Volume 37, Number 14, April 9, 2010


LaRouche Demands Impeachment: Obama’s Afghan Policy Is Tantamount to Treason  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

President Obama’s refusal to go after the opium trade in Afghanistan underlines the urgency of Lyndon LaRouche’s call for the President’s resignation or immediate impeachment.

Documentation: Russia’s Ivanov: Let’s Jointly Fight Afghan Drugs

Ivanov is chairman of Russia’s State Anti-Narcotics Committee and director of the Federal Service for the Control of Narcotics. Speaking in Brussels to the Russia-Russia Council, he called for an anti-drug coalition similar to the World War II anti-Hitler alliance.

Russians See Foreign Financing of Attacks  

In addition to Saudi Arabia-based Wahhabite funding channels, Russian experts are looking at the deeper British connection.

Obama War To Defend the Opium Traffickers  

by Michele Steinberg

The background to Obama’s treason in Afghanistan: a chronology of the U.S. policy fight since 2008.

LPAC-TV Weekly Update

On the Subject of Economy: The Issue Is Humanity  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche addressed a special edition of a LaRouche PAC television program, hosted by LPAC Economics Editor John Hoefle and EIR Editor Nancy Spannaus. LaRouche explains what economists fail to comprehend: Mathematics is not economics; economics based on mathematics has always failed.

World News

EU Opens the Floodgates for Hyperinflation  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche attacks the attempt of the European Central Bank to stem the collapse of the euro system with hyperinflationary money printing. German Chancellor Merkel is foolishly casting herself as the stalwart defender of the euro, by sending Greece to the IMF.

Stop the British Assassination Plot Against President Obama!

by Anton Chaitkin and Nancy Spannaus

Will Britain’s Genocide Policy for Haiti Finally Be Defeated?

by Gretchen Small

The UN Donors Conference opens the possibility of breaking the British grip over U.S. and international policy toward Haiti, which is teetering at the edge of extinction. The British government’s representative was not allowed to speak.

Iraq: From Nation-State to Cargo Cult!

by Hussein Askary

After three wars and 13 years of economic sanctions, Iraq has been sent back to the pre-1971 era of poverty, illiteracy, and religious fundamentalism.

Who Really Won the Italian Elections?

by Claudio Celani


Today’s Opium War