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This article appears in the April 9, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Russians See Foreign Financing of Attacks

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April 4—Russian specialists, as well as the population at large, are looking intently at the factor of foreign funding of the ongoing spate of terrorist attacks on the country. This morning's bombing of a freight train in Dagestan was officially declared an act of terrorism.

The LaRouche Political Action Committee release, "LaRouche: Look to British Intelligence Behind Moscow Bombings," issued immediately after suicide bombers killed 29 people in the Moscow subway system, has been published in Russian on dozens of websites, blogs, and Internet forums, drawing mostly approving comments from many readers. Some of those joining the discussion cite the British role in instigating conflicts in the Caucasus, going back to the 19th Century.

Speaking to the Rosbalt news agency on April 1, Vadim Mukhanov, a senior researcher at the Center for Caucasus Studies of the MGIMO (the Foreign Ministry's university), stressed that "our" terrorists "have sources of funding abroad," especially in the Middle East. While Saudi Arabia-based Wahhabite funding channels to Chechen and other North Caucasus radicals are well known, other Russian figures are looking deeper, to the British connection. It was reliably reported already two years ago, that the 2007 heightening of tension between Moscow and London was connected with Russian security agencies' discovery of a "British trail" in the destabilization of the North Caucasus.

EIR presented a relevant dossier, beginning with the April 12, 1996 cover story, "British Monarchy Rapes Transcaucasus, Again," which was updated in EIR of Sept. 10, 1999, in conjunction with publication of Lyndon LaRouche's strategic video, "Storm Over Asia," on the renewal of British imperial geopolitical schemes throughout Eurasia. EIR drew attention to the coherence of the London-sponsored North Caucasus Common Market plan and the radical separatist North Caucasus Caliphate scheme—and the overlap of some personnel between the two projects.

After the recent Moscow subway bombings, Vice-Speaker of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky also brought up the London connection.

The explosions in the Metro are a continuation of the plan for struggle against Russia, which is worked out in London both by the special services and by our former compatriots. It's also certain forces from the U.S.A., who are unhappy that there will be some improvement in relations between our countries.... And it also is the North Caucasus, which remains in a state of latent terrorist threat. There may not be major fighting there, but the centers have remained, there are unemployed people, there's drugs and there's dollars. They all go off to Islamic universities in Cairo, and so forth, and it's known what they study—how to do subversion.

Gen. Leonid Ivashov (ret.), former head of the Ministry of Defense international department, in a March 29 interview, cautioned against being too sure the attacks were planned in the North Caucasus, even if that was the staging ground.

The situation in the Caucasus is socially, economically, and politically the most beaten down in Russia, and there you have the most grotesque version of the clan relationships which have been imposed on Russia.... But, I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that the organizers are sitting in the Caucasus. Of course, suicide bombers can be recruited. But the ultimate 'customer' is most likely somewhere higher up, maybe abroad, maybe here in Russia.

Saudi/British Geopolitics

Behind the mindless acts of terrorism lurk the machinations of two external forces, represented by the Saudi Arabia-spawned Wahhabism, and the British policy to weaken Russia. Training of these terrorists, along with the Uzbek and Uighur Chinese terrorists, was carried out in Pakistan's tribal area of North Waziristan. There were reports that since last August, these terrorists began moving towards their home bases, to step up jihad against the governments of Central Asia and Russia.

According to a high-level Indian intelligence contact, who follows terrorist activities in the region, reports from the Caucasian region of Russia indicate that jihadi terrorists continue to be active in the Ingushetia region, bordering Chechnya. In February, at least 20 insurgents were reportedly killed by Russian security forces in Ingushetia. Many Chechens work as security guards and manual laborers in the commercial establishments of Moscow. Pro-al-Qaeda Chechens sometimes use them for creating sleeper cells.

It should be stressed that those who are training the Chechens are Wahhabis, who are virulently anti-Shi'a, involved in violent dismantling of sovereign nation-states and installation of a supranational Caliphate. Many of these trainers are of Chechen origin, whose ancestors settled hundreds of years ago in Jordan and other Southwest Asian countries. Imbued with the ultra-orthodox Wahhabi version of Islam, they have become, in essence, terrorists working for Saudi Arabia and Britain, to undermine all sovereign nations in Central Asia, and Russia.

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