We've got a situation—if we care, as a nation, which represents a people, our population, we can not have the destruction of the great majority of our people into a hopeless condition. And we're not going to do this, to bail out some foreign predator. And the foreign predator is just going to have to "do a li'l bit without!"

Because the great crisis today, which Obama's not talking about, and will not talk about tomorrow, unless I scare him into doing it today, is that we've got to deal with the effects of this mass unemployment! And it's not just mass unemployment: Why are people unemployed? Because they're not producing! They have no opportunity to produce. Our industries have been shut down! Our agriculture is in a state of collapse! It's worse than that: It is something tantamount to treason. The name of this tantamount to treason, is called "globalization."

Globalization Strikes

Do you know what happened to this planet after 1968, after the Spring and Summer of 1968? It's called globalization. It came in the form of a fascist movement on the campuses, the most privileged campuses of the United States. And they rose up, they tore off their shirts, waved their sexual organs, took dope, and marched out to "live freedom forever." I saw this thing, I saw it at Columbia. It was in the universities in the United States, and partly in Europe, at the upper class, so-called, universities, in which there were these concentrations of people who were literal copies of the ancient Cult of Dionysius, which is the model for fascism.

Mark Rudd and company, like the Weathermen, and so forth, were actually a fascist organization, bred on the campuses of the most privileged students of the United States, whose incentive for this great uproar was not some good for humanity, but the fact that they were being denied what they thought was their exemption from military service in Vietnam. So it was on those universities where the greatest number of exemptions from draft service, in Vietnam, were provided. When the war got hot, and they needed more troops, they began to dip into these areas. So, if the guy was not serious in the class, and didn't keep up the highest grades, he was likely to be snapped up in the draft, and shipped across, and trained for what to do in Vietnam.

This was the issue which provoked this fascist movement in the United States, which was typified by the Weathermen organization. And this Weathermen phenomenon then spread, during the course of the early 1970s and beyond, to become the movement which has taken over the policy-shaping, top down, of many of our leading institutions in the United States, today.

Green Fascism

So now, we have the Green revolution—not the part of producing agriculture, because that also has gone under, but the Green revolution of being against industry, against production.

You have a human race which depends upon the increase of what's called "energy flux-density of power sources." We've gone from sunlight, to burning shrubs, to burning coal, to burning coke, and so forth, up the scale to nuclear power, and approaching thermonuclear fusion. The existence of the human race depends upon going to consistently higher energy flux-densities, that is, higher concentrations of power. Today, we've reached the point, that without nuclear fusion—nuclear fission and thermonuclear fusion—we can not continue to sustain a world population of the present magnitude, let alone an increased magnitude.

We can not maintain the standard of living. Because what we're doing, on the one hand—which is not bad, in a sense—we are looting, or using up, those resources on which we depend, which are the most richly concentrated. These are largely resources which are sort of laid down by dead bodies of animals and plants over many millennia. So now, we go to the area where the dead bodies of these creatures repose, where minerals of them were concentrated by biological processes, which concentrated these minerals, and we extract the minerals there, where they're most richly concentrated, because of a biological process. Our industry is based on richer levels of resources.

Now, as we draw down those resources, there's still plenty of resources on the planet, but you have to get them. They're not lying at your doorstep; you have to go out and get them. This requires more work; this requires more power. And therefore, you constantly have to go to higher levels of power.

So, mankind's progress went, essentially, from burning of simple objects—and the distinction of man from apes, as far as archeology is concerned—is generally a fireplace. You find something that looks humanoid in remains, and you wonder if it's human or not; if you can find the sign of a fireplace, where something was burned, as in cooking, or a fire spot in that area, you say, "This thing was human." Because only human beings use fire. So mankind's use of fire, has defined the nature of man's economy, or the ability to produce, or the ability to rise above the level of baboons, has depended upon this principle of using fire.

But, as we use up some resources—we still have plenty of the same resources, but we have to get it! And to get it, requires more power. Not to lose productivity in getting these resources, we have to increase the power which we apply. So, in that way, we have to increase our concentration of power.

Now, what has happened? These fascists, like the Weathermen type—and there are similar depraved people around the world—have said, "No, we're going back to green! We're going back to sunlight! Going back to wind power!" (I mean, they should really not eat those beans.) Instead of realizing that we have to face the reality, that mankind is changing the world we live in, and should be changing the Solar System fairly soon, too—we're changing that. And this requires going to more advanced scientific capabilities, for mastering these forces, learning to control these higher energy flux-density sources of power, and applying them. And by this means, we can improve the standard of living of our people. We can also more than overcome the apparent shortages we incur by sticking to a stagnant form of production.

But we've gone away from that! We don't teach science in universities any more, really. Oh, they teach something called science, but there's no devotion to a mission!

FDR's Intention Was Betrayed

Take World War II: We had a devotion to a mission! And therefore, the resources of scientific capability and engineering capability were drawn into a concentrated effort, to enable us to produce the weapons by which we could win that war, and supply the logistical support to conduct that war successfully. At the end of the war, by this means, we had achieved the greatest concentration of productive power the planet had ever seen! And Roosevelt's intention was that we would use that accumulation of power, which we had used for military requirements; we simply would convert it to its natural occupation, for civilian requirements: for advancement of technology, not waste it on war, but use it for these purposes.

Roosevelt's intention was to free the people who had been in the colonialized part of the world, and help them to develop self-sufficiency and eliminate the British Empire, and all other empires from this planet, in order to build up a planetary system of relatively sovereign, nation-state governments of people. And to hope to establish world peace among republics, by finding a common interest among the people of these various republics, for cooperation.

That was Roosevelt's intention for the United Nations: to convert a colonialized, imperialistic world, into a world of sovereign nation-states, American-style, to give them the option for an American-style sovereign nation-state. And to build a bond among these nations, of cooperation, and not get suckered for the British game, of controlling the planet by getting people to kill each other, in wars which somebody made up for them to fight. That was the point.

And this is what has been destroyed. It was taken away from us, from Truman on. Truman kissed the butt of Churchill, and that's where the whole process started.

And now, the world is playing the same silly game! We are now going to new wars, in various parts of the world, on schedule, killing people, for some cooked-up reason, and all for the benefit of propagation of the British Empire. Why did we go into Iraq—twice? There was no need to go in there. Why did we go into Vietnam? There was no need for us to go there.

When I was in military service, in Burma, at that time—I was operating out of Myitkyina—we were actually supporting Ho Chi Minh in Indo-China against the Japanese! And when the Japanese surrendered to U.S. forces, they took over. The U.S. government had joined with Ho Chi Minh, in the liberation of Indo-China from colonialism. What did Truman do? Truman gave the British the backing of the United States, to take the Japanese troops out of the camps, and reconquer Indo-China, until the French could get there to take over. And a British agent operating with Truman's backing, did that.

So we reversed our policy, for which we'd fought war, and we did it all over the world. We recolonized Africa! We recolonized, or partially recolonized, other parts of the world! We did not use our potential, our industrial power, to enable these countries, through machine tools and other things, to begin to develop their own independence, true independence and self-sufficiency.

And so what we did: We engaged in organizing, British-style, perpetual local warfare, between so-called "traditional rivals." And the British, as they had done in the case of the Seven Years' War, back in the 18th Century, played this situation so the United States, like a damned fool, would go off to fight one more war, and bleed its own people to death and waste our material, all for the greater glory of the British Empire!

And we're still doing that today! In Afghanistan! What a piece of idiocy that is, it's inconceivable idiocy! Blessed by Obama! It's insanity. And the error is McChrystal clear. This is insanity. So, we get into this kind of situation.

America's Special Role

Today, obviously, we have to realize that we have been betrayed, in a very profound way. That is, with Franklin Roosevelt's success, as President, and his leadership in World War II, we had opened the gates for a new world, free of imperialism, free of these kinds of evils we suffer today, with the death of Roosevelt on April 12th of 1945, and the inauguration of Truman, who was no good from the beginning, and was a stooge for Winston Churchill, the British Empire and their friends inside the United States, their allies—the same ones who had backed Hitler, earlier. Remember, the whole Wall Street crowd had been backers of Adolf Hitler, until Pearl Harbor. And Truman was one of them, one of that pack.

And so, when Roosevelt died, who was the representative of the great achievement of his administrations, Truman moved the British back in, and Wall Street back in, to play their games.

Now, we have a very special role in world history, as a nation. We were established as a European culture. We were established on the initiative of a great figure, from the 15th Century, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, who recognized, at that time, that the situation in Europe was becoming hopeless, culturally: that the great intentions of the Council of Florence were being sabotaged, and were in danger. And he came to the conclusion that people in Europe had to think about going out across the oceans, to make contact with other parts of the world, and take the best features of European civilization with them, to contribute to these continents. And thus, by defending the advances of European civilization in these other continents, would feed back into Europe, and tilt the balance so that Europe itself could achieve its own proper intention.

There were various efforts in this direction. Christopher Columbus was actually inspired, specifically, by the program of Nicholas of Cusa, in about 1480 A.D., which he was actually able to carry out in his first voyage in 1492. But the Habsburg control of Spain and Portugal, meant that the attempt to develop civilization in Central and South America was jeopardized by this influence. And so it was not until the 17th Century, in the colonization in Massachusetts, in particular, that the initiative occurred, for the development of the United States.

Our distinction in the world is precisely that, the heritage of that period. Our distinction is, we formed on this continent, a republic which contained the best representatives of European civilization, people who came here from various parts of Europe, in the leading part, not to flee from Europe, but to carry European culture into a new continent, and develop here, a kind of nation-state, which would be an example for the restoration for some kind of decency to Europe.

And thus, we have this distinction between our British cousins, so-called, and ourselves: that, for many of us, we are part of the same cultural origin as they are, but their system of government is fundamentally different than ours, and the difference is largely not in language, though there is some distance in the use of language—in who we call what, and whatnot. But the difference is essentially this ingredient: that we do not accept the oligarchical conception of society, which is characteristic of Europe. We demand our kind of society, which is based on the nature of the individual. And we represent, in large degree, the best of European culture, brought here, but freed of the habit of oligarchism—you know, of kissing the butt of Sir This and Sir That, and Baron This and so forth, that sort of thing. We don't believe in this idea of oligarchical social class. And that is the fundamental distinction.

So, we as a nation, an English-speaking nation, by and large, are absolutely unique on the planet, and we are the greatest danger, because we represent the alternative to the use of European culture, in Europe, as a way of destroying humanity. That's why they want to destroy us.

'Mr. President, Where Are the Jobs?'

Now, this comes to the practical question: What're we supposed to do now? The whole debate by Obama—Obama's a liar. I would call him a liar, really, if he were not an idiot. And how can you call an idiot a liar? I mean, that's really a problem, huh?

But, his thing about "my program or nothing"—the guy's a complete fraud! I don't think he thought up the fraud himself, because he doesn't think very well. But I think somebody told him that, and he's repeating it, being whipped into place. He's saying, we have to kill people, kill our citizens, because our economy can't afford to feed them.

I say: Well, Mr. President, you're kinda stupid, aren't you? That's not the problem. The reason we can't feed our population, is the fact that they aren't employed! You took away their employment, you took away their industries, you took away their agriculture. Why don't you give them back their jobs? Why don't you give them back their industries? Why don't you give them back their farms? Why don't you support their industry? Why don't you support their investment in their industry? Why don't you support investment in their farms? Why don't you educate them, for the new kinds of employment which are required today, which we could do?

Why do you have them out in the streets, with no education, whatsoever? Why do you have Blab School education, instead of real education? These young guys coming out of school don't know anything! Why? Because they've been educated, to be know-nothings. Why don't we go to the mission of—where are the jobs?

Hey, Mr. President! Where are the jobs? Hey, Mr. President, where are the skills, for those jobs? Hey, Mr. President, where are the industries to employ these people? Hey, Mr. President, where are the farmers, the prosperous farmers we used to have, to employ these people? Where is the basic economic infrastructure, to change the power of mankind, to increase the power of mankind in this universe, Mr. President? We've got these people out there! The citizens! You want to kill them! You want to increase the death rate among them! You say there're too many! You say, we want slaves, not educated people!

Why? Mr. President! Why are you such an idiot? Why do you insist, that if we don't listen to you, we're not going to make it? If we listen to you, we surely will not make it, Mr. President!

Now, Mr. President: I'm willing to keep you in the Presidency, for one reason: because you were elected. I may regret that deeply, but that's the fact of the matter. I regret the fact that you're President, because you're too stupid to be President! But, Mr. President, I have a solution for you. I'll take care of this problem for you. You sit in the Oval Office with a group of advisors—get rid of this bunch of clowns that you've got, that's pushing this genocide. You've got some perfectly fine, qualified people in your administration. Just get rid of the bums... and I'm afraid, Rahm has to go.

Rahm and his brother should go out, and try to find what happened to the toilet lid from the King David Hotel, when their father blew up that hotel. And there was a British colonel, exposed, naked to the world, because the structure had crumbled around him, because of this lousy bombing job, done by the Emanuel family. And there he is, the plumbing is holding up this bathtub; the colonel is naked in the bathtub, exposed to all kinds of ridicule, because of the British proportions and characteristics—but where is the toilet lid? What happened to the toilet lid? I think, Rahm, you and your brother, ought to go out and find that toilet lid. Or, at least give us a decent report of what happened to it.

We don't need the Emanuel family in our government. We don't need Orszag, we don't need a lot of others. But particularly, we don't need anybody who's associated with this health-care policy of this President! They must go! And they must go, suddenly!

Now, your problem, Mr. President, is, now, to pay attention to what I can do, and what some other people can do, to advise your government. You will sit, safely protected, in the Oval Office, because I don't want anybody to harm you in any way. We're going to protect you against your former British friends, who will want to kill you over this issue. We're going to protect you: The full resources of the United States are going to protect your person, as President. You will sit safely in the Oval Office, by every means we can use to accomplish that. Don't worry about that.

We'll treat you in a very friendly, kindly, respectful way. We will not have you announce any policy that you have not been presented with. You don't have to understand the policy, you can simply say, "I accept the guidance of my friends, here." On that basis, we have people, in the wings of government, outside government, who, to my knowledge, are willing to step forward, replace that bunch of clowns associated with the Obama health-care policy and similar kinds of things, and put together a program. By doing what?

The Road to Recovery

The first thing we have to do, is we've got an immediate situation, coming up in the month of October, November, and beyond: an absolutely desperate situation, for people who are running out of—in vast numbers—the last shred of unemployment insurance. The last shred of support for the means of existence, facing an epidemic disease, which is highly dangerous, when the Obama Administration is trying to destroy all the very means we require, to deal with epidemic disease. We're dealing with a demoralization of the U.S. population, which is losing confidence in itself, and confidence in the future. This is what we have to concentrate on.

We have to create real employment. Not employment in make-work, but real employment in some kind of productive work, the way Roosevelt did, in the Depression years, in the beginning. We have to put people back to work. We don't have the work for them? Yes, we have to provide unemployment compensation, to keep them alive and keep them in condition. And keep their dignity, above all. We've got to save communities, which are no longer productive, put them back into productivity. We're going to concentrate largely on basic economic infrastructure, physical infrastructure of the type that's necessary for the foundation of industry.

Now, when you build large-scale infrastructure programs, you also create a lot of private employment. Because, when you have a major contract, a government contract, for building a piece of infrastructure, what do you do? You call in private firms as bidders on contracts, to service the completion of this work. In that way, wherever you put in a transportation project, for example, or some other project which is a government project, you immediately stimulate employment, of this type, in the vicinity. People who have skills, who have small businesses or something, or that kind of skill, who can bid on the job, or do that job—we've got to do that, fast.

The first thing we have to do, is to do enough of it, to convince the people out there, that that's what we intend to do. Think back to the experience, as I saw it, and others saw it, back in the 1930s. The first thing to do: You've got to rebuild the confidence of those people out there, who are feeling desperate, in themselves. You've got to rebuild confidence in those communities which are affected by the desolation which is being caused now.

You've got to create productive employment, Mr. President! Not green employment! Productive employment! You have to fix up the Ohio River, which is no longer functioning, because of neglect. You've got to fix up the Mississippi River; you've got to build up the Missouri River! You've got to build up the Ogallala Aquifer, in the West, if you want agriculture for the future. There are many things to do: Get cracking at it! Pick a few of these projects, get them started! Correlate the way you start these projects, with the way you locate revitalization of employment in industries and local communities. As we used to do.

Look at a map of the United States: Go state by state, cooperate with the state officials, map the problem. Decide where you need the social effect of employment. And find the form of employment that fits the program, and make sure they get a share of it there. We want to have an increase, by about 20%, of employment of the people of the United States, over the immediate period ahead. We want them to feel that that is a Christmas present, and a New Year's greeting, for a change in the way things are going! The American people are trusting, and if you show respect for them, and respect for their needs, and a sense of justice, they will trust you for a certain period of time.

And they're now in a mood—we're in a mass strike mood, in this country, Mr. President, and the country doesn't like you, Mr. President! As a matter of fact, they're coming to hate you, Mr. President! They're not going to do violence to you, but they hate you, nonetheless. You are a symbol of the suffering you've imposed upon them, and you've got to prove that you're a better man than that. And we'll help you succeed, if you consent to do that.

We'll keep you in the White House; you'll stay there. You'll be protected. You will be consulted on every question that comes up that you should be consulted on. But you're going to listen to your advisors. And the advisors are going to be a lot more competent than you are. And you're going to learn a lot! For the first time in your life, you're going to really learn a lot that you need to know. And you will walk out of that job, with the pride, that while you were President—whether you were qualified to be President, or not—that under your Presidency, the job was done. And you can take pride in that.

That's what I can give you—it's the best I can give you.

Junk your present program. It's idiotic, it's completely stupid, and it's criminal; stop it! Mr. President! For the first time in your life, be a mensch!

Transcript of the question-and-answer dialogue which followed this presentation.

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