Volume 37, Number 16, April 23, 2010


LaRouche’s SDI: The World That Should Have Been  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The current crisis in world affairs did not have to be. An alternative future was on the verge of coming into being in the early and mid-1980s; one that would have brought about economic development, global cooperation in ending the sources of war, and a crushing defeat of the British Empire. The crucial issue was the Strategic Defense Initiative, the Reagan initiative which had been devised by Lyndon LaRouche. It was the rejection of that SDI which brought us into the current period of extreme danger.

LaRouche’s SDI Changed the World

by Jeffrey Steinberg

This 1993 speech by Jeffrey Steinberg tells how LaRouche’s policy shaped the course of history—and how it was sabotaged.

Space: The Ultimate Money Frontier  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

This article first appeared in EIR, Feb. 23, 1996.

Toward a New Periodic Table of Cosmic Radiation  

by Peter Martinson

Peter Martinson of the “Basement Team” of LaRouche movement researchers situates the issue of cosmic radiation in terms of the problems posed by Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and their collaborators, and describes areas of promising research opportunities.

Two-Slit Interference

by Peter Martinson


Will the Financial Crisis Trigger World War III?  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The combination of the global financial collapse, an escalation of the Afghanistan War, and a planned military strike against Iran, could cause a chain reaction that would plunge the world into a new Dark Age.

Thai Monarchy Is Going Down with the British Empire

by Michael Billington

When a monarchy turns against the people, as Thailand’s did on April 10, the monarchy itself is likely to find itself on the way out, as France’s Louis XVI learned.

A Time of Redemption for Russia and Poland

by Rachel Douglas

International Intelligence


Only a Total War on Drugs Can Resolve Afghan Disaster

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Nancy Spannaus

Although the reversal of the Obama Administration’s decision not to end opium eradication was laudable, it does not amount to the broader shift in policy required.


Will Singh Preside over New Indian Famine?  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Instead of addressing what should be considered as the key to India’s survival, by transforming the nation’s vast and largely impoverished agricultural sector, leaders in New Delhi sing hosannas about Information Technology and its direct offshoots, which serves not even 1% of the population. Will the famines of the British Raj return as a result?

Italy Begins Return To Nuclear Power

by Claudio Celani

Economics in Brief


For Civilization To Be Saved